Pitch & Putt Courses in Kildare

There are currently 6 pitch & putt courses in county Kildare

Elm Hall Pitch & Putt Pitch & Putt Club

McDonagh Pitch & Putt Club

Poulaphouca Pitch & Putt Club

   Chairperson Charlie Byrne       

Prosperous Pitch & Putt Club

Our club was founded in 1989.  It was built on a piece of land purchased by the community of Prosperous - the major achievement of Prosperous Community Associaton to date.  We share this property with Prosperous Tennis Club and are proud t…

Ryston Pitch & Putt Club

RYSTON PITCH & PUTT CLUB Welcome to the PPUI webpage of Ryston Pitch and Putt Club.   Ryston is a Pitch and Putt Club located on Athgarvan Road Newbridge Co Kildare, The club was founded in 1960 and has gone from strength to strengt…

St. Bridget's Pitch & Putt Club

St. Bridgets Pitch and Putt Club was formed in 1987. The prime movers in establishing the club were John Archbold, Brendan Walsh and Dan Byrne (R.I.P) who were responsible for the layout and design of the first nine holes. The lands were kindly leas…