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2016 National Matchplay Latest


Pictured above are our 2016 National Ladies & Gents Matchplay Champions for 2016 Ger Ward (Ladies) and Shane Murphy (Gents) pictured with our President Mervyn Cooney. A big thank you to Seapoint for being fantastic hosts this weekend along with our sponsors Horizon Energy Group for their support of our event. We hope you enjoyed following our coverage on the website this weekend. We will have some more features on the weekend's event in the coming days but we conclude by wishing everyone a safe journey home from Termonfeckin. 


All over in the Gents Final. We were guaranteed a new winner with the Final pairing and Raffeen Creek's Shane Murphy has continued Munster's dominance in the Day Cup with a 4&3 victory over St Patricks Dayle Donohoe in the decider. Well done to Shane on his first success in this event, more to follow.  


Shane Murphy stops the slide winning the 12th hole to go back 4up with 6 holes left to play. 


Onto the Back 9 and the advantage is still 3up for Shane Murphy on Dayle Donohoe. 


Dayle Donohoe still not giving up in the Gents, Shane Murphy's advantage is only 3up now with 7 left to play. 


Ger Ward wins her 10th National Ladies Matchplay title after an 8&6 victory over Eleanor Walsh in the decider. The legacy continues! 


Ladies: Ger Ward now 7up with 8 to play

Gents: Dayle Donohoe cuts the deficit on Shane Murphy back to 4 with 9 holes to play. Might still be some life in this one!


Ladies: Ger Ward edging nearer to yet another Matchplay title, 6up on Eleanor Walsh with 9 Holes left to go. 


Gents: Shane Murphy now 7up on Dayle Donohoe with 12 holes left to play. 


Gents: Shane Murphy back 5up on Dayle Donohoe after 21 Holes. 

Ladies: 5up a popular score in our two Finals today after Ger Ward wins the 25th to go back ahead of Eleanor Walsh by that score. 


Ladies: Eleanor Walsh brings the deficit to Ger Ward back to 4 after 23 Holes of their decider. 


Gents: Dayle Donohoe wins the 19th to bring Shane Murphy's advantage back to 4up at the start of their Second Round. 


Gents: 5up is Shane Murphy's advantage over Dayle Donohoe after the first 18 Holes of their Final. 


Ladies: Back to a 5up advantage for Ger Ward after she nails the 20th. 

Gents: 5up also the advantage now for Shane Murphy after he wins the 17th 


Gents: Shane Murphy now 4up on Dayle Donohoe through 15 Holes. 

Ladies: Eleanor wins 19th hole to cut Ger's lead to 4up at the start of their Second 18. 


Ladies: Ger Ward remains 5up on Eleanor Walsh after the first 18 Holes of the Ladies Final 

Gents: Shane Murphy remains 3up with 14 Holes in the Gents Final with Dayle Donohoe. 


Ladies: Another birdie for Ger puts her 5up on Eleanor with 15 holes played. 


Ladies: Ger Ward now 4up after 14 Holes on Eleanor Walsh


Ladies: 3up now to Ger after the 12th 

Gents: Shane Murphy's advantage over Dayle Donohoe out to 3up as well after 9 Holes. 


Ger Ward back in front of Eleanor by 2up after the 11th. 


Eleanor with a birdie on the 10th cuts Ger's lead back to 1up. 

Shane Murphy 2up on Dayle Donohoe after 4 Holes. 


Ger Ward now 2up on Eleanor after 8 holes in our Ladies Final.

Shane Murphy starts well in our Gents Final going 1up after 2 holes against Dayle Donohoe. 

Gents Finialists Shane Murphy and Dayle Donohoe pictured before start of their match

Match Referee: Liam Sherry Scoreboard Carrier: Liam O'Donovan 



Eleanor wins 5th hole with a birdie to cut Ger's lead to 1up


Ger wins the first two holes against Eleanor to take the early advantage 2up. 


Our Ladies Finalists Ger Ward and Eleanor Walsh 

Match Referee: Helen McMorrow Scoreboard Carrier: Sheelagh Elmes 


Dayle Donohoe qualifies for the decider after a 2&1 victory over former two time Champion Mark Millar. The meeting of himself and Murphy in the decider is a first time Final pairing for both! 


Dayle remains 2up with 3 to play on Mark Millar


Dayle Donohoe goes ahead of Mark Millar for the first time! He is 2up with 6 holes of their Semi-Final left to play. 


Martin O'Neill concedes at the last hole with Shane Murphy having 2 putts for the win and a 2up victory overall for the Raffeen Creek player in the end of a ding dong encounter. 


Shane Murphy 1up on Martin O'Neill with 3 to play

A/S between Mark Millar and Dayle Donohoe with 9 Holes left to play. 


Eleanor Walsh with a monster chip-in on the 18th for birdie has won our other Ladies Semi-Final against defending champion Chrissie Byrne 1up to set up a Final Meeting with Ger Ward! 


Mark Millar 1up on Dayle Donohue with 12 Holes left to play. 


Shane Murphy's lead on Martin O'Neill back to 1up with 6 to play. 


A/S between Chrissie Byrne and Eleanor Walsh yet again with only 3 left to play!


Mark Millar 2up after 21 Holes on Dayle Donohoe 

Eleanor Walsh still 1up on Chrissie Byrne with 6 to Play. 

Shane Murphy now 2up on Martin O'Neill with 9 to Play. 


First Result of the Day as Ger Ward qualifies for her first Ladies Matchplay Final since 2013 with an 8&7 victory over Ger Holland. 

Shane Murphy goes ahead of Martin O'Neill for the first time 1up with 10 holes left to play. 


Shane Murphy and Martin O'Neill still A/S after 24 Holes of their Semi-Final


Mark Millar 2up on Dayle Donohoe after the First 18 of their Semi-Final. 

Ger Ward 7up on Ger Holland with 9 Holes of their Semi-Final left to play. 

Eleanor Walsh 1up on Chrissie Byrne with 9 Holes of their Semi-Final left to play. 


A/S now between Martin O'Neill and Shane Murphy now after 22 Holes


Ger Ward back 6up on Ger Holland after 24 Holes 

Martin O'Neill remains 1up on Shane Murphy after 21 Holes

Mark Millar back 2up on Dayle Donohue after 15 Holes. 


A/S between Eleanor Walsh and Chrissie Byrne still after 24 holes

Ger Ward 5up on Ger Holland through 21 holes. 

Shane Murphy birdied the 18th to cut Martin O'Neill's lead to 1up heading into their Second 18. 


Dayle Donohoe back A/S with Mark Millar after 12 Holes of their Semi-Final. 


Biridies at the 1st & 2nd bring Chrissie Byrne back level with Eleanor Walsh after 21 holes of their Semi-Final. 


Despite Shane Murphy's best efforts Martin O'Neill remains 2up on him through 15 holes in a high quality encounter. 

Mark Millar remains 1up on Dayle Donohoe through 9 Holes. 


Ger Ward now 6up on Ger Holland after 18 Holes 


Eleanor Walsh remains 2up after Chrissie Byrne after 18 Holes of their Semi-Final

Martin O'Neill 1up on Shane Murohy after 12 holes

Mark Millar 1up on Dayle Donohoe after 6 Holes. 


Ger Ward now 5up on Ger Holland after 15 Holes 


Martin O'Neill remains 2up on Shane Murphy after 9 Holes. 

Eleanor 2up on Chrissie after 15 Holes 

Mark Millar 1up on Dayle Donohoe after 3 Holes. 


Ger Ward now 4up on Ger Holland after 12 Holes 

Second Gents Semi-Final between Dayle Donohoe and Mark Millar underway

Match Referee: Mark Keohane Scoreboard Carrier: Darren Keogh


Eleanor Walsh now 2up on Chrissie with 13 holes played. 

Martin O'Neill 1up on Shane Murphy after 6 Holes. 


Ger Ward 2up on Ger Holland after 9 Holes now.

Martin O'Neill 1up after 3 Holes on Shane Murphy. 


First Gents Semi-Final between Martin O'Neill and Shane Murphy underway

Match Referee: Michael Murphy Scoreboard Carrier: Liam O'Donovan 


Back A/S between the two Ger's after 6 Holes. 


Birdies at the 7th & 9th have given Eleanor the lead in her semi-final with Chrissie Byrne. Now !up after 9 Holes. 


A birdie at the fourth gives Chrissie a 1up lead on Eleanor after 6 Holes. 

Meanwhile Ger Ward is 1up after 3 Holes on Ger Holland.


Our Second Semi-Final between Ger Ward and Ger Holland is underway

Match Referee Breda Brophy Score Carrier Sheelagh Elmes 


A/S thus far between Chrissie Byrne and Eleanor Walsh after 3 Holes 

Chrissie and Eleanor prior to their Semi-Final with Match Referee Helen McMorrow and Scoreboard Carrier Tara Dillon


Our blog will have updates every three holes from the Semi-Finals in both Grades. 

Best of Luck to all concerned today!