National Inter County Championships – Live Blog Day 1

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Our final group of the day has completed their rounds. Cork's John Walsh had -9, Offaly's Darren O'Connell had -3 with Louth's Padraic Sarsfield shooting level par. We will have details of tee-off times for tomorrow later on tonight. Bye for now


Cork's Bryan Delaney has finished on -4, Louth's George Beardsley had -3 with Offaly's Joe McGrath Jnr shooting -6. 


Cork's Ray Murphy has finished on -7, Louth's Owen Smith -6 and Offaly's Anthony Galvin had -7. 


Cork's Frank Dineen has finished with -7, Louth's Shane Redmond and Offaly's Mark Hogan both had -4. 


Brian Doyle of Offaly has finished with -2, Louth's Ian Donnelly shot -9 with Cork's Kieran Dunscombe shooting -6. 


Cork's John Cahill has finished on -9, Louth's Sean Goggin -6 with Offaly's Michael Hogan shooting -4. 


Tipperary's scores were as follows: Paul O'Brien -8, James Ryan -7, James Cleary and Stephen Shoer both had -6 with Anthony Culhane and John O'Meara both shooting -4. 


Wexford's Paul Tobin has finished on -3 with Meath's Eamon Gibney carding a round of -5. 


Meath's Stephen Lynch has finished on -3 with Wexford's Dean Grannell shooting a score of -7. 


Wexford's Martin O'Neill has finished on -9 with Meath's Fintan Wogan shooting -4. 


Out on course Cork's John Walsh is -6, Offaly's Darren O'Connell is -2 with Louth's Padraic Sarsfield level par. 


Wexford's Conor Murphy has finished on -1 with Meath's Francis Feeley carding a round of +2. Out on course Offaly's Joe McGrath Jnr is -4, Cork's Brian Delaney -2 with Louth's George Bearsley level par. 


Wexford's William Hudson has finished on -6, Meath's James Kennedy Jnr had -1 with Offaly's Anthony Galvin and Cork's Ray Murphy both -5 out on course.. Meanwhile Louth's Owen Smith is level par. 


Meath's Patrick McBride has finished on -7 while Wexford's John Hudson has carded a round of -6. Cork's Frank Dineen is -6 out on course, Louth's Shane Redmond is -4 and Offayl's Mark Hogan is -1. 


Kerr's Damien Fleming carded round of -10, Limerick's Thomas Hanly shot -5 Conor O'Hare of Down finishing on +7. Another Kerry player Jonathon Goodall finished on -6, Limerick's Liam O'Donovan and Down's Cathal O'Hare had -1. Out on course Louth's Ian Donnelly is -6, Kieran Dunscombe of Cork is -3 with Brian Doyle of Offaly level par. 


Limerick's Kieran Earls shot -7, Kerry's Jason O'Brien -5 with Down's Mark Flynn carding a -4 round. Out on course Cork's John Cahill is -8, Louth's Sean Goggin -3 with Mick Hogan of Offaly on -2. 


Limerick's Pacelli Darcy has finished on -6, Down's Niall Quigley -5 with Kerry's Conor McCarthy shooting -1. Out on course both Wexford's Paul Tobin and Meath's Eamon Gibney are both -4 with Tipperary's Paul O'Brien -3. 


Out on course Dean Grannell of Wexford is -4, Meath's Stephen Lynch is -3 with James Cleary of Tipperary on -5. 


Kerry duo Jamie Blake and St John Kelliher have both finished on -5, John Cunningham and Martin Keohane of Limerick have finished on -4 and -3 respectively while Paul O'Hagan of Down has finished on 61 with Kevin Thompson, also of the Mourne County, on -2. 


Dublin's JR Crangle finished on -11, Kildare's Ian Dillon -5 with Westmeath's Alan Hanlon shooting -2. Out on the course Wexford's Martin O'Neill -8, Fintan Wogan of Meath and Stephen Shoer of Tipperary are both -4 meanwhile. 


Kildare's Frank Ryan has finished on -8, Dublin's Chris Gallagher shot -6 with Westmeath's Dessie Baker shooting a score of -2. Out on course tipperary's John O'Meara is -2, Conor Murphy of Wexford is -3 with Francis Feeley level par. 


Wexford's John Hudson is -3 after 12, Tipperary's Anthony Culhane -4 with Meath's Patrick McBride on -5. Another Tipperary player James Ryan is on -4, Wexford's William Hudson is -5 with James Kennedy of Meath on -2. 


Westmeath's Liam Buckley has finished with -5, Dublin's Junior Smith -2 with Kildare's Declan Mulpeter +1. 


Limerick's Thomas Hanly is -5 after 12, Kerry's Damien Fleming -3 with Conor O'Hare of Down on +5. Kerry's Jonathon Goodall is on -4, Limerick's Liam O'Donovan -3 with Cathal O'Hare of Down on -1 after same distance. 


Dublin's Keith Redmond has finished on -5, while both Westmeath's Martin Kenny and Joe Ronan of Kildare have finished on -1. Out on course Limerick's Kieran Earls is -4 after 12, Down's Mark Flynn is also -4 with Kerry's Jason O'Brien on -2. 


Dublin's Mark Millar has finished on -10 for his first singles round, Westmeath's Pat Malone shot -8 with Kildare's Joe Ronan on -1. Out on course, Down's Niall Quigley is -4 after 12, Pacelli Darcy of Limerick -3 and Kerry's Conor McCarthy -2. 

Gents B: Galway's Harry O'Hanlon finished on -5, Clare's Kenneth Kerin +1 and Carlow's Martin Baird +12 to complete the opening day's Singles in the B Championship. Clare are the overnight leaders from Waterford by four shots. 

Gents A: Down's Kevin Thompson and Kerry's St John Kelliher are both -3 after 12 holes with Limerick's John Cunningham currently -2. 


Gents A: Galway's Declan Cumiskey has finished on -3, Clare's Niall Seery -2 and Carlow's Ken Campion +8 in their respective rounds. 

Gents B: Down's Paul O'Hagan is on +2 while Kerry's Jamie Blake and Limerick's Martin Keohane are both -2 after 12 holes. 



Gents B: Clare's Declan Sheehy has finished on -5, Carlow's Darren McNally +2 with Galway's Frank O'Neill finishing on +5. 

Gents A: Dublin's JR Crangle is -7 after 12 holes, with Westmeath's Alan Hanlon and Kildare's Ian Dillon both level par. 


Gents B: Clare's Clare's Ger Hanrahan has finished on -3 for his Singles round, Galway's Francis Kelly was level par while JP Kelly of Carlow shot +(. 

Gents A: Kildare's Frank Ryan is -3 through 12, Dessie Baker from Westmeath +1 with Dublin's Chris Gallagher on -3. 


Gents B: Galway duo Pauric Conroy and Thomas Kelly have finished on +2 and +1 respectively. Clare's Marty Fawl and Martin Walsh have finished on -2 and +1 with Donal McNally and Patrick Robinson Jnr for Carlow shooting -3 and +1 respectively. 

Gents A: Dublin duo Mark Millar and Keith Redmond were -6 and -7 respectively after 12 holes, Pat Malone and Martin Kenny for Westmeath are -6 and +1 respectively while Joe Ronan and Darren Keogh are both -1 after 12 holes.  


Gents A: After their opening three Singles, Westmeath have scores of -3, -1 and level par respectively with Dublin having a -4 and two -3's and Kildare -2, -1 and +1 after six holes. 


Gents B: Longford, Monaghan and Waterford have finished for the day with Roy Burke shooting -4 for Longford, Noel Farrell shooting -2 for Waterford with Bob Hillard shooting 60 for Monaghan. 


Waterford's Daniel O'Sullivan has finished on -1, Martin McArdle from Monaghan +8 with Anthony Burke finishing on +1 for Longford. 


Gents B Eugene Murtagh from Longford has finished on +2, Billy Aspel from Waterford +2 and Issac Smith from Monaghan has finished on +10. 


Gents B: Monaghan's Brian Casey and Michael Vaughan have both finished with -3 for their first Singles Rounds, Paudie Neary has shot -2 for his 18 for the Farney County. For Waterford Eddie Hennessy has shot -5, Robbie Walker -2 and Brian Farrell +2. Longford have had rounds of +3 from Michael McCormack and Michael Stephenson along +2 from Richard Burke.  


The remaining Galway scores after six holes -4, -2 and +2, Carlow had -1, +2 and +4 with Clare -2, -1 and level par. 


Ladies: Offaly's three scores for their second Scotch Foursomes rounds were 57, 51 and 48 while Tipperary's scores were 54, 49 and 51 meaning Kildare are the leaders overnight on 292, six ahead of Dublin. 


Gents B: Carlow are -4, -1 and L for their first three Singles are six holes, Galway -1, L & +2 and Clare have two level pars and a +2 for their first three Singles after six. 


Monaghan's Isaac Smyth is +5 after 12 holes, Billy Aspel of Waterford level par with Michael Stephenson of Longford on +2. 


Ladies: Kildare brought in scores of 48, 51 and 44 to complete their second Scotch Foursomes round, Cork's were 51, 53 and 52 with Louth bringing in 52, 58 and 61. 


Gents B: Robbie Walker of Waterford is -3 after 12 holes, Eugene Murtagh of Longford level par with Paudie Neary of Monaghan -3. 


Gents B: Waterford's Brian Farrell is -1 after 12, Michael Vaughan of Monaghan is +1 after 12 holes with Longford's Michael McCormack also +1 after 12. 


Waterford had two level pars and a -1 for their remaining Singles through 6 holes. Longford had a -5 and a level par with Monaghan L and +3. 


Gents B: Monaghan's Brian Casey was -3 through 12 holes, Waterford's Eddie Hennessy was -2 with Richard Burke from Longford level par. 


The Tipperary and Offaly Ladies have gone through 12 holes with L, -4 and -2 (Tipp) and two -3's and a level par (Offaly) respectively. 


Gents B Update: Monaghan had two -2's and a -1 for their first three Singles through six holes while Waterford had two level pars and a -1 while all three of Longford's players were level par for their first six holes. 


Ladies: Kildare's had two -6's and a -4 for their three pairings through 12 holes, Cork were -4, L and -2 with Louth scores consisting of a -3 and two +5's. 



Ladies: Offaly scores for the first six holes of their second round were +2, -4 and -2 respectively while Tipperary's pairs were all on two under par over the same distance. 

After 12: Dublin were -4, L and +4 with Meath +9, +4 and +2 respectively. 


Cork brought in rounds of 43, 42 and 45 respectively in the Scotch Foursomes with host county Offaly scores comprising 40, 47 and 49. The defending champions now have a two shot lead over Limerick after all counties in the A Championship have completed their First Rounds. 


Tipperary and Louth's pairings have brought in scores of 47, 45 and 44 (Tipp) and 46, 47 and 51 (Louth) for their Scotch Foursomes pairings in the Gents. In the Ladies meanwhile Cork's scores were -2, -2 and -1 after six holes of the second Scotch Foursomes round, Louth had a -1 and two +3's with all Kildare's pairings two under after six. 


Cork's pairings are -8, -12 and -6 after 12 holes with hosts Offaly -10, -6 and -4 for their three pairings. 


Meath's other two pairings finished on 51 and 48 with Wexford's pairings shooting 47 and 45 to give the 2012 Champions a share of second place with Dublin in the clubhouse at the moment on -29. 


Wexford's first pairing have finished with 41 in the Gents with Meath shooting 47 for their first pairing. 


The Ladies has resumed with Dublin -3, -1 & -2 for their pairings with Meath +3, +2 & +2 for their respective pairings after six holes. 


Kerry's remaining Scotch Foursomes scores came in at 47 and 44 respectively while Limerick's were 46 and 40 to give the Treaty County the lead in the clubhouse at present on -30, one ahead of Dublin. After 12 holes Louth's three pairings were -5, -4 and -3 with Tipperary's scores -6, -4 and -7. 


Offaly's three scores after their first six holes are -1, -3 and -4 while Cork's meanwhile are -2, -5 and -3. 


Kerry and Limerick's first pairings have both brought in rounds of 46. 


Dublin's third pairing have brought in a score of 43 with Down's third pairing shooting 48. The third Wexford and Meath pairings are both -6 after 12 holes. 


Dublin and Down's second pairings have both come in with scores of 46. Wexford's second pairing are also -8 after 12 holes with Meath's second pair on -6. 


Dublin's first pairing finished on 44 after 18 with Down's first pairing shooting 51. After 12 holes Wexford's first pairing are on -8 with Meath's first pairing on -3. Both Louth and Tipperary's third pairings are on -3 after six holes. 


Westmeath and Kildare's third pairings both shot 47 for their First Rounds. Limerick's third pairing are -10 after 12 holes with Kerry's third pair -6. After six holes Tipperary's second pairing are -4 with Louth on -1. 


Westmeath and Kildare's second pairings both shot 51 for their 18 holes. After 12 holes Limerick's second pairing are -7 for 12 holes with Kerry's second pair -6. Meanwhile Louth and Tipperary's first pairs are -3 and -2 after six holes. 


The Gents B Division sees both Clare and Waterford tied on -20 after the Scotch Foursomes, Longford are in third on -12  with Monaghan and Galway tied on -3 and Carlow on +3. 

In the Gents A, Meath's third pairing are -4 after six with Wexford's third pairing 2 under. Meanwhile after 12 holes Limerick's first pairing are -8 after 12 with Kerry's -6 after the same distance. 


Westmeath's first pairing have finished with a score of 44 with Kildare's first pairing bringing in a score of 48. After 12 holes Dublin's third pairing are -9 with Down on -4. 


Gents B: Clare's second pairing finished with 44 with their third pairing shooting 50. Carlow's other pairings shot scores of 52 and 56 meanwhile. 

Gents A: 12 Holes- Dublin's second pairing are -6 with Down's second pairing -5. 6 Holes: Wexford second pairing is -6  with Meath's second pairing -4. 


Gents A: Meath's first pairing are -2 after 6 holes with Wexford -4. Meanwhile Dublin's first pairing are -7 after 12 with Down's first pairing -2 after 12 themselves. 


Gents B: Carlow and Clare's first pairings have come in with scores of 57 and 48 respectively after 18 holes. 

Gents A: Kerry's third pairing are -2 after six holes with Limerick -6 after the same distance! 


Gents A: Six Holes- Both Kerry and Limerick's second pairings are -3 so far. 12 holes: Kildare's third pairing are -4 with Westmeath's third pairing -5 with six holes of their first round left. 


Gents B: Galway and Monaghan's third pairings have come in with scores of 47 and 57 respectively. 

Gents A: Kildare's second pairing are level after 12 holes with Westmeath's second pair -1. 


Gents A: Kerry's first pairing are -2 after six holes with Limerick's first pairing -4 after six holes. 


Gents B: Monaghan's first two pairings have brought in scores of 49 and 53 with Galway's two pairings both shooting 56. 

Gents A: Westmeath's first pairing are -5 through 12 with Kildare's first pairing -2. 


Gents B: Waterford's second pairing have brought in a 48. Both Longford and Waterford's third pairings have shot scores of 48 and 51 respectively. Clare's second pairing have shot -3 after 12 with Carlow's second pairing on -8 after the same total. Clare's third pairing are -4 after 12 with Carlow +3 after 12. 

Gents A: Dublin's three pairings are -3, -4 and -4 after six holes with Down's scores -1, -3 and -4 over the same distance. 


Ladies: Kildare lead after the first round of Scotch Foursomes on 149, three ahead of Dublin on 152 with Offaly third on 156. Cork are 161, Tipperary 163 with Louth on 165. Meath are on 177. 

Gents B: Longford have posted 48 and 54 for their first two pairings with Waterford's first pairing shooting 43. Carlow's first pairing are level after 12 with Clare -4 after 12. 

Gents A: Kildare's third pairing are -4 after six with Westmeath's third pairing also -4. 



Ladies: Offaly's third pairing finished on 49 with Tipperary's third pairing shooting 56. 

Gents B: Monaghan have two -2's and a +1 after 12 holes while Galway's are +1, +2 and -5 after 12. 

Gents A: Kildare's second pairing are -1 after six with Westmeath's second pairing -2. 


Ladies: Tipperary's second pairing shot 53 with Offaly's second pairing shooting 50. 

Gents A: Kildare and Westmeath's first pairings are both -1 after their first six holes. 


Offaly's first pairing have come in with a score of 57 with Tipperary bringing in 54. 


Gents B Update

After Six Holes: Carlow's second pairing are -2 with Clare's -3. Carlow's third pairing is +3 with Clare's third pairing -3.  

After 12 Holes: Waterford's three scores are -8, -4 and -3 while Longford's are -6, -1 and -4. 


Kildare's third pairing were 51 and Louth's third pairing were 56 with Cork's third pairing 52. 


Gents B Update 

Carlow's first pairing are level par after six holes while Clare's are -4 after six holes. 


Kildare's first pairing finished with 51, Louth's first two pairings had 50 and 59 and Cork's first two were 57 and 52.  


Gents B Update 

Galway had two level pars and a -2 for their three Scotch Foursomes pairings after six holes. 

Monaghan had -2, -3 and +1 for their their three Scotch Foursomes pairings after six holes. 


Gents B Update 

Longford were -3, +2 and -4 respectively for their Scotch Foursomes pairings after six holes. 

Waterford were -4, -2 and -1 respectively for their Scotch Foursomes pairings after six holes. 


Tipperary were level par and Offaly three under for their third pairings after 12 holes. 


Apologies for delay in scores due to Internet Connection issues. 

Ladies Update

After Six Holes

Offaly's second pairing were -1 after six holes, Tipperary's were -2. 

Offaly's third pairing were -2 after six holes and Tipperary's were level. 

After 12 holes

Cork first pairing were -1 after 12 holles, Louth were -5. 

Cork's second pairing were -3 and Kildare's first pairing was -2.

Kildare's second pairing were -5 after 12 and Louth were four over. 

Cork were -2 while Louth were +2. 

Tipperary were -2 and Offaly were level

Tipperary's second pairing were -2 and Offalty were -3. 

18 holes

Dublin's three scores for their first 18 holes are 57, 45 and 50. 

Meath's were 60, 56 and 61. 


Tipperary's first pairing are -1 after six holes, Offaly are level par for their first pairing. 

After 12 holes Dublin's third pairing are -8 and Meath's are +6. 


Kildare's third pairing are -2 after 6 holes. 


12 Holes: Meath's first pairing are three over after 12, Dublin's are two over. Meath's second pairing are two under while Dublin's are three under. 

6 holes: Cork's first pairing are -2, Louth's are level. 


Louth's third pairing are +2, Cork's third pairing are -3 after six holes. 


Louth's second pairing are -1 after six holes, Kildare's second pairing are -2. 


Louth's first pairing are level par after six holes, Cork's first pairing are four under after six holes. 


Meath's third pairing are three over after six, Dublin's third pairing are three under. 


Meath's second pairing are -4 after six holes, Dublin's second pairing are -3. 


Meath's first pairing are three over after six, Dublin's first pairing are level par. 



We're underway in Tullamore, the sun is shining but its a bit brisk.