Inter Club Groups & Fixtures 2015

Scratch Gents & Inter/Junior Handicap Gents Draws. Ladies Competition Cancelled

Inter Club Groups & Fixtures 2015 image

The Groups for the Inter Club Competition are lined below along with the dates and fixtures for the group phase matches.

Please not that there will not be a Ladies Competition as there was only a single entry.

The Gents Scratch Competition is made up of 6 teams. Each team will play four games over the course of two rounds. Two teams will be idle during each round. At the end of the three rounds, each club will have played four games. The top four teams in the table will qualify for the semi-finals. Tiebreaks will be decided on the best win-loss record in individual matches.

The Gents Inter/Junior Handicap Competition made up of 13 teams in 3 groups. With entry less than expected, there will be no Quarter Final round – with qualifying teams entering the semi-finals instead.

Full details a long with competition rules and procedures are available below. The rules have not changed from 2014. Squads will be posted on the PPUI website in the coming week with competition rounds commencing on April 25th.

The Draws are in the Downloads > Draws section of the website.

All team captains to contact Niall Reynolds, text (087-2964254) or email ([email protected]), as soon as possible with the name and the contact details of the captain of their team for the duration of the competition.  

Players must play off the handicap entered, failing to do so will result in penalties

The Gents Inter/Junior Handicap Competition consists of three scotch foursomes handicap matches to start each fixture. The handicap allowance used is 3/8 of the difference. (i.e. Team A have a combined handicap of 12 and Team B have a combined handicap of 16, therefore Team B will have 2 shots over 18 holes). 6 singles follow the 3 scotch matches. The handicap allowance used in the singles is 3/4 of the difference. (i.e. Player A has a handicap of 7 and Player B has a handicap of 8, therefore Player B has 1 shot over 18 holes)

The Scratch Gents Competition consists of 3 scotch foursomes and 6 singles matches all played off scratch for each fixture.

Fixtures to be played at the venues stated. The venues listed are based on acceptance by the host club and are correct on the date of publication.  

Club captains to confirm the use of the venue with the relevant club secretary one week prior to the fixture.

The date for fixtures may be rearranged provided that both captains are in agreement, the venue can accommodate the change and the rearranged fixture takes place one week either side of the original fixture.

The results of all fixtures must be text (087-2964254) to or emailed ([email protected]) to Niall Reynolds within 24 hours of the fixture.

The results sheet, which can be downloaded from the PPUI website must be filled out, signed by both captains, and posted to the PPUI office following the fixture. The winning captain is responsible for this task.

Failure to perform result notification tasks may result in penalties for your team.

Two points will be awarded to a team winning a fixture.

One point will be awarded to each team in the event of a fixture ending in a tie (4.5 - 4.5).

The team with the most points gained in each group of the Inter/Junior Gents Handicap Competition will qualify for the semi-finals. The remaining place in the semi-finals will go to the second placed team with the best win/loss percentage in individual matches over the course of the group stage. If this method does not determine a victor, a coin toss will decide the outcome.

The top four teams in the Scratch Gents Competition will make up the semi-finals. The Draw will be seeded with the first place team playing the fourth place team and the second place team playing the third place team.

In the event of a tie for position in the group stage of either competition, win-loss percentage across the entire group phase (matches won over matches lost) will be used to determine the higher ranked team. If this does not separate the teams, the result of and the scoring in the fixture(s) between the tied teams will decide the outcome if applicable. If these methods do not determine a victor, a coin toss will decide the outcome.