2018 National Matchplay Day Two

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Pre-Tee Off Chat 

Ladies Nett Completed

Gents Quarter-Finals in closing stages 


Ray wins at the first playoff hole to prevent an all Deerpark Semi-Final as he will go on to play John McGrath tomorrow and bring a long day of play to an end!


Gone to sudden death after both players par the last hole!


We are going to the last hole with the match level after Jason wins the 17th. 


Jason wins the 16th to keep the match alive. 1 down. 


Ray Murphy 2up on Jason O'Brien with 3 to play 


John McGrath third player through to the Mens Semi-Finals after a 3&2 victory over Declan Freeman


Bryan Delaney defeats John Cahill 3&2 to set up an all Cork Semi-Final with Shane Murphy tomorrow 

30 Holes: Ray Murphy 2up on Jason O'Brien with 6 to play


2016 winner Shane Murphy is our first player through to tomorrow's Semi-Finals are a 4&3 victory over Kieran Dunscombe 

30 Holes: John McGrath gone 1up on Declan Freeman with 6 holes to play. 


30 Holes: Bryan Delaney 2up on John Cahill with 6 to play


30 Holes: Shane Murphy 3up on Kieran Dunscombe with 6 to play. 


Annie Galvin from the host club becomes our second player through to the Ladies Nett Semi-Finals tomorrow after a 3&2 victory over Evelyn O'Gorman of Lucan. 


24 Holes: Shane Murphy goes 4up on Bryan Delaney 


30 Holes: Lisa O'Connor and Annie Galvin both 3up on Catherine Dunne and Evelyn O'Gorman respectively

18 Holes: Ray Murphy 1up on Jason O'Brien after the first round of our last Quarter-Final


Dina Dillon first player through to Ladies Nett Semi-Finals after an 8&6 victory over club-mate Catherine Smith

Declan Freeman's lead over John McGrath back to 1up after 18 holes


24 Holes: Elaine Quinn 4up on Margaret Forde in the Ladies Nett


18 Holes: Shane Murphy remains 1up on Kieran Dunscombe with John Cahill and Bryan Delaney A/S. 


24 Holes: Annie Galvin 2up on Evelyn O'Gorman in Ladies Nett Quarter-Finals 

12 Holes: Ray Murphy gone 1up on Jason O'Brien in remaining Gents Quarter-Final 


24 Holes: Lisa O'Connor now 4up on Catherine Dunne 


24 Holes: Dina Dillon now 8up on Catherine Smith 

12 Holes: Declan Freeman 3up on John McGrath 


24 Holes: Elaine Quinn now 5up on Margaret Forde in first Ladies Nett Quarter-Final 

12 Holes: John Cahill gone into a 6up lead on Bryan Delaney 


12 Holes: Shane Murphy remains 1up on Kieran Dunscombre in the first Gents Quarter-Final

6 Holes: A/S between Ray Murphy and Jason O'Brien in the remaining Gents Quarter-Final


18 Holes: Annie Galvin 3up on Evelyn O'Gorman in the last Ladies Nett QF. 


18 Holes: Lisa O'Connor 5up on Catherine Dunne after 18 holes in the Ladies Nett

6 Holes: John Cahill 3up on Bryan Delaney and Declan Freeman 1up on John McGrath in the Gents Quarter-Finals 



18 Holes: Dina Dillon leads club-mate Catherine Smith 5up in the second Ladies Quarter-Final 


Gents Quarter-Finals: Shane Murphy 1up on Kieran Dunscombe after 6 Holes. 


Ladies Nett: Elaine Quinn 4up on Margaret Forde after 18 holes. Dina Dillon 4up on Catherine Smith after 12 holes, Lisa O'Connor leads Catherine Dunne by same after 12 with Annie Galvin now 3up on Evelyn O'Gorman 


Results: Jason O'Brien joins club-mate John McGrath in Quarter-Finals of Gents Matchplay with a 2&1 victory over Patrick Murphy of Tullamore. Ray Murphy's 3&2 victory over James Cleary makes it an all Munster Quarter-Final line-up. 


12 Holes: Elaine Quinn 1up on Margaret Forde in 1st Ladies Nett Quarter-Final


Result: John McGrath a 3&2 winner over Junior Smith 

30 Holes: Ray Murphy 4up on James Cleary with 6 to play. 

6 Holes: Annie Galvin 2up on Evelyn O'Gorman in Ladies Nett


Result: Declan Freeman through to Quarter-Finals after a 3&2 win over Chris Hickey. Third Fermoy player in Last Eight. 

30 Holes: Patrick Murphy remains 2up on Jason O'Brien 

6 Holes: Dina Dillon 4up on Catherine Smith in the Ladies Nett as Lisa O'Connor 2up on Catherine Dunne over same distance


First Ladies Nett Upate after 6 Holes: Elaine Quinn 1up on Margaret Forde 


Kieran Dunscombe a 5&4 winner over Sean Buckley to set up a Quarter-Final meeting with Shane Murphy 

30 Holes: Declan Freeman 3up Chris Hickey with 6 holes to play. Level between Junior Smith & John McGrath over same distance 



Result: John Ross Crangle's reign as Gents Champion is over after 2016 winner Shane Murphy gets the better of him at the last hole 1up! 

24 Holes: The two Murphys, Patrick and Ray are both 2up on Jason O'Brien and James Cleary respectively 


Results: John Cahill becomes first Gent through to Quarter-Finals with a 9&8 victory over Aonghus Coughlan. Bryan Delaney also through after a 5&4 victory over Chris Gallagher to give us an all Fermoy Quarter-Final! 


30 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 5up on Sean Buckley with 6 to play. Bryan Delaney leads Chris Gallagher by same total over same distance

24 Holes: Junior Smith now 1up on John McGrath 


30 Holes: Shane Murphy remains 1up on JR Crangle with 6 holes left

18 Holes: A/S between Ray Murphy and James Cleary as all Third Round matches now on Second 18.

Start of Ladies Nett Quarter-Finals imminent


24 Holes: Bryan Delaney still 5up on Chris Gallagher 


24 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 4up on Sean Buckley 

18 Holes: Junior Smith 2up on John McGrath 


24 Holes: John Cahill remains 7up on Aonghus Coughlan. 

18 Holes: Declan Freeman 2up on Christopher Hickey

12 Holes: A/S between Ray Murphy and James Cleary 


24 Holes: Shane Murphy gone 1up on JR Crangle once more 


18 Holes: Bryan Delaney remains 5up on Chris Gallagher turning.  


18 Holes: A/S between JR Crangle & Shane Murphy, Kieran Dunscombe 4up on Sean Buckley with John Cahill 7up on Aoghus Coughlan. 

12 Holes: Junior Smith 2up on John McGrath with Patrick Murphy 1up on Jason O'Brien 


Chrissie Byrne defeats Tara Dillon 2&1 to give us the same Ladies Semi-Final line-up as Seapoint back in 2016. 

12 Holes: John Cahill 3up on Aonghus Coughlan, Bryan Delaney 5up on Chris Gallagher and Declan Freeman 1up on Christopher Hickey 


Eleanor Walsh through to tomorrow's Second Semi-Final after a 2&1 victory over Margaret Hogan 


12 Holes: Shane Murphy 1up on JR Crangle with Kieran Dunscombe 3up on Sean Buckley 

6 Holes: A/S in the match between John McGrath and Junior Smith. 


First Results in Ladies Quarter-Finals sees Ger Ward beat Mary Quinn 4&3 and Ger Holland a 6&5 winner over Sheelagh Elmes. 

30 Holes: Eleanor Walsh back 1up on Margaret Hogan as its level between Tara Dillon and Chrissie Byrne now. 

6 Holes: Bryan Delaney gone 1up on Chris Gallagher in Mens R3 with Declan Freeman 1up on Christopher Hickey 


30 Holes: Ger Ward 3up on Mary Quinn with 6 to play, Ger Holland 6up over Sheelagh Elmes 

6 Holes: John Cahill 2up on Sean Buckley 


6 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 1up on Sean Buckley in their Round Three match. 


Gents R3: A/S between JR Crangle and Shane Murphy after the first 6 Holes


24 Holes: Chrissie Byrne now 1up on Tara Dillon in the remaining Ladies Quarter-Final 


24 Holes: Margaret Hogan now gone into the lead against Eleanor Walsh 1up 


24 Holes: Ger Holland remains 5up on Sheelagh Elmes. 


24 Holes: Ger Ward remains 2up on Mary Quinn in 1st Ladies QF. 


Chrissie Byrne 2up on Tara Dillon after the first 18 holes. Gents Third Round imminent. 


Ger Holland and Eleanor Walsh continue to lead 5up and 2up respectively over Sheelagh Elmes and Margaret Hogan after 18 holes in the Ladies Gross. 


Ger Ward 2up on Mary Quinn after the first 18 holes with Chrissie Byrne and Tara Dillon level after 12 holes. 


12 Holes Ger Holland now 5up on Sheelagh Elmes with Eleanor Walsh 2up on Margaret Hogan 


12 Holes: Still level between Ger Ward and Mary Quinn after 12 holes. 


Final Second Round Gents result sees a 4&2 victory for James Cleary over Declan McCarron. Gents Third Round @ 1pm. 


Ladies Gross QF's after 6 Holes: Three of the four matches level with Ger Holland 2up on Sheelagh Elmes over same distance. 


Result: Jason O'Brien beats Stephen Murray 3&2 


Patrick Murphy a 6&5 winner over World and European Strokeplay Champion Liam O'Donovan. Declan Freeman beats Gary Healy 1up 

30 Holes: James Cleary 2up on Declan McCarron with 6 to play. 


Result: John McGrath a 4&3 winner over Eoin Walsh 


Bryan Delaney defeats Damien Fleming 2&1 with Junior Smith a 5&4 winner over Jimmy Scanlon

30 Holes: John McGrath 4up on Eoin Walsh with six to play and Jason O'Brien same score ahead of Stephen Murray. 


Results: John Cahill beats Jimmy O'Neill 1up, Aoghus Coughlan beats Jamie Blake 2&1 and Chris Gallagher beats George Beardsley 3&2. 

24 Holes: James Cleary 1up on Declan McCarron with Ray Murphy now 11up on Martin Keohane. 


Result: Sean Buckley defeats Liam Buckley 2&1 

30 Holes: Level between Gary Healy and Declan Freeman with 6 to play 


Results: Shane Murphy defeats Willie Fitzgerald at the first playoff hole with Kieran Dunscombe a 1up winner on Graham Donohoe. Chris Hickey a 7&6 winner over Thomas O'Reilly meanwhile. 


Willie Fitzgerald and Shane Murphy gone to Sudden Death 

30 Holes: Chris Gallagher 3up on George Beardsley with Bryan Delaney now 2up on Damien Fleming

24 Holes: Patrick Murphy 7up on Liam O'Donovan 


30 Holes: Level now between Aonghus Coughlan and Jamie Blake with six to play. 

24 Holes: Jason O'Brien 3up on Stephen Murray 


30 Holes: Liam Buckley still 1up on Sean Buckley with John Cahill 1up now on Jimmy O'Neill 

24 Holes: John McGrath now 3up on Eoin Walsh 

18 Holes: Ray Murphy now 7up on Martin Keohane turning. 


Result: Defending Champion JR Crangle through to Round 3 after a 3&2 win over Darren O'Connell 

24 Holes: Gary Healy 1up on Declan Freeman and Junior Smith 4up on Jimmy Scanlon

18 Holes: Declan McCarron 1up on James Cleary turning 


30 Holes: JR Crangle 5up on Darren O'Connell with 6 to play. 


30 Holes: Willie Fitzgerald 2up on Shane Murphy with 6 to play

24 Holes: Chris Hickey remains 5up on Thomas O'Reilly 

18 Holes: Patrick Murphy 3up on Liam O'Donovan 


24 Holes: Chris Gallagher 4up on George Beardsley still but Damien Fleming 1up on Bryan Delaney now. 

18 Holes: Jason O'Brien now 3up on Stephen Murray 


24 Holes: John Cahill 4up on Jimmy O'Neill and Aoghus Coughlan 1up on Jamie Blake 

18 Holes: Junior Smith 6up on Jimmy Scanlon and John McGrath now 2up on Eoin Walsh 

12 Holes: Ray Murphy 3up on Martin Keohane 


24 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 3up on Graham Donohoe and Liam Buckley 1up on Sean Buckley

18 Holes: Declan Freeman 1up on Gary Healy 

12 Holes: Declan McCarron 2up on James Cleary 


24 Holes: Willie Fitzgerald 1up on Shane Murphy 

18 Holes: Bryan Delaney 1up on Damien Fleming with Chris Hickey 5up on Thomas O'Reilly 

12 Holes: Junior Smith 2up on Jimmy Scanlon, Jason O'Brien 1up on Stephen Murray and Patrick Murphy 2up on Liam O'Donovan 


24 Holes: JR Crangle back 3up on Darren O'Connell 

18 Holes: John Cahill & Aonghus Coughlan both 1up on Jimmy O'Neill & Jamie Blake respectively with Chris Gallagher 4up on George Beardsley

12 Holes: John McGrath 1up on Eoin Walsh. 


18 Holes: Liam Buckley 1up on Sean Buckley 

12 Holes: Declan Freeman stays 3up on Gary Healy 

6 Holes: James Cleary 1up on Declan McCarron 


18 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe now 4up on Graham Donohoe 

12 Holes: Christopher Hickey remains 1up on Thomas O'Reilly 

6 Holes: Patrick Murphy 1up on Liam O'Donovan 


12 Holes: Level between Bryan Delaney and Damien Fleming now

6 Holes: Stephen Murray 2up on Jason O'Brien 


18 Holes: Willie Fitzgerald now 1up on Shane Murphy

12 Holes: Chris Gallagher 1up on George Beardsley 

6 Holes: John McGrath 1up on Eoin Walsh


18 Holes: JR Crangle now 2up on Darren O'Connell 

12 Holes: Aonghus Coughlan now 4up on Jamie Blake 

6 Holes: Junior Smith 2up on Jimmy Scanlon 


12 Holes: Still level between John Cahill and Jimmy O'Neill

6 Holes: Declan Freeman 3up on Gary Healy 


12 Holes: Liam Buckley 1up on Sean Buckley

6 Holes: Christopher Hickey 1up on Thomas O'Reilly


12 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe gone 3up on Graham Donohoe 

6 Holes: Bryan Delaney 1up on Damien Fleming


12 Holes: Willie Fitzgerald remains 3up on Shane Murphy 

6 Holes: Chris Gallagher 2up on George Beardsley. 


12 Holes: JR Crangle now 3up on Darren O'Connell 

6 Holes: Level between John Cahill & Jimmy O'Neill as Aonghus Coughlan is 3up on Jamie Blake. 


A/S in the battle of the Buckleys between Sean frfom Erry and Liam from Collinstown after 6 Holes. 


A/S between Kieran Dunscombe and Graham Donohoe after 6 Holes. 


Willie Fitzgerald 3up on Shane Murphy after 6 Holes 


John Ross Crangle 2up on Darren O'Connell after 6 Holes 


Play underway here in Tullamore where we have a long day ahead particularly for our Gents with three rounds of competition. We will endevour to keep the blog updates as best we can but remember the link above at the top will always have updates from out on the course. While waiting for updates why not have a look at a chat our Communications & Press Officer Jason O'Connor had with National Competition Co-Ordinator Myles McMorrow and Michael Hogan from the Tullamore club before today's play.