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All Over, Ray wins at the first playoff hole to end a long day here at Tipperary Hills. Commiserations to James on a brave effort in defeat. Ray will now play John Walsh in tomorrow's Semi-Finals while Bryan Delaney plays John Ross Crangle in the other Semi-Final. We're back here tomorrow from 9am for the Ladies and 9.30am for the Gents. Hope you can join us either in person or online for the concluding day of our 2017 Championships. 


Gents: We will need a playoff to end the day as James Cleary has hauled Ray Murphy back to sudden death with the match A/S after 36 holes! 


Ray staying in front of James at 1up with 2 to play 


Ray Murphy has gone back in front of James Cleary by 2up with 6 holes to play. 


Both John Walsh and JR Crangle are through to tomorrow's Semi-Finals after both recorded 4&3 wins over Darren Collins & Liam O'Donovan respectively. 


Our defending champion's defence is offically over as Shane Murphy succumbs to a 5&4 defeat from the impressive Bryan Delaney with the 2015 Runner-Up reaching the last four once more. 


Gents: John Ross Crangle looking good at 4up on Liam O'Donovan with 6 holes to play. John Walsh also has same advantage (4up) over Darren Collins over same distance. 


Gents: James Cleary 2up on Ray Murphy after 24 holes. 

Gents: Bryan Delaney on the verge of victory over Shane Murphy with a 6up with 6 to play lead. 

Ladies Semi-Final Line-Up

Ger Ward vs. Martha O'Brien 

Chrissie Byrne vs. Tara Dillon


Ladies: At the second playoff hole it is Martha O'Brien who has prevailed over the local favourite Breda White to reach her first ever Monday of a National Matchplay weekend! 


Ladies: Breda and Martha halve the first playoff hole. 

Gents: John Walsh remains 2up on Darren Collins after 24 holes. 


Ladies: We are gone to a playoff to decide our last Ladies Semi-Finalist as Breda White is in another playoff against Martha O'Brien this time!

Gents: JR Crangle moves 2up on Liam O'Donovan after 24 holes. 


Ladies: Tara Dillon back into the Semi-Finals after missing out last year courtesy of a 3&2 victory over last year's Runner-Up Eleanor Walsh. 


Gents: James Cleary turns 1up on Ray Murphy as Bryan Delaney remains 6up on Shane Murphy after 24 holes. 


Gents: John Walsh back 2up on Darren Collins after their first 18 holes. 


Gents: Liam O'Donovan and JR Crangle A/S after their first 18 holes. 


Ladies: Tara Dillon edging towards victory over Eleanor Walsh leading 4up with 6 to play 

Gents: Bryan Delaney is a strong position after the first 18 leading our defending champion Shane Murphy by 6up 


Ladies: Breda White's lead over Martha O'Brien down to 1up with 6 to play. 


Gents: Ray Murphy 1up on James Cleary after 12 holes 


Ladies: Ger Ward through to another Semi-Final after a 9&8 victory over club-mate Sheelagh Elmes. 

Gents: Darren Collins back A/S with John Walsh after 12 holes. 


First Ladies Result is a 13&12 win for Chrissie Byrne over Barbara Furlong as she reaches the Semi-Finals for the third conseuctive year. 

24 Holes: Tara Dillon goes 2up on Eleanor Walsh 


Ladies: Breda White now gone 2up on Martha O'Brien after 24 holes. 

Gents: Brian Delaney 2up on Shane Murphy after 12 holes. 


Ladies: Ger Ward extends her lead over Sheelagh Elmes to 8up after 24 holes. 


Gents: A/S between James Cleary and Ray Murphy after 6 holes. 


Gents: John Walsh starts 2up on Darren Collins after 6 


Gents: Shane Murphy and Liam O'Donovan have taken early 1up leads over Bryan Delaney and JR Crangle respectively after 6 holes. 


Ladies: Tara Dillon and Eleanor Walsh are A/S after their first 18. 


Ladies: Chrissie Byrne in charge of her game with Barbara Furlong at 10up after 18 holes. 


Ladies: Breda White pulls game with Martha O'Brien back to A/S after 18 holes as Ger Ward leads Sheelagh Elmes by 7up after first 18. 


Gents QF Line-Up

Shane Murphy vs. Bryan Delaney

JR Crangle vs. Liam O'Donovan

John Walsh vs. Darren Collins

James Cleary vs. Ray Murphy 


Result: Ray Murphy becomes our last Quarter-Finalist winning the last three holes against Ian Dillon for a hard earned 2up win. 

12 Holes: Tara Dillon now in the lead against Eleanor Walsh 1up 


Darren Collins a 5&4 winner over Martin O'Neill to become the latest Quarter-Finalist

12 Holes: Chrissie Byrne leads Barbara Furlong 6up 


Liam O'Donovan defeats Conor Fahy 1up as James Cleary wins 4&3 over Ian Farrelly

Ladies: Ger Ward is 5up on Sheelagh Elmes after 12 holes with Martha O'Brien 4up on Breda White 


Results: Shane Murphy keeps defence of his title alive with a birdie at the first playoff hole to defeat Dean Grannell as Liam O'Donovan defeats Conor Fahy 1up. John Walsh defeats Thomas Hanley 2up. 

30 Holes: James Cleary now 4up on Ian Farrelly with Ian Dillon holding on to a 1up lead over Ray Murphy


Result: John Ross Crangle ends the local interest in the Gents event with a 1up victory over Anthony Culhane.

Dean Grannell and Shane Murphy have gone to a playoff!

Ladies QF's after 6 Holes: Ger Ward 4up on Sheelagh Elmes, Martha O'Brien 2up on Breda White, Chrissie Byrne 4up on Barbara Furlong and Eleanor Walsh 1up on Tara Dillon. 


30 Holes: John Walsh moves 1up on Thomas Hanley with 6 to play. 

24 Holes: Ian Dillon's lead over Ray Murphy is back to 1up. 


30 Holes: Liam O'Donovan 1up with 6 to play on Conor Fahy


24 Holes: John Walsh & Thomas Hanley A/S, Darren Collins 5up on Martin O'Neill with James Cleary now 3up on Ian Farrelly. 


30 Holes: Dean Grannell stays 1up on our defending champion with 6 to play. John Ross Crangle has same advantage over Anthony Culhane. 


First Gents Quarter-Finalist is Bryan Delaney after a comprehensive 12&10 victory over Paul O'Brien.

24 Holes: Back A/S between Anthony Culhane & JR Crangle as Conor Fahy is 1up on Liam O'Donovan.  


18 Holes: Ian Dillon turns 4up on Ray Murphy in the final of our Gents Third Round encounters. 


24 Holes: Dean Grannell gone 1up on Shane Murphy with Bryan Delaney closing in on victory over Paul O'Brien at 11up 

18 Holes: Darren Collins 1up on Martin O'Neill with James Cleary having the same lead over Ian Farrelly 


18 Holes: Thomas Hanley goes 1up on John Walsh 


18 Holes: Liam O'Donovan and Conor Fahy turn A/S

12 Holes: Ian Dillon 4up on Ray Murphy. 


18 Holes: John Ross Crangle turns 1up on Anthony Culhane 

12 Holes: James Cleary remains 1up on Ian Farrelly 


18 Holes: Shane Murphy and Dean Grannell still A/S with Bryan Delaney 7up on Paul O'Brien 

12 Holes: Martin O'Neill 1up on Darren Collins

6 Holes: All Gents Third Round updated on Scoresheet 


12 Holes: John Walsh leads Thomas Hanley 1up 


12 Holes: Conor Fahy is 1up on Liam O'Donovan 


12 Holes: Still A/S between Anthony Culhane and JR Crangle 


12 Holes: Shane Murphy & Dean Grannell still A/S while Bryan Delaney is now 4up on Paul O'Brien 


6 Holes: Two more A/S matches between Anthony Culhane & JR Crangle and Conor Fahy & Liam O'Donovan respectively. 


A HOLE-IN-ONE from Breda White gives her the last Quarter-Final spot at the first extra hole! 

6 Holes: Shane Murphy and Dean Grannell A/S with Bryan Delaney 1up on Paul O'Brien 


Result: Eleanor Walsh defeats Rose Kelly 8&7 but we will need a playoff to decide our last Quarter-Finalist as it finishes level between Glenda Hoey and Breda White after 36 holes!


Result: Chrissie Byrne through to face Barbara Furlong in the Quarter-Finals after a 4&3 victory over Maree O'Toole 


Result: Barbara Furlong through to Quarter-Finals of the Ladies after a 12&11 win over Veronica Anglim.

30 Holes: Chrissie Byrne moves 4up on Maree O'Toole. 


Result: A 2&1 victory for Martha O'Brien after a close contest with Mary Murray throughout. 

24 Holes: Eleanor Walsh 9up on Rose Kelly now with Tara Dillon 6up on Patsy O'Donovan 


30 Holes: Glenda Hoey moves 1up on Breda White with 6 to play

24 Holes: Barbara Furlong on the brink of victory over Vernoica Anglim at 12up as Chrissie Byrne still leads Maree O'Toole 3up. 


30 Holes: Mary Murray 1up on Martha O'Brien with 6 to play 


Result: Ger Ward defeats Margaret Conneely 9&8

24 Holes: Martha O'Brien and Mary Murray along with Breda White and Mary Murray both A/S 

18 Holes: Barbara Furlong turns 8up on Veronica Anglim, Tara Dillon 2up on Patsy O'Donovan with Eleanor Walsh 5up on Rose Kelly 


18 Holes: Chrissie Byrne turns 3up on Maree O'Toole 


18 Holes: Breda White is 2up on Glenda Hoey after the First 18 


12 Holes: Eleanor Walsh now 3up on Rose Kelly 


18 Holes: A/S now between Martha O'Brien and Mary Murray 


18 Holes: Ger Ward turns 5up on Margaret Conneely 

12 Holes: Barbara Furlong is 5up on Veronica Anglim, Tara Dillon is 2up on Patsy O'Donovan meanwhile 



James Cleary just edges Stephen Shoer on the first playoff with a birdie to complete our Third Round line-up for 1.30pm


12 Holes: Chrissie Byrne 2up on Maree O'Toole 

6 Holes: All Ladies Scores over distance updated on scoresheet now. 


Result: Ray Murphy defeats Shaun Ryan 3&1, James Cleary and Stephen Shoer is gone to a playoff. 

12 Holes: A/S between Breda White and Glenda Hoey. 


Interview with Mary Murray now up on Facebook 

Martha O'Brien leads Mary 2up after 12 holes 


Interview with Maree O'Toole now on Facebook Page 

Result: Darren Collins defeats Pat Martin 1up as Martin O'Neill defeats Damien Fleming 2up 

30 Holes: Ray Murphy 2up on Shaun Ryan with Ian Dillon 5up on Ryan Towler 

12 Holes: Ger Ward is 3up on Margaret Connelly 


Result: Ian Farrelly defeats Patrick Noonan 6&5 

30 Holes: James Cleary is now 1up on Stephen Shoer


Result: A 3&2 victory for Liam O'Donovan over club-mate Patsy Farrell. Paul O'Brien defeats George Beardsley at the first tie hole while John Walsh recovers to defeat James Ryan 4&3. 

30 Holes: Ian Farrelly on brink of victory over Paddy Noonan at 6up 

6 Holes: Geraldine Ward 2up on Margaret Conneely in the Ladies with Martha O'Brien 1up on Mary Murray. 


Result: JR Crangle defeats Danny Looney 4&3

30 Holes: Darren Collins' lead over Pat Martin is now only 1up, Martin O'Neill stays 4up on Damien Fleming. 

24 Holes: Stpehen Shoer stays 1up on James Cleary, Ray Murphy now ahead of Shaun Ryan 2up with Ian Dillon 3up on Ryan Towler


Result: Dean Grannell just shades a tight battle with John Carroll 1up

30 Holes: Thomas Hanley on brink of victory over Frank Dineen at 6up 


30 Holes: John Walsh 3up on James Ryan 


Interview with Breda White now on Facebook page

30 Holes: Liam O'Donovan now 2up on Patsy Farrell 

24 Holes: Darren Collins 4up on Pat Martin, Martin O'Neill leads Damien Fleming by same score as Ian Farrelly is 5up on Patrick Noonan. 

18 Holes: Ray Murphy and Shaun Ryan A/S and Ian Dillon turns 4up on Ryan Towler. 


Result: Anthony Culhane completes a Second 18 comeback to defeat Keith Redmond 5&4 

30 Holes: JR Crangle moves 3up on Danny Looney 


Further Results: Shane Murphy was a 3&2 winner over Sean Cummins with Conor Fahy a 10&9 winner over Brian O'Flynn

30 Holes: Anthony Culhane 5up on Keith Redmond 

24 Holes: John Walsh now gone into a 1up lead on James Ryan as Thomas Hanley stays 4up on Frank Dineen. 


Result: First player through to the Third Round is Bryan Delaney with a 10&8 win over David Cahill

30 Holes: Dean Grannell now 1up on John Carroll, Paul O'Brien leads George Beardsley by same score. 

18 Holes: Stephen Shoer now 1up on James Cleary 


30 Holes: Shane Murphy 2up on Sean Cummins coming near the end. 

24 Holes: Conor Fahy 9up on Brian O'Flynn with Liam O'Donovan now 2up on Patsy Farrell 

18 Holes: Darren Collins 3up on Pat Martin, Martin O'Neill and Damien Fleming A/S, Ian Farrelly now 4up on Paddy Noonan.  


Interview with Damien Fleming now on our Facebook page. Ladies Interviews to follow


24 Holes: Bryan Delaney 10up on David Cahill with Paul O'Brien 2up on George Beardsley 

18 Holes: Thomas Hanley 4up on Frank Dineen turning. 


24 Holes: Shane Murphy 1up on Sean Cummins. Dean Grannell 2up on John Carroll

18 Holes: JR Crangle 2up on Danny Looney, Conor Fahy 7up on Brian O'Flynn, Liam O'Donovan 1up on Patsy Farrell and James Ryan 2up on John Walsh. 

12 Holes: Shaun Ryan 3up on Ray Murphy with Ian Dillon 4up on Ryan Towler. 

12 Holes: Damien Fleming 2up on Martin O'Neill, Ian Farrelly is 7up on 


18 Holes: Paul O'Brien remains 1up on George Beardsley with Keith Redmond 2up on Anthony Culhane. 


12 Holes: Thomas Hanley stays 2up on Frank Dineen


18 Holes: Dean Grannell 1up on John Carroll

12 Holes: James Ryan 2up on John Walsh 

6 Holes: Shaun Ryan 1up on Ray Murphy with Ian Dillon 2up on Ryan Towler 


18 Holes: Shane Murphy and Sean Cummins A/S after First Round

12 Holes: Liam O'Donovan and Patsy Farrell back A/S

6 Holes: Ian Farrelly 4up on Patrick Noonan with James Cleary and Stephen Shoer A/S  


Interview with James Cleary now on Facebook page 

12 Holes: Conor Fahy now 6up on Brian O'Flynn


12 Holes: John Ross Crangle 1up on Danny Looney 


Interviews with Sean Cummins and Liam O'Donovan now on Facebook page prior to play today. 

12 Holes: Keith Redmond now 1up on Anthony Culhane 

6 Holes: Darren Collins 2up on Pat Martin with Damien Fleming and Martin O'Neill A/S 



12 Holes: Paul O'Brien stays 1up on George Beardsley 

6 Holes: James Ryan 1up on John Walsh with Thomas Hanley 2up on Frank Dineen


12 Holes: Bryan Delaney 5up on David Cahill

6 Holes: Conor Fahy 2up on Brian O'Flynn and Patsy Farrell is 1up on Liam O'Donovan 


12 Holes: John Carroll back A/S with Dean Grannell. 


12 Holes: Shane Murphy 1up on Sean Cummins 

6 Holes: Keith Redmond 2up on Anthony Culhane with JR Crangle and Danny Looney A/S


Bryan Delaney 2up on David Cahill with Paul O'Brien 1up on George Beardsley after 6 Holes


After 6 Holes Shane Murphy and Sean Cummins are A/S with Dean Grannell 1up on John Carroll over same distance


We are underway here on the second day of play at Tipperary Hills. We spoke to a number of players prior to the start of play. We will post interviews shortly.