World Cup Quarter Final Results

Ireland, Holland, Australia and Norway to make up the Final Four

World Cup Quarter Final Results image

9.00 am and Day 2 of the World Cup commences. What would be described as a grand soft day in Kerry greets the singles groupings of Ireland and Switzerland. Ireland lead 2-nil after the opening session on Saturday afternoon. The second quarter final tees off at 9.15 and features Holland and Great Britain with Holland leading 2-nil after the opening session. Quarter Final no. 3 commences at 9.30 and has Australia and Galicia with Australia leading 1½-½ after Friday. The final pairing features Catalonia and Norway who each won one of yesterday’s matches and commence 1-1.

Ireland proved convincing winners in their quarter finals as they won all three singles matches to complete a 5-0 whitewash of oppononts Switzerland. Full results of Saturday morning singles.

John Walsh (Ireland) bt Silvano Umberg (Switzerland) 7&6, Ray Murphy (Ireland) bt. Helmut Roth (Switzerland) 5&4, John Crangle (Ireland) bt. Ueli Lamm (Switzerland) 6&5

Final Result:   Ireland 5 Switzerland 0

In the second quarter final Holland defeated Great Britain by a 4-1 margin as they won the Saturday morning singles by a 2-1 margin to add to the two point they had scored on Friday. Full results of Saturday morning singles.

Marcel Ahuis (Holland) bt Ron Cope (Gt. Britain) 6&5, Patrick Luning (Holland) bt. Jamie Deeble (Gt. Britain) 2&1, Steve Deeble (Gt. Britain) bt Rolf Kwant (Holland) 3 & 2

Final Result: Holland 4 Great Britain 1

In the third quarter final Australia defeated Galicia by a 4-1 margin as they won their morning singles by a 2½-½ margin to add to their 1½-½ lead overnight

Tom Ricket (Australia) halved with Enrique Rama (Galicia), James Rogerson (Australia) bt. Peter Mervin Henry (Galicia) 4&2, Brendon Underwood (Australia) bt Juan Carlos Inglesias Surribas (Galicia) 2&1

Final Result: Australia 4 Galicia 1 

The fourth quarter final threw up the first major shock of the competition as 7th Seed Norway defeated 2nd Seed (and fancied) Catlaonia by 3½-1½. The two sides were level after the Friday session but Norway won two and halved the third match to claim a famous victory.

John Djup (Norway) bt Antonio Penalava (Catalonia) 1up, Anders Laneland (Norway) bt Marc Lloret (Catalonia) 1 up, Brent Kristland Nerland (Norway) halved with Fernando Cano (Catalonia).

Final Result: Norway 3½ Catalonia 1½


With the Quarter Finals completed, the proceedings to follow now are:

Semi Finals:
Ireland v Holland
Australia v Norway

Place Matches:

Switzerland v Great Britain
Galicia v Catalonia 

Round Robin Matches:
Andorra v Chile

There has been a slight delay but the action has just resumed again with Ireland v Holland first out.