Sports Capital Grants Allocated

Five PPUI Clubs Awarded Almost €100,000

Sports Capital Grants Allocated image

Congratulations to the five PPUI clubs who last week were awarded almost €100,000 by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in order to develop their facilities. The successful clubs were Claycastle, Glenville, Rocklodge, St. Patrick's and St. Stephen’s. Unfortunately there were also a number of clubs unsuccessful in their applications. Once again, the Sports Capital Programme was heavily oversubscribed – 880 out of over 2,000 applications were awarded to sports clubs all over the nation.

The 2014 allocation was the first usage of the new OSCAR system (Online Sports Capital Register). In order to apply for funding under the Sports Capital Programme, clubs and organisations must register through this new online system. Any club planning on doing so in future should do so when they get a chance. In addition they should begin the planning or future applications.

Full Details on the OSCAR system are available HERE.

Full details of the funds allocated by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport under the sports capital programme are available HERE.