Provincial U-16 Championships

Strokeplay in Leinster, Matchplay in Munster

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Communications & Press Officer Jason O'Connor reports on the day in both province's U-16 events

2017 Leinster Under 16 Strokeplay Latest


REIGNING National Boys Strokeplay Champion Evan Carry got the U-16 season off to a good start for himself by winning today’s Leinster Boys 14-15 Strokeplay Champions in Kilbeggan with five shots to spare. Rounds of six and five under par gave the Castletown player a total of 11 under par as Old County’s Lennon Blake proved to be his nearest challenger. Blake finished on six under par thanks to a closing 18 of four under as Glenville’s David Horan was the only other player to finish under par in third on three under.


            It was a great day for the Horan family in general as his younger brother Oisin won the 10-13 grade with level par 108 after two solid 54’s. Padraig Carton from the host club did have a second 18 of one under however an opening two over cost him the title in second on one over par in total. Jason Brady from Poulaphouca also finished with one under in his second 18 to claim third with two over in what was a very tight battle in this grade.


            In the Girls grade meanwhile Katelyn Farrell got the better of her Acres club-mate Tara Spollen to win the title with a score of 140 which featured a closing 67. 



The opening day in the Munster U-16 Matchplay Champions in St Annes produced a few shocks and some unexpected Semi-Finalists after a Round Robin Group Stage of eight groups of four players gave all competitors plenty of ample opportunities today. The first surprise was to last year’s Final meeting of defending champion Glenn Towler from the hosts and Deerpark’s Cillian Courtney meet in the Last 16 which saw Glenn win out again before he was dumped out in the Quarter-Finals by club-mate Cian Murphy on a score of 3&2. It was a great day for the Parteen club as both their entrants have made it through to tomorrow, Patrick Mitchell overcoming a loss to Murphy in the Group Stages to defeat Deerpark duo Jack Murphy and Darragh O’Callaghan (2up) to make it through to tomorrow.


            Shea Fennell won all three of his Group games meanwhile before defeating Eoin O’Riordan Looney (Deerpark) and Aaron Roche of St Stephens (3&2) to make join his Parteen club-mate as he will face Murphy in the second of tomorrow’s penultimate stage affairs. Dylan Seymour from Fermoy has advanced to face Mitchell in the top half of the draw as he won all three of his group games before seeing off Adam Kelly of Deerpark in the Last 16 before he withstood a late charge from another Deerpark player Padraic Looney in the Quarter-Finals.


            Looney chipped in on the last hole looking like he had secured sudden death but Seymour putted in for birdie to ensure a 1up win and a return to St Annes in the morning. 


Scroll down for all the results of the day in both the Round Robin and Knockout format

Munster U-16 Matchplay Quarter-Finals 

Dylan Seymour bt Padraic Looney 1up 

Patrick Mitchell bt Darragh O'Callaghan 2up

Cian Murphy bt Glenn Towler 3&1

Shea Fennell bt bt Aaron Roche 3&2


Munster U-16 Matchplay Last 16

Padraic Looney bt Iain Aherne 4&2

Dylan Seymour bt Adam Kelly 3&2

Darragh O’Callaghan bt Cian O’Mahony 3&1

 Patrick Mitchell bt Jack McCarthy 2&1


Cian Murphy bt Tom Cronin 9&8

Glenn Towler vs. Cillian Courtney 6&5

Aaron Roche vs. Robbie Harnett 6&5

Shea Fennell bt Eoin O’Riordan Looney 1up

Group One

Padraic Looney (Deerpark) 6 pts

Eoin O’Riordan Looney (Deerpark) 4pts

Ryan McCarthy (Deerpark) 2pts

Joey McCarthy (Deerpark) 0pts


Group Two

Dylan Seymour (Fermoy) 6 pts

Robbie Harnett (Deerpark) 4pts

Erin Moloney (Deerpark) 2pts

Fintan Martin (Deerpark) 0pts


Group Three

Darragh O’Callaghan (Deerpark) 6pts

Cillian Courtney (Deerpark) 4pts

Brian McCarthy (Deerpark) 2 pts

Shane McAllister (Deerpark) 0 pts


Group Four

Jack McCarthy (Deerpark) 6pts

Tom Cronin (Deerpark) 4 pts

Dara Moynihan (Deerpark) 2pts

Rian O’Neill (Deerpark) 0 pts


Group Five

Cian Murphy (St Annes) 6pts

Patrick Mitchell (Parteen) 4pts

Noah Sexton (Deerpark) 2pts

Alex O’Callaghan (Deerpark) 0pts


Group Six

Glenn Towler (St Annes) 6pts

Cian O’Mahony (Deerpark) 4pts

Sean O’Neill (Larkspur Park) 2pts

Ryan Neeson (Deerpark) 0 pts


Group Seven

Aaron Roche (St Stephens) 6pts

Adam Kelly (Deerpark) 4pts

Jack O’Sullivan (Deerpark) 2pts

TJ O’Sullivan (Deerpark) 0pts



Group Eight

Shea Fennell (Parteen) 6 pts

Iain Aherne (Deerpark) 4pts

Dara O’Shea (Deerpark) 2pts

Nathan Cronin (Deerpark) 0 pts

Round Robin Game Three Results

Padraic Looney bt Joey McCarthy 7&6

Eoin O’Riordan Looney bt Ryan McCarthy 3&2

Dylan Seymour bt Robbie Harnett 7&6

Erin Moloney bt Fintan Martin 5&4

Darragh O’Callaghan bt Cillian Courtney 3&2

Brian McCarthy bt Shane McAllister 6&5

Jack McCarthy bt Dara Moynihan 6&4

Tom Cronin bt Rian O’Neill 5&3

Cian Murphy bt Patrick Mitchell 1up

Noah Sexton bt Alex O’Callaghan 3&2

Glenn Towler bt Cian O’Mahony 5&3

Sean O’Neill bt Ryan Neeson 5&4

Aaron Roche bt Adam Kelly 5&4

Jack O’Sullivan bt TJ O’Sullivan 4&2

Iain Aherne bt Dara O’Shea 4&3

Shea Fennell bt Nathan Cronin 7&6


Munster U-16 Matchplay Round Robin Game Two Results

Padraic Looney bt Ryan McCarthy 10&9

Eoin O’Riordan Looney bt Joey McCarthy 7&5

Dylan Seymour bt Fintan Martin 5&4

Robbie Harnett bt Erin Moloney 2&1

Cillian Courtney bt Shane McAllister 8&7

Darragh O’Callaghan bt Brian McCarthy 5&3

Jack McCarthy bt Tom Cronin 6&5

Dara Moynihan bt Rian O’Neill 5&4

Cian Murphy bt Noah Sexton 6&5

Patrick Mitchell bt Alex O’Callaghan 4&3

Glenn Towler bt Ryan Neeson 8&7

Cian O’Mahony bt Sean O’Neill 4&3

Adam Kelly bt TJ O’Sullivan 7&6

Aaron Roche bt Jack O’Sullivan 7&6

Shea Fennell bt Iain Aherne 5&3

Dara O’Shea bt Nathan Cronin 19th 


Munster U-16 Matchplay Round Robin Game One Results

Padraic Looney bt Eoin O’Riordan Looney 4&3

Ryan McCarthy bt Joey McCarthy 4&3

Dylan Seymour bt Erin Moloney 6&4

Robbie Harnett bt Fintan Martin 3&2

Cillian Courtney bt Brian McCarthy 5&4

Darragh O’Callaghan by Shane McAllister 8&6

Jack McCarthy bt Rian O’Neill 8&7

Tom Cronin bt Dara Moynihan 3&1

Cian Murphy bt Alex O’Callaghan 5&4

Patrick Mitchell bt Noah Sexton 6&5

Glenn Towler bt Sean O’Neill 4&2

Cian O’Mahony bt Ryan Neeson 21st

Adam Kelly bt Jack O’Sullivan 5&4

Aaron Roche bt TJ O’Sullivan 8&7

Iain Aherne bt Nathan Cronin 9&7

Shea Fennell bt Dara O’Shea 4&3 

Groups Below 


Munster U-16 Matchplay Round Robin

Group One

Padraic Looney (Deerpark)

Eoin O’Riordan Looney (Deerpark)

Ryan McCarthy (Deerpark)

Joey McCarthy (Deerpark)


Group Two

Dylan Seymour (Fermoy)

Erin Moloney (Deerpark)

Fintan Martin (Deerpark)

Robbie Harnett (Deerpark)


Group Three

Cillian Courtney (Deerpark)

Brian McCarthy (Deerpark)

Shane McAllister (Deerpark)

Darragh O’Callaghan (Deerpark)


Group Four

Jack McCarthy (Deerpark)

Rian O’Neill (Deerpark)

Tom Cronin (Deerpark)

Dara Moynihan (Deerpark)


Group Five

Cian Murphy (St Annes)

Alex O’Callaghan (Deerpark)

Noah Sexton (Deerpark)

Patrick Mitchell (Parteen)

Group Six

Glenn Towler (St Annes)

Sean O’Neill (Larkspur Park)

Ryan Neeson (Deerpark)

Cian O’Mahony (Deerpark)


Group Seven

Adam Kelly (Deerpark)

Jack O’Sullivan (Deerpark)

TJ O’Sullivan (Deerpark)

Aaron Roche (St Stephens)

Group Eight

Iain Aherne (Ballinlough)

Nathan Cronin (Deerpark)

Shea Fennell (Parteen)

Dara O’Shea (Deerpark)