PPUI Secondary Schools Competition - Qualifying Details

Venues Dates and Times for Selected Counties

PPUI Secondary Schools Competition - Qualifying Details image

The closing date for the PPUI Secondary Schools Competitions is next Thursday, 18th September. Ahead of this, the PPUI can announce the following qualifying dates, venues and times:


  • Dublin – Longmeadows, Wednesday October 1st @ 10am
  • Louth – Cement, Friday October 3rd @ 10am
  • Meath – Navan, Friday September 26th @ 10am
  • Offaly – Tullamore, Friday September 26th @ 2pm
  • Westmeath – Rochfortbridge, Friday September 26th @ 3pm


  • Cork – (As part of the Cork Schools Competition) St. Anne’s, Wednesday October 1st
  • Tipperary – Lakeside, Friday October 3rd @ 10.30am


Please note that arrangements are only fixed in certain counties. In other counties, generally those with a historical entry of two or less schools, qualifying arrangements will be finalised following the receipt of entries in conjunction with the teams entered.

Please also note that qualifying is dependent on a sufficient entry. If entries fall below this level, teams will go straight to the provincial finals at Erry and Cunngar.

Full details on the competition can be found HERE