PPUI Secondary Schools Competition

Notice of changes to PPUI Secondary Schools Competition

In a change to previous years the Pitch and Putt Secondary Schools Competition will be held later in the school year. Previously the competition was held between September and October culminating in the National Schools Finals at the end of October. It is felt that this exerts a lot of pressure when putting teams together and doesn’t allow adequate time to put together strong teams and more importantly greater participation.

The PPUI Schools competition for the school year 2016/17 will now be held in the Spring of 2017 as opposed to the Autumn of 2016. The regional qualifying if required is to be played off any time after the 1st of March and before the 26th of March. The Provincial final will be held in one of the two weeks leading up to the Easter break (schools break on April 8th). The National finals would be held after the Easter break, possibly on May 12th. All the of dates are to be confirmed by the PPUI in the coming weeks and are at the moment a guide.

The purpose of this is to allow more time to put together teams to compete for the National title. With the changes the National Final becomes the first National Competition to be held in the PPUI’s calendar and hopefully will encourage a summer of strong participation amongst Juvenile players.

A letter has been sent to all schools who have participated in the past few years, all clubs in the PPUI and anyone who as acted as a mentor or coach for a team regarding these changes. The PPUI are looking to update a database of individuals who would like to receive information regarding the Secondary Schools Competition and are asked to fill out the required information in the document at the following link:

            Secondary Schools Competition Mentor Contact Details