NEC Announcements following National Convention

The NEC have ratified all motions that were passed at last months National Convention and both the Constitution and Rules of play will be updated in the coming weeks, Changes to Rules of play come into effect as of Monday 4th March 2024

Rule 6.1.1 In Bunkers a player may move loose impediments

Rule 7.1 The teeing ground is the starting place for the hole to be played. The front and sides must be defined and the depth is not less than one club length

Rule 8 Definition to be added as follows : Nearest Point of Relief is the point on the course, nearest to where the ball lies, which is not nearer the hole and at which, if the ball were so positioned, no interference would exist

Rule 8.8 Ball marks may be repaired during play. Having repaired a ball mark, spike mark or other shoe damage on the green using a tee or pitch mark repairer, a player may smooth it down with a putter head only

Rule 8.14 Only a putter may be used on a green both in the course of play and in the repair of damage to a green as per Rule 8.8

Following recommendations to Convention and with general consensus the following will apply

1. The Entry Fee for both National Matchplays and Strokeplays will increase to €20 per head, this applies to all grades and sections in both Ladies and Gents, the increase will be used to upgrade prizes and to increase the course levy for host clubs, all other Championships and Competitions will remain the same, The Entry fee for all Open Scratch Cups and 36 Hole events may be increased to €12 per head at the organisers discretion

2. In Scotch Foursomes, Players may now putt with their own ball regardless of which ball is chosen, this applies to putting when on the green only

3. Each County/Regional board may organise One Open scramble every year, they may use either the 2 Ball or 3 ball format, it is up to each Board to organise and oversee this competition, Club Open Scrambles can only be played using the 2 Ball format with half the combined handicaps being used for the allowance