National Inter County Championships – Live Blog Day 2

All the Details from Tullamore

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Pictured above are our three winning captains from today. What a memorable weekend it was, we will have more photos, interviews and features on the weekend's action over the coming days but for now its a goodbye and safe home to everyone from Tullamore. 


Dublin's JR Crangle has finished with -10 but Cork's John Walsh has produced a brillant -13 to give Cork a successful defence of their title by a slender shot. JR took a bogey at the last while JJ birdied the last to emerge successful with a winning total of 745 as opposed to a 746 for the Dubs. Kerry have claimed third place from Limerick with a score of 770 by a total of three shots. What a dramatic finish to proceedings here in Tullamore, great fightback by Dublin but Cork prove again why they are the kingpins when it comes to the Anchor Cup. More info later


Cork's Ray Murphy finishes on -7, Chris Gallagher had brought in -10, Dublin now two ahead!


Tipperary's Stephen Shoer has finished on -7, Dublin's George McGreal finished on -5 with Cork's Frank Dineen ending up on -3. One between Cork and Dublin now! 


Cork's Brian Delaney has finished on -4 with Dublin's Junior Smith finishing on -6. Getting tighter! 


Dublin's Keith Redmond has finished on -9 while Cork's Kieran Dunscombe finished on -7. 


First Cork and Tipperary cards are in with John Cahill shooting -4 and Mark Millar brinigng in a score of -9. 


Kerry's Jonathon Goodall finished on -8, Limerick's Kieran Earls had -10 with Paul Tobin of Wexford shooting -5. 


Kerry's Damien Fleming has finished on -9, another Kerry player Jason O'Brien has finished on -3, Wexford's Dean Grannell had -2 with Martin O'Neill finishing on -6 while Limerick's Liam O'Donovan had -4 with Thomas Hanly finishing on -3. 


Cork's John Walsh is -8 after nine holes, Dubllin's JR Crangle is -5 with Tipperary's Paul O'Brien on -3. All groups on back nine now. 


Wexford's John Hudson finished on -8, Limerick's John Cunningham -5 with Deerpark's St John Kelliher on -4. Out on course Ray Murphy is -3 after nine, Chris Gallagher of Dublin is on -5 with James Cleary of Tipperary -2 after nine holes. 


Limerick's Martin Keohane has finished on -4, Kerry's Conor McCarthy -2 with Wexford's John Hudson level par. Out on course Tipperary's Stephen Shoer is -6 after nine, Cork's Frank Dineen -4 with George McGreal of Dublin -2. 


Westmeath's Alan Hanlon has finished on -2, Louth's George Beardsley had -1 with Offaly's Anthony Galvin bringing in a round of -6. Out on course, Cork's Brian Delaney is -5, Junior Smith of Dublin is -4 with John O'Meara of Tipperary -2 after nine holes. 


After nine holes Cork's Kieran Dunscombe is -5, Dublin's Keith Redmond -3 with Tipperary's James Ryan level par. Louth's George Beardsley and Shane Redmond had rounds of level and four under par respectively, Offaly's Joe McGrath had -4 with +3 for Westmeath's Martin Kenny. 


Cork's John Cahill and Dublin's Mark Millar are both -4 after nine with Tipperary's Anthony Culhane -2. Westmeath's Michael Buckley has come into the clubhouse with -5, Offaly's Michael Hogan -2 and Louth's Owen Smith has shot +1.  



Offaly's Mick Hogan has brought in a round of -10, Darren O'Connell from the hosts had -5 while Louth's Padraic Sarsfield had -5 as well. Westmeath have had a -4 round from Dessie Baker with Liam Buckley shooting -2. Out on course Kieran Earls and Liam O'Donovan of Limerick are -7 and -5 respectively, Dean Grannell & Paul Tobin of Wexford are -3 and level respectively while Kerry's Damien Fleming and Jonathon Goodall are -6 and -3 respectively. All after nine. 


Kerry's Jamie Blake & Jason O'Brien are -3 and -1 respectively after nine, Pacelli Darcy and Thomas Hanly are -4 and -3 for Limerick, with Conor Murphy and Martin O'Neill of Wexford both +2 after nine. In the clubhouse Pat Malone has returned a -7 for Westmeath, Ian Donnelly the same for Louth with Offaly's Brian Doyle shooting -1. 


Limerick's John Cunnigham was -2 after nine holes, Wexford's William Hudson was -5 with Kerry's St John Kelliher on -2. In the clubhouse Kildare's Ian Dillon carded a round of -10, Declan Mulpeter shot -8, Darren Keogh -5, Joe Ronan and Frank Ryan both had -4 with John Cullen shooting +2. Down meanwhile have had rounds of -5 from Kevin Thompson, -2 from Cathal O'Hare, -1 for both Niall Quigley and Mark Flynn. level par for Conor O'Hare and +3 from Paul O'Hagan. Meath's Single scores were -9 from Eamon Gibney, -7 from Stephen Lynch, -4 from Patrick McBride, Francis Feeley & James Kennedy both +2 and Fintan Wogan +3.  


Louth's Sean Goggin and Anthony Galvin of Offaly are both -3 after nine with Westmeath's Alan Hanlon level par. Kerry's Conor McCarthy was -1, Martin Keohane of Limerick +1 with Wexford's John Hudson on +2.  


After Nine Holes: Offaly's Mark Hogan is -3, Louth's Owen Smith -1 with Westmeath's Michael Buckley -5. Louth's George Beardsley & Offaly's Joe McGrath are both -2 with Westmeath's Martin Kenny +2. 


The Gents B Section has concluded with victory for Clare over their Munster counterparts Waterford on a total score of 818, a victory of seven shots. they finished off with rounds of  -2 (Kenneth Kerin), and two +1's from Niall Seery and Declan Sheedy. Waterford's closing scores were -3 (Brian Farrell), -1 (Noel Farrell) and +4 (Billy Aspel). Longford were beaten for third by Galway on countback as Michael Stephenson NR'd, Anthony Burke had level par and Richard Burke +3 as both counties had 861. 

Offaly's Mark Hogan is -4 after nine holes, Louth's Shane Redmond -3 with Liam Buckley of Westmeath level par. Offaly's Darren O'Connell is -5, Dessie Baker of Westmeath -4 and Padraic Sarsfield of Louth -3.  


Gents A: After Nine holes, Louth's Ian Donnelly is -7, Westmeath's Pat Malone -5 with Offaly's Brian Doyle on -2. 


Longford's first three scores are -5 (Eugene Murtagh), -4 (Roy Burke), and -2 (Michael McCormack). Waterford's first three scores are -6 (Eddie Hennesy), -3 (Brian Farrell) and +4 (Robbie Walker) while Clare's first three consist of level par rounds for Martin Walsh & Ger Hanrahan with a -4 for Marty Fawl. 


Gents A: Ian Dillon of Kildare and Meath's Eamon Gibney are both -6 after nine holes with Down's Cathal O'Hare on +2. 

Gents B: Carlow finished off with scores of +6 (JP Kelly), -3 (Patrick Robinson) and +2 (Darren McNally), Galway finished off with scores of -6 (Harry O'Hanlon), -3 (Declan Comiskey) and +6 (Frank Kelly) while Monaghan finished off with scores of +11 (Isacc Smith), +5 (Bob Hillard) and +16 (Martin McArdle). 


Down's Mark Flynn is level par after nine holes, Meath's Francis Feeney +3 with John Cullen of Kildare on +4. Down's Conor O'Hare is -1 with Meath's Stephen Lynch & Frank Ryan of Kildare both on -2. 


After 9: Both Down's Kevin Thompson and Kildare's Darren Keogh are -2 with Meath's James Kennedy -1. 


Kildare's Declan Mulpeter is -6 after nine holes, Meath's Fintan Wogan is -2 with Down's Niall Quigley level par. 


Gents A: After Nine Holes Joe Ronan of Kildare is -1, Patrick McBride of Meath is -2 with Paul O'Hagan of Down on +2. 


Gents B: Carlow's Martin Baird, Donal McNally & Ken Campion have finished with rounds of +3, +5 & +9 respectively. Galway's Pauric Conroy, Frank O'Neill, and Thomas Kelly have finished on -1, +4 and +7 respectively while Monaghan's Michael Vaughan, Brian Casey and Paudie Neary had scores of -2, +1 and +2 respectively.  


Gents B: Remaining Longford scores after nine, Anthony Burke level par and Richard Burke +2. Clare Scores Niall Seery level & Kenneth Kerin -2 after nine. Daniel Sullivan & Noel Farrell are -3 and -2 respectively.  


The Ladies has concluded with victory for Kildare for the first time since 2008 with a five shot victory over Dublin on a total of 565. Their closing scores consisted of a level par score from Mary Donnelly allied to +1 totals for both Chrissie Byrne and Tara Dillon. Dublin finished off with a -3 from Ger Ward and two +3's from Maree O'Toole and Sheelagh Elmes. Offaly claimed third overall thanks a -5 for Tracey McGrath, level par for Margaret Hogan and +4 from Denise Pyke. They were 19 shots better than last year's winners Tipperary in fourth. 


Gents B: Eugene Murtagh of Longford is -4, Robbie Walker of Waterford is +2 with Ger Hanrahan of Clare +3 after nine holes. Billy Aspel of Waterford and Declan Sheedy are both +2. 


Waterford's Brian Farrell is -5 after nine holes, Martin Walsh of Clare -2 with Michael McCormack of Longford level par. 


Gents B: Eddie Hennessy of Waterford is -4 after nine, Marty Fawl of Clare -2 with Roy Burke of Longford -1 after nine holes. 


Gents B: Carlow's Darren McNally was level par after nine along with Monaghan's Bob Hillard with Galway's Harry O'Hanlon on -3. 


Ladies: The cards for the final three counties are starting to come in. Offaly have scores of -1, +5 & +9 from Lauren Pyke, Anne Marie Farrell & Linda Flanagan respectively. Dublin have scores of -1, +9 and Level par from Phil Condron, Linda Thomson & Siobhan Keely respectively while Kildare have a -2 from Marian Byrne and two +3's from Margaret Keogh & Mairead O'Toole. 


Ladies: Cork's Una Brosnan finished on -3, Meath's Ann Bird and Tipperary's Martha O'Brien both had rounds of +1 meanwhile. 

Gents B: Carlow's JP Kelly & Patrick Robinson are +3 and -1 respectively after nine, Isacc Smith and Martin McArdle of Monaghan are +4 and +10 respectively while Galway's Francis Kelly and Declan Comiskey are -1 and +7 respectively. 


Ladies: Tipperary's Gemma McCarthy has finished on +2, Meath's Marie Black +8 with Concepta Maddick of Louth finishing on +8. 

Gents B: Monaghan's Paudie Neary and Frank O'Neill of Galway are both -2 with Ken Campion of Carlow on +3 after nine holes. 


Tipperary's Mary Quinn has finished on +7 Louth's Mary Agnew +14 with Meath's Noreen Myles finishing on +16. 


Ladies: Tipperary's Michelle McCarthy has finished on +4, Cork's Sarah O'Neill had a round of +9 with Louth's Ann O'Rourke shooting +11. 

Gents B: Monaghan's Michael Vaughan is level par, Martin Baird of Carlow is +3 with Thomas Kelly of Galway on +2. All after nine holes. 


Ladies: Cork's Vera McCarthy has finished on +6, Meath's Yvonne Carney had a +11 round while Louth's Carol Martin finished on +13. 


In the Gents B Championship, Galway's Pauric Conroy is -3 after nine holes, Brian Casey of Monaghan -1 with Darren McNally of Carlow on +2. 


Cork's Sarah Byrne has finished on +4, Bridget Shelley from Tipperary +10 with Mary Farrell of Meath shooting +17. Out on course both Tracey McGrath of Offaly and Ger Ward of Dublin are -4 and Kildare's Tara Dillon on -1 after nine holes. 


Dublin's Sheelagh Elmes is -1 after nine holes with both Chrissie Byrne of Kildare and Margaret Hogan of Offaly level par. 


Dublin's Maree O'Toole is +1 after nine holes, Kildare's Mary Donnelly is +2 with Denise Pyke of Offaly on +3. 


Louth's Jean Cooney has finished on level par, Tipperary's Shula McCarthy on +3 with Cork's Ailish Sextoon shooting a score of +13. Out on course Offaly's Lauren Pyke is -3 after nine holes, Dublin's Siobhan Keely is level par with Mairead O'Toole of Kildare +2. 


Kildare's Margaret Keogh is level par after nine holes, Linda Flanagan of Offaly is +6 with Dublin's Linda Thomson on +4. 


The first completed 18 hole scores are in for the Ladies. Cork's Mary Murray finished on +6, Louth's Noeleen Bedford had +8 with Meath's Beulah Morris shooting +12. Out on course, Kildare's Marian Byrne is -2, Offaly's Anne Marie Farrell +3 with Dublin's Philo Condron -3 after nine holes. 


Meath's Ann Bird is level par after nine, Una Brosnan from Cork is -1 with Martha O'Brien of Tipperary +1 over the same distance. 


Concepta Maddick of Louth is +3 after nine holes, Gemma McCarthy of Tipperary +2 with Marie Black of Meath on also on +2 after nine holes. 


Meath's Noreen Myles is +3 after nine holes, Mary Agnew of Louth is +8 with Mary Quinn of Tipperary +1. 


Cork and Dublin's Foursomes scores are in. Cork had scores of -6 from Kieran Dunscombe & John Cahill, -5 from Ray Murphy & Frank Dineen with Bryan Delaney & John Walsh shotting -4. Dublin's scores were -4 from Keith Redmond & Mark Millar along with two -3's from Junior Smith & George McGreal and JR Crangle & Chris Gallagher. Cork's overall lead over Dublin is 12 shots with the Final Singles left to play. 


Meath's Yvonne Carney is on +5, Cork's Vera McCarthy +2 with Louth's Carol Martin on +6 after nine holes. 


Sarah Byrne of Cork is -1 after nine holes in the Ladies, Mary Farrell of Meath is +8 with Bridget Shelley of Tipperary +1. 


Wexford and Tipperary's Foursomes scores are in. John & William Hudson had -7 with Martin O'Neill & Conor Murphy and the duo of Paul Tobin & Dean Grannell shooting +1 and -1 respectively for the Model County. Tipperary's scores saw Anthony Culhane & Paul O'Brien shoot -1 with the duos of John O'Meara & James Ryan along with Stephen Shoer & James Cleary both shooting -4 for the Premier. 


Louth's Jean Cooney is +1 after nine, Shula McCarthy of Tipperary +4 with Ailish Sexton of Cork +7. 


In the Ladies Cork's Mary Murray is +1 after nine, Meath's Beluah Morris +5 with Louth's Noeleen Bedford +2. 


Kerry & Limerick's Foursomes scores are in. For Kerry Conor McCarthy & Jamie Blake had -2, Jason O'Brien & St John Kelliher had -6 while Damien Fleming & Jonathon Goodall had -4. Limerick's scores were -1 for Liam O'Donovan & John Cunningham, -2 for Thomas Hanly & Martin Keohane while Kieran Earls & Pacelli Darcy had -2. 


Louth & Offaly's Foursomes scores are now in. Louth's Ian Donnelly & Owen Smith shot 50, Shane Redmond & Sean Goggin had 51 while Padraic Sarsfield & George Beardsley had 48. Offaly had two rounds of 50 from Brian Doyle and Darren O'Connell along with Joe McGrath & Mick Hogan. The other combination of Anthony Galvin & Mark Hogan had 48. Out on course Cork's John Cahill & Kieran Dunscombe and Dublin's Mark Millar & Keith Redmond are both level par after nine. Frank Dineen & Ray Murphy are -4 for Cork with Junior Smith & George McGreal on -1 for Dublin. Chris Gallagher & JR Crangle are -4 for Dublin in the final pairing with Cork's John Walsh & Bryan Delaney on -2. 


Westmeath & Kildare's Foursomes scores are in, Kildare had three rounds of -1 from Ian Dillon & Declan Mulpeter, Joe Ronan & Joe Cullen along with Darren Keogh & Frank Ryan. Westmeath meanwhile have had two -2 rounds from Dessie Baker & Michael Buckley along with Martin Kenny & Alan Hanlon. Pat Malone & Liam Buckley had -1 meanwhile. Out on course Wexford & Tipperary's scores are are follows after nine. Tipperary have Anthony Culhane & Paul O'Brien along with John O'Meara & James Ryan on -2 with Stephen Shoer & James Ryan on -1. Wexford's see John & William Hudson on -6, Martin O'Neill & Conor Murphy level par with Paul Tobin & Dean Grannell on -1.  


Down's Mark Flynn & Niall Quigley along with Conor & Cathal O'Hare fired scores of 55 and 53 respectively. Meath's Fintan Wogan & Francis Feely along with Eamon Gibney and Stephen Lynch both had 52's. Out on course Kerry & Limerick pairings are as follows after nine: Conor McCarthy & Jamie Blake +1, St John Kelliher & Jason O'Brien -2 and Damien Fleming & Jonathon Goodall -3 for ther Kingdom. Limerick meanwhile sees John Cunnighan & Liam O'Donovan on level par, Martin Keohane & Thomas Hanley on -3 with Pacelli Darcy & Kieran Earls -1 for the Treaty County. 


Kildare's Darren Keogh & Frank Ryan were -1 after nine while Westmeath's Martin Kenny and Alan Hanlon were -2. The Louth & Offaly pairings are as follows: Ian Donnelly & Owen Smith -3, Padraic Sarsfield & George Beardsley -2 and Sean Goggin & Shane Redmond -4 after 9 for Louth. Offaly meanwhile sees Brian Doyle & Darren O'Connell on -2, Mick Hogan & Joe McGrath on -3 with their final combination of Anthony Galvin & Mark Hogan on -4 after nine. 


Down's Paul O'Hagan and Kevin Thompson finished with a 59 while Patrick McBride & James Kennedy shot a 52 for Meath. 


Clare's second pairing of Ger Hanrahan and Declan Sheedy has brought in a round of -2 with the final pairing from the Banner County, Niall Seery and Kenneth Kerin shooting -4. Waterford's Robbie Walker & Billy Aspel had +2 with their final pairing of Danny Sullivan & Noel Farrell shooting level par. Clare still lead the B Section ahead of the Final 18 Singles. 


The first Clare and Waterford scores are in, the two Martins (Walsh & Fawl) have shot a round of 49 while Waterford's Eddie Hennessy & Brian Farrell carding a round of 50. 


The final Galway pairing of Declan Comiskey & Harry O'Hanlon have fired a fine 46 for their Foursomes with Anthony & Richard Burke brining in level par for Lopngford. 


The Longford pair of Roy Burke and Michael McCormack have finished with 56 for their Foursomes with the second Longford pair of Eugene Murtagh & Michael Stephenson shooting 65. Galway meanwhile have had scores of 58 from Frank O'Neill & Pauric Controy while Thomas & Francis Kelly have brought in a round of 59. 


Carlow's Patrick Robinson Donal McNally & Ken Campion shot 53 in their Foursomes round, the other Carlow pairing of Patrick Robinson & JP Kelly shot 56. Monaghan's Paudie Neary & Isaac Smith had 59 with Martin McArdle & Bob Hillard shooting 63. Out on course Kildare's Ian Dillon & Declan Mulpeter and John Cullen & Joe Ronan -2 & -1 respectively after nine. Both the Westmeath pairings of Pat Malone & Liam Buckley along with Dessie Baker & Michael Buckley both level par after nine. 


Carlow's Darren McNally & Martin Baird have carded a Foursomes score of +2 with the Monaghan combination of Brian Casey & Michael Vaughan shooting -6. Out on course in the Gents A Meath's Patrick McBride & James Kennedy are level par after nine, Down's Paul O'Hagan & Kevin Thompson are the same with their second pairing of Mark Flynn & Niall Quigley -2 and Meath's Fintan Wogan and Francis Feeley -1. The two counties other pairings see Stephen Lynch & Eamon Gibney -2 after nine with Down's Conor & Cathal O'Hare -1 after nine.  


Clare's final pairing of Niall Seery & Kenneth Kerin are -4 after nine holes, Waterford's Danny Sullivan & Noel Farrell are +4 meanwhile. 


Clare's Martin Walsh & Marty Fawl are -1 after nine with Eddie Hennessy & Brian Farrell of Waterford -2. Clare's Ger Hanrahan & Declan Sheedy are +1 with Waterford's Robbie Walker & Billy Aspel -1 after nine. 


Galway's Pauric Conroy & Frank O'Neill are +4 after nine, Francis & Thomas Kelly are +2 while Declan Comiskey & Harry O'Hanlon are -4. Longford's Roy Burke & Anthony McCormack are -1, Eugene Murtagh & Michael Stephenson +6 with Anthony & Richard Burke -1 over same distance. 


Through 9 holes, Carlow's Darren McNally & Martin Baird are +3, Donal McNally & Ken Campion are -3 with Patrick Robinson & JP Kelly+1. Monaghan's pairs of Brian Casey & Michael Vaughan, Paudie Neary & Isaac Smith and Martin McArdle and Bob Hillard are-2, +4 and +1 respectively. 


Welcome to the Live Blog for Day Two of the National Inter County Championships. The Gents B Section commences proceedings today with a Foursomes session starting at 8.30am among the six counties involved. Following this the Gents A Foursomes begins at 9.15am with the Ladies Singles beginning at 10.45am. The Gents Singles will begin at 11.55am approx. Can Cork, Clare and Kildare hold on to their overnight leads? All will be revealed today!