National Handicap System

National Convention accepts recommendation to develop a National Handicap System

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At the PPUI annual convention which took place at the Anner Hotel in Thurles yesterday, the NEC and member delegates accepted a recommendtion from the PPUI Handicap System Sub Committee to commence development and testing of a National Handicap System with the intention of submitting a motion to convention in February 2016 to adopt the new handicap system for the 2016 season.

The initial step in the development process for the system is an open trial, all members, clubs, county boards and administrators are invited to register for access to the trial system at and to begin to create competitions, log scores and generate handicap adjustments. Any changes in handicap within the current open trial are not maintained and will not impact anyone else, they are simply indicative and to be used to gain an understanding of the proposed changes.

The PPUI Handicap System Sub Committee are monitoring the open trial whilst working on the next stage in the process, a series of club based test cycles which will see clubs asked to run their actual competitions through the system for a period of time to be agreed. If you or your club are interested in taking part in a club trial or if you are a county board who would like to do the same, please email [email protected] to register your interest.

Over the coming days and weeks, the National Executive and PPUI Handicap System Sub Committee will be publishing a complete guide to the proposed new system as well as holding a training course for all county boards and clubs.

The presentation made by the PPUI National Handicap System Sub Committee to yesterday's convention is available in the Downloads > Other section of this website and also at: National Handicap System.pdf

A simple user guide for the new system is a follows:

1. Go to and click Register for Access

2. Fill out the form and create an account

3. Log in to the system at

4. Click Create a Competition and fill out the form, the venue will ultimately be limited to PPUI Member clubs but is free text for now. The SSS can be any value that you feel is the score a scratch player would achieve on your chosen venue in ideal conditions.

5. Once you competition is created, you will see your competition management page. Click on the start button.

6. Click on Add an Entrant and enter a registration number. The member will be found in the PPUI database. Click the add button.

7. Now that the player is entered into your competition, you can start entering gross scores for them. That is all the system requires to begin calculating handicap adjustments for the player. You can continue to add entrants and scores in this manner.

Please send any feedback or questions to [email protected]