Message from Mervyn June 20th

Our President clarifies yesterday's announcement

Message from Mervyn June 20th  image

A Chara,


Following yesterday’s announcement on our website I feel the need to provide further clarity to what was actually meant in yesterday’s request. The request concerns OPEN AND SCRATCH CUP EVENTS ONLY and not national, provincial or county level events.


We are putting such a request out for clubs who have lost their existing Scratch Cup and Open dates because of Covid-19 and to give them the chance to run it again before the end of 2020 if they so wish. We accept not every club may want to run such events in the current circumstances but we wish to give those who do the chance to do so if they can implement the public health measures requested. Our thinking would be to run a number of events in each province on a given weekend to try and ensure they are adequately supported.


The NEC will confirm the status of county, provincial and national events in due course. It is hoped maybe a date might be made known for County Strokeplays to take place shortly, with such a date possibly being before the end of July.


I want to thank all our clubs for their patience and understanding since we resumed casual play and also for their continued efforts in preventing the spread of Covid-19. The office continues to remain closed at the moment due to Sport HQ itself being currently closed. Our staff are still working remotely however and registrations can be sent to our Secretary Michael Murphy via email [email protected] for the time being. We thank clubs who are continuing to register players with us throughout these present times.


We wish everyone an enjoyable experience in returning to competitive play from Monday week, June 29th. We will post a video prior to next week on the holing of the ball where pins are being left in with special apparatuses as we feel there may be an issue about the holing of the ball with such apparatuses attached during competition play. .


Stay safe and keep up the great efforts.



Yours in Sport,


Mervyn Cooney


Pitch & Putt Ireland President