Leinster Gents Strokeplay Practice

St. Patrick's Announce Times

St. Patrick's have advised the PPUI Office that practice for the Leinster Gents Strokeplay will be allowed on the following days:

Tuesday 16/6/15 All Day

Wednesday 17/6/15 All Day

Thursday 18/6/15 until 6.00pm

Friday 19/6/15 All Day

Saturday 20/6/15 All Day

Sunday 21/6/15 All Day

Monday 22/6/15 All Day

Tuesday 23/6/15 All Day

Wednesday 24/6/15 All Day

Thursday 25/6/15 until 6.00pm

Friday 26/6/15 All Day

On Saturday 27/6/15 practice will be allowed from 9.00am - 2.00pm, practice is limited to 1 round per player using 1 ball only.