Inter Club Finals Day - Scoreboard

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Lakeside: Ladies Winners


St. Anne's: Scratch Gents Winners


St. Patrick's: Inter/Junior Handicap Gents Winners



St Annes have retained their Scratch Gents National Inter-Club title with a 7-2 success over Collins/Fermoy. Darren Collins won a fierecly contested Singles match with John Walsh at the seventh playoff hole with Kieran Dunscombe needing three playoff holes himself to defeat Chris Scannell. John O'Sullivan was a 5&4 winner over Eoin Shannon with John Cahill claiming Collins/Fermoy's only Singles point with a 2&1 win over Ray Murphy. 


St Annes' Liam Myers and Frank Dineen have defeated Collins/Fermoy's Eoin Walsh and Trevor Ahern respectively to put them on the brink of success at 4-1 in front. 


Ladies: Lakeside have been crowned 2014 Inter-Club Champions as Mary Quinn defeated Riverdale's Margaret Forde at the second playoff hole to end the match after both sides finished level at three apiece. 


Ladies: Mary Quinn of Lakeside has defeated Riverdale's Catherine Dunne 1up meaning the match has ended 3 apiece and both teams will nominate a player to go forward for a playoff! 


Ladies: Lakeside's Bridget Shelley & Lily O'Brien defeat Margaret Forde & Margaret Clear of Riverdale respectively to keep match alive at 3-2 to Riverdale. 

Scratch: Collins/Fermoy's Trevor Ahern and St Annes' Frank Dineen are level after nine holes, John Cahill is 1up on Ray Murphy as they head to the 10th tee-box! 


Scratch: St Annes John O'Sullivan leads Collins/Fermoy's Eoin Shannon 3up after nine. Chris Scannell (C/F) is 2up on Kieran Dunscombe (SA) over same distance while Eoin Walsh (C/F) is 1up on Liam Myers (SA). 

Ladies: Riverdale's Margaret Courtney has defeated Lakeside's Helen McMorrow 2&1 to put Riverdale 3-0 ahead overall in the decider. 


Inter/Junior: Richard Grannell and Glenn Fortune have won their for St Pats over David Penrose and Damien Middleton of Collinstown to complete a 7-2 success for the Wexford club. 

Scratch: St Annes' Darren Collins is 1up on Collins/Fermoy's John Walsh after nine holes. 


Inter/Junior: A 7&6 victory for Gavin Kenny over Stephen Ruane of Collinstown has given St Pats the National Gents Inter/Junior title for 2014. 

Ladies: Lakeside's Mary Quinn is 1up on Riverdale's Catherine Dunne after nine holes. All Ladies games on back nine. 


Ladies: Lakeside's Lily O'Brien is 3up on Riverdale's Margaret Clear after nine holes. 


Inter/Junior Collinstown's Gary Middleton has made it 3-2 overall to St Pats following a 3&2 win over Derek Ryan. Ruairi Fortune responds for St Pats however with a victory at the 19th over Collinstown's Declan Penrose. 4-2 St Pats 

Ladies: Lakeside's Helen McMorrow is level with Riverdale's Margaret Courtney after nine holes


Inter/Junior: The first Singles result is in and Kevin Doyle of St Pats was a 5&4 winner over Darren Reilly of Collinstown. 3-1 overall to St Pats.

Ladies: Margaret Forde of Riverdale is 1up on Lakeside's Bridget Shelley after nine holes. 


Inter/Junior: St Pats' Glenn Fortune is 3up on Collinstown's Damien Middleton after nine holes. To the back nine they go! 


Inter/Junior: St Patrick's Gavin Kelly is 5up on Collinstown's Stephen Ruane after nine holes of their Singles match. 


The match between Collinstown's David Penrose and St Pat's Richard Grannell is all square after nine holes. 


Inter/Junior: Collinstown's Gary Middleton is 2up on St Patricks' Derek Ryan in the third Singles match to reach the ninth hole. 


Scratch: 2-1 to St Annes after the Doubles session against Collins/Fermoy. F Dineen & D Collins were 5&4 winners over E Walsh & E Shannon while R Murphy & L Myers beat J Walsh & P Scannell 2&1. Collins Fermoy's point came courtesy of a 1up win for C Scannell & J Cahill over K Dunscombe & J O'Sullivan meanwhile. 


Inter/Junior: Declan Penrose of Collinstown and Ruairi Fortune of St Pats are level after nine holes of the Singles, St Pats' Kevin Doyle leads Collinstown's Darren Reilly 1up over the same distance meanwhile. 


Ladies: Riverdale lead 2-0 after the Doubles against Lakeside as their combination of M Courtney & C Dunne were 5&4 victors over L O'Brien & E Quinn. 


Scratch: St Annes are ahead in two of the three Doubles after nine holes with R Murphy & L Myers along with F Dineen & D Collins both 2up on J Walsh & P Scannell along with E Walsh & E Shannon respectively. Collins/Fermoy's C Scannell & J Cahill are 2up on K Dunscombe & J O'Sullivan meanwhile. 


Ladies: Riverdale duo M Forde and M Clear have defeated Lakeside's H McMorrow and J McCormack 5&4 in the first Doubles match. 


Inter/Junior: It's 2-1 to St Pats after the first 18 holes of the decider. K Doyle and G Kenny were 3&2 winners over D Reilly and David Penrose, D Ryan & R Grannell beat S Ruane & D Middleton 6&4 while Collinstown's point came courtesy of a 3&2 win for G Middleton & Declan Penrose over R & G Fortune. 


Ladies Final: Riverdale lead both doubles matches after nine holes against Lakeside. The combination of M Forde and M Clear are 3up on H McMorrow and J McCormack while M Courtney and C Dunne are 2up on L O'Brien & E Quinn. 


Inter/Junior: St Pats' D Ryan and R Grannell 3up on S Ruane & D Middleton after nine holes of third doubles match. 


Inter/Junior: St Pats' G Kenny & K Doyle 3up on Collinstown's D Reilly & D Penrose after nine holes. 


Inter/Junior Final: Collinstown's D Penrose & G Middleton lead St Patrick's R & G Fortune by 1up after nine holes


We have an all Cork Final in the Scratch Gents after St Annes win the last Singles match at the first playoff hole to defeat Erins Isle 5-4 overall in a ding dong encounter. They will play Collins Fermoy in the decider at 3pm in Tullamore. 


St Annes have won Match Five of the Singles to draw encounter level at 4 apiece, all down to last Singles match! 


St Annes and Erins Isle have shared a Singles win apiece, the Dublin club still lead 4-3 overall. 


Erins Isle have now won the second Singles match 2&1 to go 3-2 ahead overall. 


Erins Isle have won the first Singles encounter with St Annes 4&3 to level the tie overall at two apiece. 


Scratch: Matches three and four in the Singles between St Annes and Erins Isle see the Cork club ahead in the third match with the other encounter level after nine. 


Scratch: Collins/Fermoy are first team through to decider after a 6-3 win over Bruff in their semi-final. The Cork combination won three of the remaining four singles matches to come from 2-1 down after the doubles to make the final. Out on course St Annes lead Erins Isle in the second and third Singles matches after nine holes. 


Scratch: Collins/Fermoy have won the first two Singles matches of their encounter with Bruff to go 3-2 ahead overall in the tie. Out on course Erins Isle are 1up in the first Singles match with St Annes after nine holes. 


Inter/Junior: St Pats have booked their place in the decider with a powerful performance in the Singles winning all six matches for an 8-1 overall win over Lakeside. Final with Collinstown @ 2pm. 

Scratch: Collins/Fermoy and Bruff are sharing the lead in the remaining four Singles matches two apiece after nine holes. 


Scratch: Collins/Fermoy 1up after nine in their first two Singles matches with Bruff. 


Inter/Junior: Collinstown have won Match Four and Six in the Singles 1up and 4&3 respectively to book their place in the decider with a 5-4 win overall on Bagenalstown. Bagenalstown won Matches Three and Five to share singles three apiece. Out on course Lakeside lead St Pats in two of the remaining three Singles with the third level after nine holes.

Ladies: The Ladies decider will be an all Tipperary affair as Lakeside and Riverdale were victorious over St Bridgets/Poulaphouca and St Bridgets respectively by 4-2 in each match. Both won the Singles 3-1. Final in Tullamore at 2.30pm.  


Inter/Junior: St Pats are 1up on Lakeside in their third and fourth Singles matches after nine holes. Bagenalstown and Collinstown have shared their first Singles matches 2&1 and 1up respectively. 3-2 at present to Collinstown overall. 


Inter/Junior: Collinstown and Bagenalstown were all square after nine holes in the remaining two Singles matches. St Pats are 1up after nine on Lakeside in the first two Singles matches of their encounter. 

Scratch: St Annes were 2&1 victors in both their remaining two doubles matches with Erins Isle to take a 2-1 lead in the match after 18 holes. 


Scratch: Erins Isle have won the first Doubles match against St Annes on the last hole 1up. 


Inter/Junior: Bagenalstown lead 1up in third singles match with Collinstown after nine holes. All square in fourth match between the sides. 


Inter/Junior: Collinstown 3up in the first Singles match with Bagenalstown after 9 holes. All Square in second match between the two. 


Scratch: Bruff have won the first two doubles matches in their encounter with Collins/Fermoy 3&2 in both encounters. The Cork combination won the last encounter 7&6 to make it 2-1 to Bruff after the first 18. Out on course St Annes and Erins Isle after level after nine holes in their third Doubles match.  


Inter/Junior: St Pats have won the third doubles match with Lakeside at the last hole to take a 2-1 lead after the first 18 holes. 

Scratch: Erins Isle and St Annes are level in their first Doubles match while St Annes are 2up after nine in the second doubles. 


Scratch: Collins/Fermoy are 4up on Bruff in their third Doubles match after nine. 

Inter/Junior: Lakeside and St Pats have shared the first two doubles matches 3&2 and 2&1 respectively. 

Ladies: Lakeside and St Bridgets/Poulaphouca have shared the doubles matches 2&1 and 6&5 respectively making it 1-1 after the first 18. 


In the Ladies Competition St Bridgets and Riverdale have shared both Doubles matches making it 1-1 after the first 18. Both matches went to the 19th hole. 


Bagenalstown have won the third Doubles match by 2&1 to make it 2-1 to Collinstown after the first 18 of the first Inter/Junior Gents semi-final. Bruff are 1up after nine in their second doubles match with Collins /Fermoy. 


Collinstown have won their second doubles match against Bagenalstown by 3&2 in the Inter/Junior Gents. Bruff are 1up on Collins/Fermoy in the first match of the Scratch Gents. 


Lakeside are 1up after nine in the third match against St Pats in the Inter/Junior Gents semi-finals. 


St Pats are 2up after nine in the second doubles match with Lakeside in the Inter/Junior Gents. 


Lakeside are 1up on St Pats after nine in the first match of their Inter/Junior Gents. Collinstown have won the first doubles match in their encounter with Bagenalstown by 6&5. 


Make that a 1up lead for Collinstown in all three of their matches with Bagenalstown in the Inter/Junior Gents Semi-Finals. 


Collinstown are 1up after nine holes in their first two matches against Bagenalstown 


We're nearly set to go in Tullamore and Erry for the National Inter-Club Finals day. Which three clubs will be taking home the respective titles? Keep track of the above scoreboard to find out throughout the day.