Helen McMorrow RIP

Sudden Death

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The PPUI are shocked and saddened at the sudden death of Juvenile Officer Helen McMorrow.

Thanks to John Manning for the following.

The Pitch and Putt communiity is mourning the sad loss of NEC Officer Helen McMorrow (R.I.P.).

Helen was a stalwart member of the Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland National Executive Council since she was first elected to that forum in 2003.

Helen McMorrow first took up Pitch and Putt in 1987 as a member of the Lakeside club in Templemore. She attended her first Annual General Meeting later that year and was immediately elected to the Lakeside Committee.

Helen became Secretary of Tipperary County Board in 1987 and held the position with distinction for many years. During her term of office, the Premier County enjoyed much success in the sport of Pitch and Putt.

Initially confirmed P.P.U.I. NEC Member without Portfolio at the Anner Hotel, Thurles in 2003, Helen McMorrow (Lakeside) defeated outgoing Officer Liam O'hUigin (E.S.B.) in a straight contest for Registrar, 62 votes to 42 at the 2005 Convention, also held at the Anner Hotel. Helen served as National Registrar for thirteen years, overseeing significant changes to the Union’s handicap system.

Heavily involved in her local Youth club in Templemore, Helen McMorrow was appointed as National Children’s Officer of the P.P.U.I. in 2004 and took a particular interest in juvenile championships and competitions. She was elected Juvenile Officer at 2018 Convention.

Helen served as Competitions Secretary of Munster Council in 1992 and Treasurer of the provincial body in 1993. After a one-year sabbatical, she resumed as Munster Treasurer in 1995 and held the position until 2003.

A member of the Competitions Committee set-up under the first P.P.U.I. Strategic Plan in 2002, Helen was a respected and good humoured member of many Sub-Committees since, including forums on handicapping, juveniles and ladies.

Helen was deeply committed to the coaching aspect of Pitch and Putt and qualified as a Level One Coach in 2000, a qualification she put to productive use.

Helen also supported Myles’ involvement in international Pitch and Putt and travelled abroad regularly following an initial trip to Italy for the 2000 Ladies International Match and Ladies Open. Helen acted as Manager to the Ireland team that won the 2012 World Cup at Royal Meath.

Extremely dedicated to ladies Pitch and Putt, Helen was one of the principal organisers of the popular I.C.A. tournaments in the early 2000s.

Helen was elected the first-ever Lady Captain of Lakeside in 1993, an honour she highly valued. Whenever the club hosted an important championship or event, Helen McMorrow could be relied upon to do trojan work before, during and after; on course or off.

Voted Lakeside Player of the Year in 1990 after winning two Tipperary County junior titles and one intermediate crown, Helen played on the 2014, 2017 and 2018 Lakeside National Ladies Inter-Club winning teams and was a member of the side that lost the 2016 decider.

Helen regularly represented her county in provincial and national Inter-County championships, winning the Munster Ladies Junior Grade Inter-County championship with Tipperary in 2014 at St. Stephen’s.

Helen was quiet and unassuming, but always had a word and a smile for everybody and was hugely popular. She held strong views and was unswervingly dedicated to the effective, but courteous and empathetic, administration of Pitch and Putt.

Deepest sympathy is proffered to Helen’s husband Myles and to her extended family and many friends.