Hall of Fame Award 2024

Myles McMorrow Remembered

Myles McMorrow.   Hall of Fame

Myles McMorrow was posthumously inducted  into the hall of fame alongside his wife Helen at convention on 24th of February 2024. The following is his citation courtesy of John Manning:

 For record 25 years’ service on the Pitch and Putt Ireland National Executive Council, including two memorable terms as President

For a decade of impeccable membership of Munster Council as P.R.O., Treasurer, Vice President and as President

For acting as Manager to the Ireland team that won the 2001 European Team championship

For a meaningful contribution to international Pitch and Putt development, including a stint as Vice President of the international associations

For serving as an outstanding Chairman of Tipperary County Board

For assisting his club in every manner imaginable, making adroit use of his political and commercial connections

For a fruitful playing career in which he won two County championships

For adopting a friendly, humorous, practical and realistic approach to all of his administrative roles: the Hall of Fame award goes to Myles McMorrow. 





Pictured here accepting Myles Hall of Fame award from President of Pitch and Putt Ireland Mark Keohane is Ger Mulligan and members of Ger’s family.