Further Updates


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The NEC are introducing changes to the Handicap System for the start of the 2022 season: -

  • A player will be allowed 3 NRs, if a Senior player has 4 NRs their Handicap will be increased by 0.4, if an Intermediate or Junior have 4 NRs they will have their Handicap reduced by 0.4. This will be continuous, 3 more NRs and the same will be applied on the 4th.

  • Remaining in the Grade, if a player drops down a Grade after a reduction in their Handicap, they will remain in that grade for 4 weeks, e.g., an Intermediate Gent playing off -3.6 receives a reduction of 0.3, their new Handicap is -3.3 (Senior Grade)

  • (i)   Week 1 receives an increase of 0.1, Handicap -3.4

  • (ii)  Week 2 receives an increase of 0.1, Handicap -3.5, they do not receive this 0.1 as this would bring them back to Intermediate Grade, instead they stay 4 weeks in the Senior Grade before being eligible to return to the Intermediate Grade

  • (iii) If they continue to play well they can still be cut

  • All Clubs must enter at least 5 Competitions into the Handicap System otherwise there will be sanctions applied at the end of the year. The Club must submit the 5 Competitions they are going to enter to the NEC

  • Scratch Cup scores are to be recorded after the first eighteen holes and entered into the system even if the card is not returned after the second eighteen holes. When a player is added to a competition, if they do not have the required number of rounds played, a button will appear on the system saying, “Mark as NR”, click this button to officially log the player as an “NR”

There will be further updates in the coming weeks.