European Strokeplay

European Strokeplay Details

August 21/23 European Strokeplay Championship, Orvelte, the Netherlands.

In accordance with the EPPA approved classification criteria, based on the results of recent international tournaments, the attached spreadsheet lists those players who are automatically classified to play in the II European Strokeplay Championship.

These players are asked to confirm with their national associations if in fact they wish to take part by May 1st

Member association have been allocated predetermined quotas of national players and may choose their own criteria to nominate the players, albeit every effort should be made to register top class players, and may well include ladies, seniors and juniors.

These nationally chosen players should be announced to the EPPA Secretariat not later than July 1st

A number of international players have classified to participate on more than one occasion which allows the Competition to award a limited number of Wild Card invitations to players of merit.

The PPUI have a number of members interested in playing in this Competition, if any other members are interested please contact the Office ASAP (01 6251110)