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Details of the Development Update Circulated to All Clubs Last Week

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Below are the contents of a letter sent to all club and county board secretaries last week. There may be something of interest/importance under these headings for all members of the PPUI.


Dear Secretary,

As it is the start of the Pitch and Putt year, I would like to bring to your attention some opportunities and developments that all clubs/boards should be aware of.


 National Pitch and Putt Week – May 18th to 23rd

Last year, we aimed to run a Pitch and Putt open week for the first time in years. However, the initiative was not supported by many clubs, resulting in a few individual events, rather than a concerted effort.

We are asking clubs to redouble efforts in order to bring the sport of pitch and putt to a wider audience. The PPUI are here to support these efforts in whatever way we can. The overall objective of the event is that we would increase membership numbers in the Union, as well as those in every individual club, benefitting all parties involved. In addition to growing the membership base, an extensive event would create additional exposure for our game.

The event will take place from May 18th - May 23rd, timed to take advantage of better weather, longer evenings and building interest in Pitch and Putt ahead of the summer period.

The PPUI are asking clubs to hold any type of open event for the public/non-members during this time. This may be a Thursday evening, a Saturday morning or all weekend, it doesn’t matter. The type of event is entirely up to the club itself – whatever you think might work best. A single mandated approach is not going to work for each club. You know your club and your community better than any one, you know what might work. We are here to facilitate and support your efforts. The timing is flexible so club events can still be accommodated.

Some promotional events that clubs may consider running are:

  • Open Day/Evening with Equipment Provision
  • Introductory Coaching Clinic/Program
  • Community Group/Club Partnerships
  • Community Charity Linkups
  • Bring a Friend Event
  • Family Fun Days
  • Membership Offers/Membership Installments
  • Events for Past Members/Regular Green Fee Payers
  • Fun Competitions/Scrambles

The list of options is lengthy and far from exhaustive and we would ask that clubs decide on whatever they feel would suit their situation best. Many clubs run events like these and some have had very successful in membership drives in recent years through a variety of methods. This year, we are asking that clubs host simultaneous events, allowing for pooled resources and publicity.

The PPUI will help clubs as much as possible. Posters and Coaching Leaflets promoting the events will be provided to clubs on request. Consultations will take place with clubs to ensure they run the best event they can. A web page will be created with a detailed list and map of events taking place across the country, should we succeed in developing a wide scale event. Larger numbers will increase the scale and scope of any advertising campaign.

To express an interest, seek further information or register an event please email [email protected] or call the PPUI office. In order to give this the best chance possible, we ask that expressions of interest are received in the PPUI office by the end of March.


PPUI Summer Camps 2015

For the past six summers the PPUI have been running Summer Camps throughout the country, in counties Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, Kildare, Dublin and Louth.

There are many benefits to clubs hosting a summer camp as host clubs over the years will testify: 

  • Increased exposure of the game among primary school age children and their parents.
  • Clubs participating have shown an increase in membership as a direct result.
  • Short term employment opportunity for coaches in the club and the locality.
  • Many benefits to children – physical and mental health, personal growth and of course Pitch and Putt skills.

The camps have proven to be a great success with excellent feedback from both the children and their parents. The camps run generally from 10am to 2.30am daily and are open to children aged 8-13 (approximately). We can tailor camps to the needs of specific clubs, in the last year making the camps more flexible, coming to an arrangement with clubs regarding the duration, timing and costings of each specific camp. This has been effective in meeting the needs of clubs. Some clubs held 3-day camps, some held 5-day camps, some held their camps at Easter – all the participants had a great time.

If you would like to host a Summer Camp in 2015, please get in touch with me in the PPUI office as soon as possible. Even if it’s just to talk through a few questions, it may help with the decision making process. This year we will look to modify the camps, a five day camp might not suit all clubs, with three day events or shorter days suiting better. All options will be examined and we will endeavour to accommodate all interest.  

We would like to have all camps in place in good time for the summer with application forms and posters ready for children in schools by mid April. Please contact the PPUI office as soon as possible if you are interested in hosting a camp in 2015, particularly if you are inclined to holding it during Easter.


Coach Education - Level One Course @ Fermoy - March 7th and 21st

The PPUI are hosting a Level 1 Coach Education course in Fermoy this March. The course is open to any member of the PPUI with a strong interest in coaching and player development. This course is particularly aimed at Munster clubs. This continues the current rotation of courses, the last course having been held in Leinster. The course takes place over two days and both days must be completed in order to achieve a coaching qualification. The dates of the course are set for March 7th and 21st, two Saturdays a fortnight apart.

Participation on the course will equip coaches primarily with the ability to introduce 8-12 year old children to the basic skills of Pitch and Putt successfully and to develop those skills appropriately. While the course is primarily aimed at providing the skills to coach entry level children, coaches will also be fully equipped to coach persons of all ages and abilities, including adults. The overall cost of the course is €50 per person.

Once qualified, all coaches will receive PPUI coaching gear along with their Coaching Ireland/PPUI Certificate. A full Level One Course Outline is available online in the Downloads (Other) Section of the website should anyone wish to view it or you can click on the link. It provides information on all the details and requirements of the course.

If you wish to apply you can do so through your club secretary or complete the Application Form in the Downloads (Other) Section of the website. Please do so as soon as possible as places on the course are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Please make contact with me in the PPUI office with any enquiries.


Sports Capital Grant 2015

Many clubs will be familiar with the Sports Capital Programme (SCP) as operated by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport which provides grants to assist in the development of sports facilities and the provision of sports equipment throughout the country. In the past, many PPUI clubs have benefited from the programme, including six clubs in 2014. In the recent Budget announcement, it was established that the programme will run again in 2015.

As of last year, a new online system, called OSCAR (Online Sports Capital Register), is in place again and will continue into the future. Clubs and organisations are requested to register NOW if they wish to apply for funding under the Sports Capital fund in 2015. Many clubs will already have registered this time last year. Failure to register will mean that clubs or organisations will not be able to apply for funding under this measure in 2015.

The PPUI encourages all clubs to register now for the new online system under the Sports Capital programme. This will also be the only way to apply for grants under any future rounds of the Sports Capital Programme. Full details on the programme are on the PPUI website and are available from the office.

With the grants being earmarked again for 2015, we expect a pertaining announcement in the coming weeks. Any announcement will be relayed via the PPUI website, so keep an eye on it so that you can follow the timeline. This is the best available funding source for clubs so I implore clubs considering development to make an extensive effort to apply for funding. As ever, the PPUI will be on hand to assist any club in their endeavours.


Club Micro Websites

Having offered clubs Micro Sites at the time of the website launch, I would like to reissue that message. It is an excellent resource that will allow the addition of fixtures, news, general information and description/pictures of your course. If nothing else, it will provide you with a simple to use and useful online presence, free of charge. It allows for a concrete location to showcase courses, allowing clubs to attract more visitors. In addition clubs can also now access their site through the short code of their club name, ( examples below:  

The above are also excellent examples of what can be done with a club or county board Micro Site. Please note that adding club/county news also has the benefit of adding that news to the PPUI home page, extending your reach to the wider PPUI membership.


PPUI Promotional Flyers/Coaching Guides

As you will have seen in recent years, the PPUI can provide customised flyers for clubs in order for them to attract new members. These flyers are done in A5 size but A4 posters can also be made for display. The flyers are customizable for each club.

A coaching leaflet is also available from the PPUI office. This is an excellent resource for beginners and can be printed on demand in the office. Each club can get 50 flyers and 50 coaching guides printed for free each year.  After that prices are €10 per 100 with a bulk order of 1000 flyers costing €75.

Many clubs have had flyers printed in the past few years and have found them very beneficial. To pursue this further or to see a few samples, please contact the PPUI office.


Garda Vetting

The importance of Garda Vetting for PPUI clubs and boards has increased in the past year. The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 is the new vetting legislation passed by the Houses of the Oireachtas in December 2012. This legislation is part of a suite of complementary legislative proposals to strengthen child protection policies and practices and was implemented in 2014.

Now that the Vetting Act has commenced, the law on vetting becomes formal and obligatory and all organisations that work with children and vulnerable adults, or provide them with a service, will be legally obliged to have their personnel who work with such children and vulnerable adults vetted. Such personnel must be vetted prior to the commencement of their work with their Association or Sports body.

The implementation of the National Vetting Bureau Act means that it is mandatory that anybody working with children or vulnerable adults in PPUI clubs are vetted, whereas before it was voluntary. Individuals who assist occasionally and on a voluntary basis in certain activities are exempt from vetting requirements. In effect this means that any person working on behalf of the Union or on behalf of any of our clubs with people under the age of 18 years of age will be required to be vetted. It is up to the immediate governing body responsible (Club, County Board or Union) to ensure a person in any such position, paid or voluntary, has been vetted. The Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland provide this service, it’s up to clubs and county boards to utilise it.

If you would like further information on this please contact me in the PPUI office. Vetting forms are available to download from the PPUI website.


At any time if you have an enquiry related to any of the above or similar issues, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or call me in the PPUI office.



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