Custume Weekly Notes - Monday 29th April

Custume Weekly Notes - Monday 29th April

Custume Weekly Notes - Monday 29th April image

   Custume Pitch & Putt Club


Re:    Weekly notes Monday 29th April, 2013.



Danny & Christine Reddin Memorial Custume Scratch Cup

The Custume Scratch Cup takes place this Sunday 5th May.  As always this Annual event proves to be a great competition with top class competitors both home and away taking part.  

Details:-  1st Card 9 am; Last card 2.30 p.m..  Final round playoff at 5 pm. 

Prizes:-  1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall.  Also winners in Grades Inter, Junior, Ladies. 

Presentation:-  Potters Bar Sunday at 8.30 pm

We look forward to seeing you all participate.  The final play off round nevers dissapoints and hopefully this year will be no different.  The course is in excellent condition despite the bad cold weather that we all have expereinced in the first quarter of 2013.  Thanks to all for their hard work over the last few weeks.  Special thanks to John who is looking after our greens and they are looking fantastic at the moment.   Finally thanks to Davy Reddin the main sponsor of this competition.


Sponsor a Tee Box

If you would like to sponsor a tee box and have your name put on the new signage, please contact Anthony Browne.  There is only a few tee boxes left so if you are interested, ring Anthony immediately.  A huge thanks to all those who have already kindly sponsored tee boxes.