COVID-19 Update

Flagsticks and Rakes

From Friday 23rd July Flagsticks can be removed from the hole and Placed off the Green, however, the following guidelines must be adhered to: -

♦ Only one player in the group is to handle the Flagstick at any         particular hole

♦ All players must have their own Sanitiser and must use this if they have handled the Flagstick

♦ Bunkers, Rakes are permitted to  be placed back on the Course, however only one player must use the Rake if more that one ball in the Bunker and they must use their Sanitiser after touching the Rake

♦ There is no placing in the Bunker as they are now Raked (no placng within 6 inches)

♦ In the current climate a player may opt to leave the Flagstick in, this option will be reviewed at a later date by the NEC

♦ Travel to the venue on your own or with a member from the same household

Just to remind all players to stay vigilant and to obey the Social Distance Rules at all times and when finished their game to make sure to wash and sanitise their hands.

NEC Pitch and Putt Ireland