County Strokeplay Results

Results & Scores from the County/Regional Boards who held their Strokeplays over the weekend


Carlow/Kilkenny/Wexford (Played @ Bagenalstown): Senior Gents: 1st M O’Neill (St Patricks) 88, 2nd W Hudson (St Patricks) 97. Inter Gents: 1st R O’Neill (Bagenalstown) 99, P Robinson (Bagenalstown) 101. Junior Gents: 1st D McNally (Bagenalstown) 100, 2nd A O’Brien (St Patricks) 108 (Countback). Ladies Nett: 1st M Kinsella (Bagenalstown) 43, 2nd M Power (Gowran) 52. Over 55’s: JP Kelly (Bagenalstown) 108.

Clare (Played @ Clare Road): Senior Gents: 1st M Fawl (Clare Road) 90, 2nd D Sheehy (Clare Road) 94. Inter Gents: G Hanrahan (Cill na Mona) 94, M Walsh (Cill na Mona) 96. Junior Gents: 1st K Woods (Clare Road) 99, 2nd J Kearse (Clare Road) 103.

Dublin (Played @ Portmarnock): Senior Ladies: 1st G Ward (Portmarnock) 97, 2nd M O’Toole (Shandon) 103. Inter Ladies: 1st G Hoey (RGSC) 112, 2nd S Keogh (Lucan) 119. Junior Ladies: 1st K Condon (Old County) 123, 2nd C Mulvey (Glenville) 125.

Kerry (Played @ Tralee): Senior Gents: 1st J Goodall (Tralee) 92, 2nd D McCarron (Listowel) 96. Inter Gents: 1st J O’Brien (Deerpark) 97 2nd J Cregan (Tralee) 98. Junior Gents: R Guthrie (Tralee) 105, D Hobbert (Tralee) 111. Ladies 11-18: 1st B O’Brien (Deerpark) 64, 2nd S O’Donoghue (Deerpark) 67.

Kildare (Played @ St Bridgets): Senior Gents:1st W Fitzgerald (Ryston) 134, 2nd S Harkins (Ryston) 143. Inter Gents: 1st O Farrell (St Bridgets) 97, 2nd J Redmond (Athgarvan) 101 (Countback). Junior Gents: 1st M Norton (Ryston) 99 2nd D Mulpeter (Ryston). Senior Ladies: 1st C Byrne (St Bridgets) 97, 2nd M Byrne (St Bridgets) 100. Inter Ladies: M Loakman (St Bridgets) (After P/O). Junior Ladies: T O’Keeffe (Ryston).

Limerick (Played @ Ardnacrusha): Senior Gents: 1st P Darcy (Bruff) (After P/O) 139, 2nd L O’Donovan (Bruff) 139. Inter Gents: 1st D Curtin (Charleville) 101, 2nd S Maher (Parteen) 106. Junior Gents: J Farrell (Bruff) 98, 2nd M Farrell (Bruff) 104.

Louth/Down/Monaghan (Played @ McBride): Senior Gents: 1st S Redmond (Channonrock) 85, 2nd O Smith (McBride) 91 Inter Gents: 1st K Smyth (McBride) 94, 2nd P Woods (McBride) 95 Junior Gents: 1st B Dyas (McBride) (After P/O) 103, 2nd B Walker (Cement) 103. Ladies 0-9 Nett: 1st N Bedford (Seapoint) 103, 2nd C Carroll (Seapoint) 103.5 Ladies 10-18 Nett: 1st V Barren (Seapoint) 100, 2nd B Hanratty (Seapoint) 102.5.

Meath (Played @ Gael Colmcille): Senior Gents: 1st P McBride (Stackallen) 90, 2nd E Gibney (Castletown) 95. Inter Gents: 1st C Byrne (Bellewstown) 92, 2nd T Tighe (Gaeil Colmcille) 94. Junior Gents: 1st C Leavy (Gaeil Colmcille) 102, 2nd J Cunningham (Navan) 105 (Countback). Senior Ladies: K Geraghty (Skyrne). Inter Ladies: P Reilly (Stackallen).

Offaly (Played @ Tullamore): Senior Gents: 1st J McGrath (Erry) 138, 2nd Mick Hogan (Tullamore) 139.  Inter Gents: 1st S O’Connor (Erry) 138, 2 A Coughlan (Erry) 141. Junior Gents: 1st R O’Shea (Tullamore) 149, 2nd L Husion (Tullamore) 153. Senior Ladies: 1st T McGrath (Erry) 100, 2nd Margaret Hogan (Tullamore) 106.

Waterford (Played @ Cunnigar): Senior Gents: E Hennessy (Ashgrove) 94. Inter Gents: A O’Rourke (Cunnigar) 101. Junior Gents: A Ryan (Cunnigar) 108. Inter Ladies: L Troy (Cunnigar). Junior Ladies: B Foley (Cunnigar).   

Westmeath (Played @ Collinstown): Senior Gents: 1st P Malone (Custume) (After P/O) 142, 2nd R Bloem (Collinstown) 142. Inter Gents: 1st G Middleton (Collinstown) 140, 2nd: S Langdon (Custume) 147. Junior Gents: 1st D Penrose (Collinstown) 152, 2nd A Foxe (Lough Owel) 156.