Collins, Hole-By-Hole Guide

A look at the Mens venue for next two weekends

Collins, Hole-By-Hole Guide image

Collins Hole-by-Hole Guide

We thank Niall Lenihan in conjunction with John Manning for this description of the 18 holes that will await players on over the next two weeks in Collins Barracks.


1-32m - Over the Road

Your first pitch leaves little margin for error. A bunker guards the green, three feet right or long and the road will gather your ball very easily. Miss it left and you could be left short sided if the pin sits on the slope. Fortune favours the brave.


2-33m - On the Banks

A short pitch from height into the green guarded by a single bunker. Landing in the first half of the green is key as the ball will feed down.


3-27m - Hedge your bet

Not as easy you think, a 27 metre pitch over a hedge which immediately guards the green. Miss left and you’re Out of Bounds. A grass bunker awaits you long - getting the ball up and down quickly is vital.


4-50m - Square Ball

A straight forward pitch to one of the largest greens in Collins. Pin placement will determine the strategy of hop and stop or height and spin.


5-37m - Along the path

A nice pitch along the walking path of the Camp Field. A raised hump guards the left hand side of the green. You won’t be too far away if you pitch the middle.


6-56m - Guard of Honour

The 2nd longest hole in Collins is guarded by a single bunker. Miss right and you will be left with difficult chip up a slope. Three feet long and path will gather you under the hedges. It’s one of those holes where you take your three and run.


7-27m - Saddle Back

You think 2 or even 1 on the tee box but you can be left feeling very silly very quickly. It’s very easy to run up a 4 or 5 without doing much wrong. I expect the players who win the National will walk off with at least two 2’s on this hole.


8-46m - Pitch Perfect

A pitch to a narrow long green guarded by a single pot bunker. Short on the 8th is most definitely four, minimum. The key is getting your distance, once again three feet long and the path could gather your ball. A safe miss, if any, is left.


9-49m - Pick your pitch

Similar to the 4th - pin placement will determine your strategy. It’s a nice hole to wrap up the front 9.


10-46m - All the trees

A challenging pitch, with trees along the left which force you to pitch the right half of the green, which has gained a run off area over the past few years.


11-60m - Goliath

It’s the longest pitch at Collins but a generous hole. The Challenge of the 11th is that you are surrounded by the 5th and 10th tee boxes; players may be pitching to the 4th green which is next to your tee-box or alternatively players on the 4th tee-box may wait for you to hit first, ramping up the pressure.


12-42m - Over the Hump

A slightly simplified version of the 7th green- Saddle Back. Short or long will cause a headache for sure.


13-33m - Clipper

On the short 13th, a grass bank guards the circular green but should not come into play. A pitch to the first half the green is vital as it can run away from you quickly.


14-42m - 50 / 50

You can only see 50% of the green from the tee box but it is a good gauge for distance. An aggressive pitch will be rewarded.


15-30m - Caught short

Short and you will be eaten up by a single bunker, which guards the green. Pitch the left hand side of the green and it will run off the green without any fuss. Pitch the front right regardless of where the pin is and it will give you a good chance.


16-36m - Clear view

Spectators (if allowed) will gather on the road, which lies directly behind the green and is definitely in play if you pitch the final third of the green and get a firm bounce. Pitch the middle; walk up and knock it in.


17-42m - Nearly there

A pitch similar to the 2nd, a green which runs away from you but your ball will feed back to a back left pin, if it ends up there.


18-54m - Tiered Approach

Collins’ largest bunker guards the full front of the large, circular, split level green. If pin is on bottom level you could be left with a challenging put back down the tier.