Coach Education and Greenkeeping Seminars

Developments in the Coming Months

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There are a few developments in the coming months you should be aware of, particularly if you are interested in coaching or course maintenance.

Coach Education Courses

Two Level 1 Courses are to be held in the early months of 2013. The dates and venues are as follows:

Leinster (Lucan): February 16th & March 9th

Munster: March 2nd & 23rd (Venue to be confirmed)

 The course is primarily aimed at equipping coaches with the skills to coach 8-12 year olds but it also provides them with the fundamentals for coaching beginners of all ages. Participants need to be of good playing ability. The course takes place over two days and both days must be completed in order to complete qualification. The two days of each course are set three weeks apart. The full course outline is available on the PPUI website in the Downloads > Other section or by clicking HERE.

 The cost of this course is €50 per person. Once qualified, all coaches will receive PPUI coaching gear as well as their Coaching Ireland/PPUI Certificate.

 The rollout of the new Level 1 course, commenced in 2011, has been very successful and popular among the participating coaches. As part of PPUI plans, we would like to have at least one coach in every club so if you currently do not have a club coach, I’d urge you to consider putting forward a suitable member.

 If your club has any members that wish to attend any of these coaching courses, please email [email protected] or call 01-6251110. Places on the courses are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis. There will be a third course in 2013, possibly in April if the demand is there but definitely in the autumn.

Greenkeeping Seminars

 In recent years the PPUI have organised greenkeeping seminars in order to improve the standard of courses throughout the country. Once again, seminars are being planned with a view to assisting PPUI clubs. They are aimed both at those who have previously attended seminars/ looking to expand their skill set and those attending a seminar for the first time/ looking to take up greenkeeping.

 At the minute the seminars are run based on demand. We would like an expression of interest initially, coupled with the previous experience of those interested. If there is enough demand, these seminars will be delivered, based on this demand and at the appropriate level for the participants involved. Please complete the form overleaf to declare the interest of club members in the course. Should seminars be held, they are likely to take place in March or April.

 The seminar will be delivered by qualified instructors who have designed it so as to benefit attendees as much as possible. By learning a few small and simple points on every aspect of course management, huge improvements can be made to your course.  The seminar will be delivered in a practical format when possible so that participants get hands on experience.

 Demonstrations will cover the correct way to do things as well as explaining why they are done in such a way. It is important that each club has several members able to care for the course in case of sickness, holidays, injury, etc.

 These one day seminars will run for approximately four or five hours. Each club can send up to four people to the seminar which will be delivered free of charge. Remember, if you only pick up only one thing on the day, it’s something that will improve your course.

 Anyone interested in participating on a seminar can express their interest through their club secretary. Each secretary has been posted a form to be completed and returned to the PPUI office by February 15th.

Questions on either Coach Education Courses or Greenkeeping Seminars can be forwarded to [email protected] or call 01-6251110.