2023 Provincial Matchplay Draws

2023 Provincial Matchplay Draws image

Last night at an NEC Meeting the draws for the Provincial Matchplay Championships were done and are now available on the links below:

2023 Leinster Matchplay Draws

2023 Munster Matchplay Draws

In relation to Ladies Competitions only the Leinster Senior Ladies and Munster Junior Ladies were drawn as they were the only competitons deemed to have sufficient entries at this point.


The Leinster Intermediate Ladies has only received 5 entries and the Junior event 2. The Munster Senior event has received 4 entries and the Intermediate event 6 entries.

The NEC has extended the closing date for the four events to next Tuesday May 16th in a bid to try and get the numbers up to 8 in each.

Failing the competitons mentioned not reaching that number then they will not be ran and entrants shall be reimbursed their fees.