2019 Provincial Strokeplay Draws


2019 Provincial Strokeplay Draws image

Details of the 2019 Provincial Strokeplay Finals are listed below.

2019 Provincial Strokeplay Timesheets

Practice times for the Leinster Strokeplay Championships are as follows: -


Saturday 8th June: 10am to Dusk
Sunday 9th June: 10am to Dusk
Monday 10th June: 12 noon to Dusk
Tuesday 11th June: 12 noon to Dusk
Wednesday 12th June: 12 noon to 5pm
Thursday 13th June: 12 noon to Dusk
Friday 14th June: COURSE CLOSED ALL DAY.

Due to the wet weather, in order to preserve the greens, we are only allowing 36 holes per person each day using one golf ball.


Monday 10th.   1pm to Dusk

Tuesday 11th.   1pm to 6pm

Wednesday 12th.  3pm to 6pm

Thursday 13th. 1pm to Dusk

Friday14th.  1pm to 6pm

Due to the current weather, the above will be kept under review.

Course closes Friday at 6pm and will remain closed on Saturday.