2019 National Matchplay Championships Day One

Day One in Rocklodge

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Anthony Malone nails his tee-shot to the first playoff hole to beat Alan O'Hanlon at the 37th to ensure a Second Round Meeting with Damien Fleming tomorrow. 

We hoped you enjoyed our coverage from today as we start back tomorrow at 9am for the Gents, 11.30am for the Scratch Ladies and 3pm for the Ladies Nett Quarter-Finals. Bye for now. 


Damien Fleming beats Eamon Gibney 4&3 as Alan O'Hanlon and Anthony Malone are A/S at the last. 


Result: Aaron O Droigheainn comes from 4 down at one stage to beat Gerry Gallagher at the last hole 1up. 


Result: Shane Hoare a 5&4 winner over Evan Carry 

30 Holes: Damien Fleming back 4up on Eamon Gibney with 6 to play. 


Result: Kevin McCarthy a 6&4 winner over Michael Long

30 Holes: Alan Hanlon 2up on Anthony Malone 

4 Matches left out on course. 


Result: Mark Millar birdies the last hole to win a ding-dong affair with Jerry O'Donovan 1up. 

30 Holes: Shane Hoare 3up on Evan Carry with 6 to play


Results: Chris Scannell beats John Tracey 6&5 and Eoin Walsh beats Eric O'Shea 7&6. 


30 Holes: Gerry Gallagher 2up on Aaron O Droighneainn  

24 Holes: Damien Fleming's lead over Eamon Gibney back to 3up in last match of second session. 


Results: George McGreal wins 1up at the last on Paul Tobin as Cian Morrison beats James Foley Jnr 2&1. 

30 Holes: Chris Scannell dormy 6up on John Tracey now. 


30 Holes: Jerry O'Donovan 1up on Mark Millar 

24 Holes: Anthony Malone 1up on Alan Hanlon 


24 Holes: Shane Hoare's lead over Evan Carry now back to 2up. 


Result: John Walsh beats Declan Freeman 3&2

30 Holes: Cian Morrisson A/S with James Foley Jnr. 


Result: Eoin Keating beats George Beardsley 2&1 after a very keenly contested affair! 

30 Holes: George McGreal 3up on Paul Tobin

24 Holes: Kevin McCarthy 4up on Michael Long and Gerry Gallagher 3up on Aaron O Droigheainn 


30 Holes: George Beardsley & Eoin Keating remain A/S

24 Holes: Chris Scannell 3up on John Tracey 


Result: Shane Murphy defeats Phillip Sweeney 7&6

18 Holes: Damien Fleming 5up on Eamon Gibney. 


Result: Denis O'Sullivan defeats Ciaran McLoughlin 5&4

30 Holes: John Walsh 4up on Declan Freeman 

24 Holes: Mark Millar 1up on Jerry O'Donovan

18 Holes: Anthony Malone 1up on Alan O'Hanlon 


30 Holes: Denis O'Sullivan 5up on Ciaran McLoughlin

24 Holes: Cian Morrison 1up on James Foley Jnr 

18 Holes: Shane Hoare remains 5up on Evan Carry 


24 Holes: George McGreal 2up on Paul Tobin 

18 Holes: Eoin Walsh 4up on Eric O'Shea 


24 Holes: Shane Murphy 8up on Phillip Sweeney

18 Holes: Gerry Gallagher 4up on Aaron O Droighneainn 

12 Holes: Damien Fleming 5up on Eamon Gibney 


First Mens Result of Second Session sees Ray Murphy beat Gerry Coyne 10&8 

18 Holes: Kevin McCarthy 4up on Michael Long 

12 Holes: Alan Hanlon 1up on Anthony Malone 


24 Holes: George Beardsley & Eoin Keating still A/S, John Walsh 4up on Declan Freeman 

18 Holes: Chris Scannell 6up on John Tracey

12 Holes: Kevin McCarthy 1up on Michael Long, Shane Hoare 5up on Evan Carry. 


24 Holes: Ray Murphy 9up on Gerry Coyne now. Denis O'Sullivan 6up on Ciaran McLoughlin.

18 Holes: Mark Millar A/S with Jerry O'Donovan 

12 Holes: Gerry Gallagher 1up on Aaron O Droigheann and Eoin Walsh 3up on Eric O'Shea



18 Holes: James Foley Jnr 2up on Cian Morrison.  


6 Holes: Anthony Malone 1up on Alan Hanlon with Damien Fleming 4up on Eamon Gibney. 


18 Holes: George McGreal 1up on Paul Tobin. 

12 Holes: Chris Scannell 3up on John Tracey.

6 Holes: Shane Hoare 1up on Evan Carry.


18 Holes: Shane Murphy 7up on Phillip Sweeney

12 Holes: Jerry O'Donovan 1up on Mark Millar 

6 Holes: Eoin Walsh 2up on Eric O'Shea


All Second Session matches underway

18 Holes: John Walsh 4up on Declan Freeman 

12 Holes: James Foley Jnr 1up on Cian Morrisson 

6 Holes: Gerry Gallagher 1up on Aaron O Droighneainn 


18 Holes: A/S between George Beardsley & Eoin Keating 

12 Holes: George McGreal 1up on Paul Tobin

6 Holes: Kevin McCarthy 1up on Michael Long. 


18 Holes: Denis O'Sullivan 2up on Ciaran McLoughlin

12 Holes: Shane Murphy 2up on Phillip Sweeney

6 Holes: Chris Scannell 2up on John Tracey 


18 Holes: Ray Murphy 6up on Gerry Coyne. 

12 Holes: John Walsh 1up on Declan Freeman

6 Holes: Mark Millar 1up on Jerry O'Donovan


Final Ladies Result of day sees Sarah O'Neill defeat Lisa O'Connor 3&2 to make tomorrow's Ladies Nett Quarter-Finals

12 Holes: Geaorge Beardsley 2up on Eoin Keating 

6 Holes: Paul Tobin 2up on George McGreal, Cian Morrisson 1up on James Foley Jnr. 


12 Holes: Ray Murphy 4up on Gerry Coyne 

6 Holes: John Walsh 1up on Declan Freeman 


6 Holes: Shane Murphy 3up on Phillip Sweeney. 


Result: Tara Dillon defeats Martha O'Brien 3&2. 

6 Holes: Eoin Keating 2up on George Beardsley. 


Margaret Hogan birdies a raker on the first playoff hole to defeat Sarah McGrath. 

6 Holes: Denis O'Sullivan A/S against Ciaran McLoughlin 


Sarah McGrath & Margaret Hogan gone to sudden death! 


Mens Second Session underway

6 Holes: Gerry Coyne 1up on Ray Murphy

Ladies Nett Result: Audrey Donnelly defeats Phil Downey 11&9 to make Quarter-Finals. 


Result: Chrissie Byrne beats Vera McCarthy 10&9

24 Holes: Audrey Donnelly leads Phillip Downey 10up 


30 Holes: Mary Murray 3up on Nicola Ahern with 6 to play. 

24 Holes: Lisa O'Connor & Sarah O'Neill A/S after 24 Holes. 



24 Holes: Tara Dillon 1up on Martha O'Brien 


24 Holes: Margaret Hogan 3up on Sarah Byrne. 

18 Holes: Audrey Donnelly 8up on Phil Downey. 


Result: Ger Ward defeats Pauline Balfe 12 &11 to reach Quarter-Finals. 

24 Holes: Mary Murray and Nicola Ahern now A/S

18 Holes: Sarah O'Neill now 1up on Lisa O'Connor in the Ladies Nett. 


24 Holes: Mairead Manning's lead over Mairead O'Toole back to 2up now. 


18 Holes: Martha O'Brien 1up on Tara Dillon, Chrissie Byrne 7up on Vera McCarthy. 

12 Holes: Audrey Donnelly 6up on Phil Downey In Ladies Nett event. 


18 Holes: Margaret Hogan 3up on Sarah McGrath. 


24 Holes: Ger Ward nearing victory over Pauline Balfe at 12up 

18 Holes: Nicola Ahern 3up on Mary Murray. 

12 Holes Lisa O'Connor 1up on Sarah O'Neill. 


18 Holes: Mairead Manning 4up on Mairead O'Toole turning. 


Result: Margaret Keogh retires in her game against Breda White

12 Holes: Margaret Hogan 2up on Sarah McGrath, Martha O'Brien 1up on Tara Dillon with Chrissie Byrne 4up on Vera McCarthy. 




18 Holes: Ger Ward 10up on Pauline Balfe. 

12 Holes: Nicola Ahern 2up on Mary Murray. 

6 Holes: Audrey Donnelly 3up on Phil Downey in Ladies Nett event. 


12 Holes: Mairead Manning 5up on Mairead O'Toole 

6 Holes: Lisa O'Connor 2up on Sarah O'Neill in Ladies Nett. Lily O'Brien has conceded a walkover to Catherine Leonard in same event. 


Remaining Gents Results: Anthony Galvin beats Conor Fahey 4&3 with Frank Dineen defeating Ian Dillon 3&2 

12 Holes: Breda White 9up on Margaret Keogh.  

6 Holes: Chrissie Byrne 2up on Vera McCarthy. 


6 Holes: Martha O'Brien 1up on Tara Dillon 


Result: Fred McMahon a 2&1 winner over James McLoughlin 

12 Holes: Ger Ward 5up on Pauline Balfe. 

6 Holes: Sarah McGrath 1up on Margaret Hogan. 


Results: Paul Nolan defeats James Cleary 5&4 with Stephen Shoer an 8&7 winner over John Fitzgerald. 

30 Holes: Frank Dineen 2up on Ian Dillon with 6 to play. 

6 Holes: Nicola Ahern 1up on Mary Murray. 


6 Holes: Mairead Manning 1up on Mairead O'Toole in Ladies Scratch event. 


6 Holes: Breda White 5up on Margaret Keogh. 


Results: Thomas Hanley beat Barry Morrissey 5&4 with Daithi Sexton a 6&5 winner over Martin Keohane

6 Holes: Ger Ward 3up on Pauline Balfe in Ladies Scratch First Round proper. 


30 Holes: Anthony Galvin's lead over Conor Fahey down to 1up with 6 to play as Paul Nolan now 4up on James Cleary. 

24 Holes: Stephen Shoer 9up on John Fitzgerald now. 


24 Holes: Frank Dineen 3up on Ian Dillon now. 


Results: Patsy Farrell defeats Derek O'Driscoll 10&9 as Paul Sweeney beat club-mate Kyle Kennedy 1up. Darren Keogh beats Darren O'Connell 7&5 meanwhile. 

30 Holes: Daithi Sexton dormy 6p on Martin Keohane 


Results: Bryan Delaney wins 4&3 over Tony Blake as Jason O'Regan defeats Stephen O'Reilly 4&3 as well with Kieran Dunscombe an 9&8 winner over Kevin Halligan 


Kieran Earls defeats Daniel Clinton 8&7 

24 Holes: Fred McMahon 1up on James McLoughlin 

18 Holes: Stephen Shoer 6up on John Fitzgerald 


30 Holes: Darren Keogh dormy 6up on Darren O'Connell.

24 Holes: Paul Nolan 2up on James Cleary

18 Holes: Ian Dillon and Frank Dineen A/S


Pauline Balfe defeats Barbara Furlong 3&2 to advance to First Round proper of the Ladies Scratch event against Ger Ward. 

30 Holes: Paul Sweeney 2up on Kyle Kennedy and Thomas Hanley 3up on Barry Morrissey. 

24 Holes: Anthony Galvin 2up on Conor Fahey still. 


First Result of the day sees Brian Cahill defeat Dean Grannell 9&7. 

30 Holes: Jason O'Regan 5up on Stephen O'Reilly 

24 Holes: Daithi Sexton 5up on Martin Keohane 


30 Holes: Bryan Delaney 4up on Tony Blake in the closing stages 

24 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe moving towards victory, 10up on Kevin Halligan now, Kieran Earls 8up on Daniel Clinton as well. 

12 Holes: Stephen Shoer 5up on John Fitzgerald


18 Holes Fred McMahon 2up on James McLoughlin. 


30 Holes: Pauline Balfe maintains her 3up lead on Barbara Furlong with 6 holes to play. 

24 Holes: Darren Keogh 4up on Darren O'Connell

18 Holes: Paul Nolan gone into a 1up lead on 

12 Holes: Ian Dillon remains 1up on Frank Dineen. 


24 Holes: Thomas Hanley 1up on Barry Morrissey now after trailing early on. 

18 Holes: Patsy Farrell 7up on Derek O'Driscoll 


24 Holes: Jason O'Regan 6up on Stephen O'Reilly, Paul Sweeney has same lead over club-mate Stephen O'Reilly. 

18 Holes: Anthony Galvin remains 2up on Conor Fahy


24 Holes: Brian Cahill 6up on Dean Grannell

18 Holes: Daithi Sexton 1up on Martin Keohane 

12 Holes: Fred W McMahon 1up on James McLoughlin


18 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 8up on Kevin Halligan 

12 Holes: James Cleary 1up on Paul Nolan 

6 Holes: Stephen Shoer 1up on John Fitzgerald in our final Gents match of the first session. 


24 Holes: Pauline Balfe remains 3up on Barbara Furlong in our Ladies Prelim. 

18 Holes: Kieran Earls 5up on Daniel Clinton 

12 Holes: Anthony Galvin 2up on Conor Fahy, Patsy Farrell 4up on Derek O'Driscoll

6 Holes: Ian Dillon 1up on Frank Dineen 


18 Holes: Darren Keogh turns 2up on Darren O'Connell

12 Holes: Kieran Earls 4up on Daniel Clinton & David Sexton 2up on Martin Keohane 


18 Holes: Paul Sweeney 3up on Kyle Kennedy and its now A/S between Barry Morrissey & Thomas Hanley. 

6 Holes: James Cleary and Paul Nolan A/S and James McLoughlin 1up on Fred W McMahon


18 Holes: Jason O'Regan 3up on Stephen O'Reilly 

12 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 5up on Kevin Halligan 

6 Holes: Patsy Farrell 1up on Derek O'Driscoll


18 Holes: Brian Cahill 5up on Dean Grannell turning. 

12 Holes: Darren Keogh 3up on Darren O'Connell 

6 Holes: Anthony Galvin 2up on Conor Fahy


18 Holes: Bryan Delaney turns 1up on Tony Blake 

12 Holes: Barry Morrissey now 1up on Thomas Hanley

6 Holes: Daithi Sexton 1up on Martin Keohane 


18 Holes: Pauline Balfe 3up on Barbara Furlong turning. 

12 Holes: Paul Sweeney now 2up on his club-mate Kyle Kennedy 

6 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 1up on Kevin Halligan 


12 Holes: Jason O'Regan 1up on Stephen O'Reilly

6 Holes: Darren Keogh 1up on Darren O'Connell


12 Holes: Dean Grannell & Brian Cahill A/S

6 Holes: Kieran Earls 3up on Daniel Clinton 


12 Holes: Bryan Delaney 2up on Tony Blake with one-third of the way gone. 


6 Holes: Barry Morissey 3up on Thomas Hanley early on. 


12 Holes: Pauline Balfe now 4up on Barbara Furlong. 

Paul Sweeney 1up on Kyle Kennedy after 6 Holes in the all Hillview affair. 


Jason O'Regan 2up on Stephen O'Reilly after 6 Holes in the third Gents match. 


Just to announce that David Crum has conceded a walkover to Kevin Knox. Brian Cahill 1up on Dean Grannell after 6 Holes in our first Gents match. 


Bryan Delaney 1up on Tony Blake after 6 Holes in our first Gents match. 


First score update of the day sees Pauline Balfe lead Barbara Furlong 2up after 6 holes in the Ladies Prelim. Thanks to Gregg Lynch for his fine rendition of Amhrain na bhFainn earlier as well in our opening ceremony. 


Bryan Delaney & Tony Blake have both teed off and the Mens event is officially underway. 


Ladies Preliminary Match between Barbara Furlong and Pauline Balfe underway, if you wish to watch the Opening Ceremony you can do so at the link below: 

Opening Ceremony


Welcome to a wet Rocklodge as we begin the 2019 Championships with a Preliminary match in the Ladies Scratch between Barbara Furlong and Pauline Balfe prior to our Gents event getting underway at 9.30am. We will be live on Facebook @ 9am with the opening ceremony for the event.