2019 National Inter-County Championship: Day Two

Dublin, Tipperary & Kilkenny win in McDonagh

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Gents Scoreboard

Ladies Scoreboard

Interview with Evelyn Miller

Presentation Ceremony 


National Gents Inter-County Result

Winners: Dublin 739
Runners-Up: Louth 749
Third: Limerick 758
First Nett: Kilkenny
Second Nett: Wexford

Well done to the Dublin team of John Ross Crangle, Chris Gallagher, Jason Larkin, Paul Nolan, George McGreal and Junior Smith on a maginificent total of 125 under par to give the Dubs their second win in four years.

Well done to Kilkenny meanwhile on winning the Eamon Birchall Cup for the best Nett score as well. We will have more from McDonagh in the coming days. Safe journey home to all. 


Louth finish on -115, Wexford join Cork on -101 with Kildare finishing on -98. 


Dublin set a blistering pace in the clubhouse on -125 with Limerick 19 shots behind on -106. Tipperary shoot -87 as Offaly finish on -70. 


Cork finish the tournament on -101 with Kerry on -80 as Meath shoot -65. 


Kilkenny finish the tournament on -44, Waterford on -39 with Down shooting -35. 


Westmeath finish the Gents tournament on -39, Carlow -15 with Clare finishing +4 for the tournament. 


National Ladies Inter-County Result:

Winners: Tipperary 590 (6th Card)
Runners-Up: Dublin 590
Third: Kildare 597

Well done to the Tipperary team of Breda White, Martha O'Brien, Mary Quinn, Gemma, Michelle and Shula McCarthy on their dramatic win and thanks to the Ladies in general for a magnificent contest the past two days.


Louth 509

Dublin, Limerick & Wexford 517

Kildare 522

Cork 531

Kerry 535

Tipperary 538

Offaly 542

Meath 548

Kilkenny 558

Down 561

Waterford 565

Westmeath 568

Carlow 582

Clare 593


Louth shoot a total of -22 for their Foursomes to take an eight shot lead over the field ahead of the closing Singles as Wexford joined the three way tie in second with Limerick and Dublin after shooting -14 for their three cards. 


Limerick shoot -16 for the Foursomes with hosts Kildare shooting -10. Dublin and Limerick share the lead in the clubhouse on 517, five clear of Kildare in third. Wexford & Louth to follow. 


Dubln shoot -23 for their Foursomes with Tipperary shooting -7. 


Cork finish a combined -18 for their Foursomes with Offaly shooting -7 combined. 


Kerry shoot a combined -16 for their Foursomes with Meath shooting -10. 


Down finish a combined -6 for their Foursomes cards with Kilkenny shooting -3. 


Waterford finish a combined -6 for their Foursomes cards with with Westmeath -5 for their cards. 


Clare finish a combined +3 for their Foursomes with Carlow shooting +2.