2018 Provincial U-16 Matchplay Weekend Report

Five victors crowned in both provinces this weekend

2018 Provincial U-16 Matchplay Weekend Report image

Communications & Press Officer Jason O’Connor reports on the weekend’s action in the Provincial U-16 Matchplay Championships in both Leinster and Munster.



A NEW winner for 2018 as Parteen’s Shea Fennell defeated 2016 winner of the event Glenn Towler in this lunchtime’s decider at the very course where Glenn won his Provincial U-16 title two years ago in Deerpark, Killarney. Shea was a convincing winner over Alex O’Callaghan from the host club in this morning’s Semi-Finals after a 12&11 success despite the match being level after the first nine holes.


            Glenn looked to be in control against Deerpark’s Robbie Harnett in the other Semi-Final turning 5up after the First Round but the player from the host club fought back to bring the match to the 17th where Glenn eventually completed a 2&1 win. The decider between Shea and Glenn was tight for three-quarters of the 36 holes, Glenn making the match level with nine to play after trailing Shea by one after the First 18 Holes.


            Shea would take control in the final quarter however going two ahead with four to play before securing a 3&2 win at the 16th hole. His Parteen club-mate Patrick Mitchell nearly made it a double for the club in the Plate Competition before he lost out to Cillian Courtney from the host club by 2&1. Cillian had gotten the better of club-mate Cathal Kelly in the first Plate Semi-Final by 7&6 with Patrick a strong 10&9 winner over another Deerpark player in Joey McCarthy.


            Cillian enjoyed an advantage as big as 4up in the Final with Patrick before the Parteen player kept battling in taking the match to the 17th before Cillian secured his win.



CASTLETOWN’S Evan Carry regained the Leinster Matchplay Championship in Poulaphouca yesterday going all the way to the last hole with St Patricks’ Dylan Hudson, last year’s winner, before securing a 1up victory.


Evan had defeated Collinstown duo Jack and Billy Buckley on his way to the Semi-Final where he defeated Seapoint’s Luke Murphy. Dylan had a Quarter-Final win over Glenville’s Oisin Horan and Semi-Final win over Seapoint’s Luke Murphy. The Plate came down to two players from the host club Poulaphouca as Adam Curran managed to get the better of club-mate Jason Brady 2&1 in the Final. Adam had beaten Collinstown’s Brian Bray in the Semi-Finals while Brady got the better of another Poulaphouca player in Eoin Lane in the other Semi-Finals


            The Girls Competition was a battle of Lucan sisters Maebh and Eimear Ahern meanwhile with Maebh a 2&1 victor in the Final.


Look at the information below for all other details of the competitions this weekend.

Munster U-16 Matchplay

Championship Semi-Final

Glenn Towler defeats Robbie Harnett 2&1 

He will play Shea Fennell in our Championship Final 

Plate Result

Cillian Courtney defeats Cathal Kelly 7&6 

He will play Parteen's Patrick Mitchell in the Final 

Championship Result 

Shea Fennell (Parteen) bt Alex O'Callaghan (Deerpark) 12&11 

Plate Semi-Finals

Patrick Mitchell defeats Joey McCarthy 10&9 

Cillian Courtney 6up on Cathal Kelly after 27 Holes 

Championship Semi-Finals 

Shea Fennell 8up on Alex O'Callaghan after 18 Holes 

Glenn Towler 5up on Robbie Harnett after 18 Holes 


Cillian Courtney 3up on Cathal Kelly after 18 Holes

Patrick Mitchell 7up on Joey McCarthy after 18 Holes 


A/S between Shea Fennell and Alex O'Callaghan after 9 Holes 

Glenn Towler 3up on Robbie Harnett after 9 Holes


Patrick Mitchell 3up on Joey McCarthy after 9 Holes

A/S between Cillian Courtney and Cathal Kelly after 9 Holes 


Championship Quarter-Finals 
Alex O’Callaghan (Deerpark) bt Aaron Roche (St Stephens) 4&3
Shea Fennell (Parteen) bt Jack McCarthy (Deerpark) 2&1
Robbie Harnett (Deerpark) bt Cian Murphy (St Annes) 4&3
Glenn Towler (St Annes) bt Eoin O’Riordan-Looney (Deerpark) 5&4

Semi-Final Line-Up, tomorrow 9.30am Start
Alex O'Callaghan (Deerpark) vs. Shea Fennell (Parteen) 
Robbie Harnett (Deerpark) vs. Glenn Towler (St Annes)


Plate Quarter-Finals 
Cathal Kelly (Deerpark) bt. Dara O'Shea (Deerpark) 2&1
Cillian Courtney (Deerpark) bt Ryan Neeson (Deerpark) 6&5
Patrick Mitchell (Parteen) bt Fintan Martin (Deerpark) 5&4
Joey McCarthy (Deerpark) bt Tom Cronin (Deerpark) 5&4

Semi-Final Line-Up, Sunday 9.30am
Cathal Kelly (Deerpark) vs. Cillian Courtney (Deerpark)
Patrick Mitchell (Parteen) vs. Joey McCarthy (Deerpark)


Leinster U-16 Matchplay Finals Results 

Championship: Evan Carry (Castletown) bt Dylan Hudson (St Pats) 1up

Plate: Adam Curran (Poulaphuca) bt. Jason Brady (Poulaphuca) 2&1


Munster U-16 Last 16 Results

Aaron Roche (St Stephens) bt Cathal Kelly (Deerpark) 4&3

Alex O’Callaghan (Deerpark) bt Dara O’Shea (Deerpark) 2&1

Jack McCarthy (Deerpark) bt Ryan Neeson (Deerpark) 1up

Shea Fennell (Parteen) bt Cillian Courtney (Deerpark) 2&1

Cian Murphy (St Annes) bt Fintan Martin (Deerpark) 3&2

Robbie Harnett (Deerpark) bt Patrick Mitchell (Parteen) 2&1

Glenn Towler (St Annes) by Tom Cronin (Deerpark) 10&9

Eoin O’Riordan-Looney (Deerpark) bt Joey McCarthy (Deerpark) 3&2


Championship Quarter-Finals

Aaron Roche (St Stephens) vs. Alex O’Callaghan (Deerpark)

Jack McCarthy (Deerpark) vs. Shea Fennell (Parteen)

Cian Murphy (St Annes) vs. Robbie Harnett (Deerpark)

Glenn Towler (St Annes) vs. Eoin O’Riordan Looney (Deerpark)


Plate Quarter-Finals

Cathal Kelly (Deerpark) vs. Dara O’Shea (Deerpark)

Ryan Neeson (Deerpark) vs. Cillian Courtney (Deerpark)

Fintan Martin (Deerpark) vs. Patrick Mitchell (Parteen)

Tom Cronin (Deerpark) vs. Joey McCarthy (Deerpark)

Leinster U-16 Matchplay

Boys Championship Quarter-Finals

Luke Murphy (Seapoint) bt Alex Keegan (Lucan)

Dylan Hudson (St Patricks) bt Oisin Horan (Glenville)

Evan Carry (Castletown) bt Jack Buckley (Collinstown)

Luke Devlin (Glenville) Bye


Boys Championship Semi-Finals

Dylan Hudson (St Patricks) bt Luke Murphy (Seapoint)

Evan Carry (Castletown) bt Luke Devlin (Glenville)


Boys Plate Semi-Finals

Jason Brady (Poulaphouca) bt Eoin Lane (Poulaphouca)

 Adam Curran (Poulaphouca) bt Brian Bray (Collinstown)


Girls Final

Maebh Ahern (Lucan) bt Eimear Ahern (Lucan) 2&1


Munster U-16 Matchplay

Last 16 Draw 
Aaron Roche (St Stephens) vs. Cathal Kelly (Deerpark) 
Alex O’Callaghan (Deerpark) vs. Dara O’Shea (Deerpark) 
Jack McCarthy (Deerpark) vs. Ryan Neeson (Deerpark) 
Cillian Courtney (Deerpark) vs. Shea Fennell (Parteen) 
Cian Murphy (St Annes) vs. Fintan Martin (Deerpark) 
Robbie Harnett (Deerpark) vs. Patrick Mitchell (Parteen) 
Glenn Towler (St Annes) vs. Tom Cronin (Deerpark) 
Joey McCarthy (Deerpark) vs. Eoin O’Riordan-Looney (Deerpark)

Round Robin Groups (Final Standings)

Group 1

Cillian Courtney (Deerpark) 6pts

Dara O’Shea (Deerpark) 4pts

Ryan Neeson (Deerpark) 2pts

Noah Sexton (Deerpark) 0pts


Group 2

Cian Murphy (St Annes) 6pts

Alex O’Callaghan (Deerpark) 4pts

Tom Cronin (Deerpark) 2pts

David O’Sullivan Jnr (Deerpark) 0pts


Group 3

Jack McCarthy (Deerpark) 6pts

Patrick Mitchell (Parteen) 4pts

Fintan Martin (Deerpark) 2pts

Jake Shine (Listowel) 0pts


Group 4

Aaron Roche (St Stephens) 6pts

Robbie Harnett (Deerpark) 4pts

Cathal Kelly (Deerpark) 2pts

Jack O’Sullivan (Deerpark) 0pts


Group 5

Glenn Towler (St Annes) 6pts

Eoin O’Riordan Looney (Deerpark) 4pts

Nathan Cronin (Deerpark) 2pts

Rory O’Connor (Deerpark) 0pts


Group 6

Joey McCarthy (Deerpark) 2pts

Shea Fennell (Parteen) 2pts

TJ O’Sullivan (Deerpark) 0pts



Round Robin Round 3 Results

Cillian Courtney bt Ryan Neeson 1up

Dara O’Shea bt Noah Sexton 2up

Cian Murphy bt Alex O’Callaghan 1up

Tom Cronin bt David O’Sullivan Jnr 4&2

Robbie Harnett bt Cathal Kelly 6&4

Fintan Martin bt Jake Shine 6&5

Aaron Roche bt Jack O’Sullivan 1up

Jack McCarthy bt Patrick Mitchell 1up

Glenn Towler by Eoin O’Riordan Looney 1up

Nathan Cronin bt Rory O’Connor 1up

TJ O’Sullivan by Shea Fennell 1up

Round Robin Round 2 Results

Cillian Courtney bt Noah Sexton 5&4

Dara O’Shea bt Ryan Neeson 2&1

Cian Murphy bt Tom Cronin 3&2

Jack McCarthy bt Fintan Martin 2&1

Patrick Mitchell bt Jake Shine 1up

Alex O’Callaghan bt David O’Sullivan Jnr 7&6

Aaron Roche bt Cathal Kelly 1up

Robbie Harnett bt Jack O’Sullivan 7&6

Glenn Towler bt Rory O’Connor 6&5

Eoin O’Riordan Looney bt Nathan Cronin 5&4

Joey McCarthy bt TJ O’Sullivan 7&6


Round Robin Round 1 Results

Cillian Courtney bt Dara O’Shea 4&3

Ryan Neeson bt Noah Sexton 4&3

Cian Murphy bt David O’Sullivan Jnr 5&4

Alex O’Callaghan bt Tom Cronin 3&2

Jack McCarthy bt Jake Shine 2&1

Patrick Mitchell bt Fintan Martin 1up

Aaron Roche bt Robbie Harnett 2up

Cathal Kelly bt Jack O’Sullivan 5&3

Glenn Towler bt Nathan Cronin 3&2

Eoin O’Riordan Looney bt Rory O’Connor 5&4

Shea Fennell bt Joey McCarthy 3&2


*Top Two in each Group automatically qualify for the Last 16. Four Best Third placed finishers will complete the line-up.

* Eight Winners of Last 16 contest Championship Quarter-Finals

*Eight Losers of the Last 16 contest Plate Quarter-Finals

*All Matches 18 Holes until the Semi-Final Stages which will be 36 holes thereafter.