2018 National Matchplay Day One

Play Underway in Tullamore

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Gents First Round Morning Session Complete

Ladies Complete

Gents First Round Afternoon Session Complete


James Cleary halves the last hole to defeat Kieran Earls 1up. That concludes Day One here, join us again tomorrow in Tullamore for what promises to be a very exciting Day 2 in all three grades. 


Ray Murphy a 5&4 winner over Dessie Baker with the last game between Kieran Earls and James Cleary on the last hole with James 1up. 


Result: Martin Keohane beats Shaun Ryan 6&4 with Declan McCarron a 2&1 winner over Leonard O'Meara. 


Results: Eoin Walsh beats Gary Middleton 1up, John McGrath & Jason O'Brien bt I Dillon & J Hogan 2up respectively and Liam O'Donovan beats W Buckley Snr 8&7. 


Results: Gary Healy beats Darren Fagan at the 37th hole with John McGrath a 2up win over Ian Dillon, Stephen Murray winning 8&6 over David Lee and Patrick Murphy 8&7 over Donal Duggan


Results: Thomas O'Reilly defeats JJ Wynne 5&4, Jimmy Scanlon wins 5&4 also over Emmet Doran with Junior Smith a 10&9 winner over Frank O'Neill. 


First Mens Second Session Results sees Christopher Hickey beat two time winner Mark Millar 4&3 with Declan Freeman a 7&6 winner over Gerard Gallagher. 


18 Holes: Chris Hickey leads Mark Millar by 2up with Thomas O'Reilly 4up on JJ Wynne. 


Ladies Nett First Round Results

E Quinn (Lakeside) bt Ann Sweeney (St Bridgets) W/O

M Forde (Riverdale) bt L Forde (Riverdale) 2&1

C Smith (St Bridgets) bt M Connelly (Trim) 8&7

D Dillon (St Bridgets) bt A Donnelly (Cement) 2&1

L O’Connor (Tralee) bt S O’Neill (Collins) 1up

C Dunne (Riverdale) bt J McCormack (Lakeside) 6&5

A Galvin (Tullamore) bt D Keane (Lucan) 3&2

E O’Gorman (Lucan) bt C Dillon (St Bridgets) 10&9


6 Holes and 12 Hole Scores from Scoresheet Link above for moment. 


Ladies Gross First Round Results

G Ward (Portmarnock) bt P Condron (Lucan) 15&14

M Quinn (Lakeside) bt M O’Toole (Shandon) 1up

G Holland (RGSC) bt H Wynne (Erry) 1up

S Elmes (Portmarnock) bt B White (Tipperary Hills) 5&4

E Walsh (Fermoy) bt D Pyke (Tullamore) 5&4

M Hogan (Tullamore) bt P Balfe (Old County) 8&7

T Dillon (Ryston) bt S Byrne (Fermoy) 11&10

C Byrne (Ryston) bt L Grace (RGSC) 7&6


First Ladies Gross result sees Ger Ward a convincing 15&14 winner over Philo Condron. 


Chris Gallagher wins on the 42nd hole over Mick Fennell to complete of morning session of ther Gents. Ladies updates from link above 


Bryan Delaney a 1up winner over Martin O'Neill as Mick Fennell and Chris Gallagher have gobe to a sixth playoff hole!


Gents Results: John Cahill 9&8 winner over Phillip Sweeney, Aonghus Coughlan 6&5 winner over Jamson Meehan, Damien Fleming 7&6 winner over Jason Larkin and Jamie Blake 1up on Peter O'Donovan. 


Results: Liam Buckley beats Sean Minogue 2&1, Sean Buckley beats Martin Baird 4&3 and Jimmy O'Neill beats Peter Dolan 5&4

Ladies 6 Holes: Ger Ward 4up on Philo Condron 


Finally a winner, after the 8th P/O Hole JR Crangle ensured the defence of his title would continue after a hard fought and entralling encounter with Eamon Gibney. 


Result: Kieran Dunscombe a 4&2 winner over Mark Gibney

30 Holes: Liam Buckley 1up on Sean Minogue with 6 to play. 


Ladies Getting underway.

Result: Graham Donohoe a 3&2 winner over Kevin McCarthy. 


John Ross Crangle and Eamon Gibney gone to Sudden Death Playoff. 

24 Holes: Aonghus Coughlan 9up on Jason Meehan and Peter O'Donovan 1up on Jamie Blake. 


First Gents winners see both Darren O'Connell and George Beardsley through to the Second Round tomorrow 

30 Holes: Graham Donohoe 4up on Kevin McCarthy and Kieran Dunscombe 3up on Mark Gibney 

24 Holes: Jimmy O'Neill 3up on Peter Dolan and John Cahill 7up on Phillip Sweeney

18 Holes: Chris Gallagher 2up on Mick Fennell, Damien Fleming 3up on Jason Larkin and Martin O'Neill also 3up on Bryan Delaney 


30 Holes: Niall Winters Jnr now 1up on Willie Fitzgerald with six to play, Shane Murphy 4up now on Thomas Hanley. 


30 Holes: A/S between John Ross Crangle and Eamon Gibney with six to play! 

24 Holes: A/S between Kieran Dunscombe and Mark Gibney 

18 Holes: Aonghus Coughlan 8up on Jason Meehan and Peter O'Donovan 1up on Jamie Blake 

12 Holes: Martin O'Neill 2up on Bryan Delaney


24 Holes: JR Crangle 1up on Eamon Gibney, Darren O'Connell 9up on Peter Reilly, William Fitzgerald 1up on Niall Winters Jnr and Graham Donohoe 1up on Kevin McCarthy

18 Holes: Liam Buckley 2up on Sean Minogue, Martin Baird 2up on Sean Buckley, Jimmy O'Neill 3up on Peter Dolan and John Cahill 7up on Phillip Sweeeney 

12 Holes: Mick Fennell 1up on Chris Gallagher and Damien Fleming & Jason Larkin now A/S


12 Holes: Peter O'Donovan now 1up on Jamie Blake and George Beardsley 5up on Niall Quigley 


12 Holes: John Cahill 6up on Phillip Sweeney and Aonghus Coughlan 3up on Jason Meehan 


18 Holes: Graham Donohoe 3up on Kevin McCarthy and Kieran Dunscombe 1up on Mark Gibney

12 Holes: Jimmy O'Neill 1up on Peter Dolan 


18 Holes: Shane Murphy 1up on Thomas Hanley

12 Holes: Martin Baird 3up on Sean Buckley 

6 Holes: Mick Fennell 1up on Chris Gallagher and Damien Fleming 1up on Jason Larkin 


18 Holes: Willie Fitzgerald remains 1up on Niall Winters Jnr 

12 Holes: Liam Buckley remains 1up on Sean Minogue 


6 Holes: Jamie Blake 2up on Peter O'Donovan and George Beardsley 3up on Niall Quigley


18 Holes: Darren O'Connell 8up on Peter Reilly now. 

12 Holes: Graham Donohoe 2up on Kevin McCarthy and A/S between Kieran Dunscombe and Mark Gibney

6 Holes: Peter Dolan 1up on Jimmy O'Neill, John Cahill 4up on Phillip Sweeney, and Aoghus Coughlan 1up on Jason Meehan 


18 Holes: JR Crangle has now gone into lead on Eamon Gibney 2up 

12 Holes: Shane Murphy 1up on Thomas Hanley

6 Holes: Martin Baird 4up on Sean Buckley 


12 Holes: Willie Fitzgerald remains 1up on Niall Winters Jnr

6 Holes: Liam Buckley 1up on Sean Minogue 


6 Holes: Kieran Dunscombe 2up on Mark Gibney 


12 Holes: Darren O'Connell now 6up on Peter Reilly 


12 Holes: Level now between JR Crangle and Eamon Gibney.

6 Holes: Level between Shane Murphy and Tommy Hanley, Graham Donohoe 2up on Kevin McCarthy. 


6 Holes: Eamon Gibney 2up on JR Crangle, Darren O'Connell 4up on Peter Reilly and Willie Fitzgerald 1up on Niall Winters Jnr