2018 International Challenge Ireland vs. Catalonia

Ireland regain International Challenge Cup

2018 International Challenge Ireland vs. Catalonia image

Communications & Press Officer Jason O’Connor reports on Ireland regaining the International Challenge Cup today in Seapoint, courtesy of their Ladies & U-16 sides.

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2018 Ireland v Catalonia Challenge

DESPITE trailing by 4-2 after the Scotch Foursomes, Ireland put on a tour-de-force in the Singles of both the Ladies and U-16 events to reclaim the International Challenge on a final scoreline of 13-5, winning 11 out of the 12 Singles points on offer.


            The combinations of Glenn Towler & Dylan Hudson (3&1) and team captain Evan Carry & Luke Murphy (3&1 also) gave Ireland their points in the morning in the U-16 Scotch Foursomes as Ireland as Cillian Courtney & Patrick Mitchell (2&1) were defeated by the duo of Alex Albinyana and Ivan Pomenensech. Ireland failed to claim a point in the Ladies Scotch Foursomes however as Margaret Hogan and Mary Murray lost out to Pilar Montero & Marta Trillo 2&1 with team captain Ger Ward & Noeleen Bedford beaten by Marta Farras & Gloria Ruiz 4&3.


            Chrissie Byrne & Martha O’Brien did go to the 18th with Abby Nachson & Marta Cucurull in their match but eventually had to settle for a 1up defeat as it appeared like Ireland had work to do ahead of the second phase of the Challenge. It all came together quite brilliantly for the Irish team in the Singles though, Evan Carry won a great shootout with Alex Albinyana at the last hole 1up before Dylan Hudson (5&4), Patrick Mitchell (2&1), Luke Murphy (5&4) and Glenn Towler (5&3) swung the Challenge in Ireland’s favour. Cillian Courtney battled back from one down with three to play against Dario Silva to win at the last hole 1up meaning at 8-4 with one session left, Ireland only need two more points for victory.


            In the Ladies Singles team captain Ger Ward (6&5) and Chrissie Byrne (5&4) brought home those clinching points as Ireland won this event for the first time since it was held in Tralee in 2011. Martha O’Brien (2&1), Margaret Hogan (5&4) and Mary Murray (6&4) brought Ireland’s final total to 13 points as Marta Farres clinched Catalonia’s only point of the Singles with a 3&2 defeat of Noeleen Bedford from the host club.


            Ireland will certainly be delighted with how they recovered from the deficit in the halfway stage in going on to win out by 13-5 for a finish.