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Ladies First Round concluded

Gents Second Session underway 


After trailing for most of the game Ryan Towler has finished strongly to knock out last year's Runner-Up Dayle Donohoe 2up and give us a big end to the first day of play. We hope you enjoyed our updates from today's action. Click on the links above for the full scoreboard and the link to a selection of photos from today's play. We will resume again at 9am with the Gents Second Round. Goodbye from today from Tipperary Hills. 


A/S with 2 to play between Dayle Donohoe and Ryan Towler. 


At the second tie hole Paddy Noonan eventually got the better of Jason Meehan in our first match this weekend to go to extra holes! One to go


Result: Ray Murphy a 7&6 winner over Gary Healy with James Cleary defeating Kevin Corcoran 6&5, Ian Dillon defeats John O'Sullivan 6&5 as Jason Meehan and Patrick Noonnan are in sudden death! 

30 Holes: Dayle Donohoe 1up on Ryan Towler


Results: Ian Farrelly defeats Dylan Melia 5&4 with Shaun Ryan an 8&7 winner over Aoghus Coughlan 


Result: Stephen Shoer defeats Mark Millar 7&6

30 Holes: James Cleary now 5up on Kevin Corcoran 


Result: Damien Fleming defeats Joe McGrath Jnr 3&2 

30 Holes: Ian Farrelly now 4up on Dylan Melia

24 Holes: Ian Dillon gone 2up on John O'Sullivan with Dayle Donohoe leading Ryan Towler by same score. 


Result: Martin O'Neill defeats club-mate Glenn Fortune 4&3 

24 Holes: Shaun Ryan 4up on Aoghus Coughlan as Ray Murphy remains 8up on Gary Healy. 


Results: Two 5&4 victories for Frank Dineen and Darren Collins respectively over Darren Fagan and Michael Buckley respectively. 

24 Holes: Jason Meehan 1up on Patrick Noonan, Ian Farrelly 2up on Dylan Melia, James Cleary 4up on Kevin Corcoran with Stephen Shoer now 5up on Mark Millar. 


Result: Thomas Hanley defeats Andy Lowe 4&3 

30 Holes: Martin O'Neill staying 2up on Glenn Fortune as Damien Fleming moves 3up on Joe McGrath Jnr. 


Result: John Walsh defeats John Delaney 6&5 to advance to the Second Round.  

30 Holes: Darren Collins 3up on Michael Buckley 

18 Holes: John O'Sullivan and Ian Dillon now A/S as Dayle Donohoe's lead over Ryan Towler is now 1up with all games on their Second 18. 


Result: Pat Martin our second winner at 11&10 over Jimmy O'Neill. 

30 Holes: Frank Dineen looking good at 4up on Darren Fagan.  

18 Holes: Shaun Ryan remains 5up on Aoghus Coughlan as Ray Murphy's lead over Gary Healy is now 8up. 


24 Holes: Darren Collins 2up on Michael Buckley, Martin O'Neill back in front by 2up on Glenn Fortune with Damien Fleming remains 2up on Joe McGrath Jnr. 

18 Holes: James Cleary 5up on Kevin Corcoran with Stephen Shoer now 7up on Mark Millar. 


30 Holes: Thomas Hanly looking good against Andy Lowe at 4up

18 Holes: Jason Meehan 3up on Patrick Noonan with Ian Farrelly back A/S with Dylan Melia 


First Result of Second Session sees James Ryan win by 12&11 over Michael Kennedy

30 Holes: John Walsh on verge of victory over John Delaney at 6up 

24 Holes: Thomas Hanly 2up on Andy Lowe, Frank Dineen 5up on Darren Fagan and Pat Martin nearing victory over Jimmy O'Neill at 10up. 


12 Holes: Ian Dillon 1up on John O'Sullivan and Dayle Donohoe 4up on Ryan Towler. 


18 Holes: A/S between Martin O'Neill and Glenn Fortune A/S with Damien Fleming 2up on Joe McGrath Jnr 

12 Holes: Ray Murphy 5up on Gary Healy 


24 Holes: John Walsh now 5up on John Delaney as James Ryan on brink of victory leading Michael Kennedy 11up.

18 Holes: Andy Lowe leads Thomas Hanley 1up 

12 Holes: Stephen Shoer 4up on Mark Millar with Shaun Ryan 5up on Aoghus Coughlan


18 Holes: Pat Martin 6up on Jimmy O'Neill 

12 Holes: James Cleary now 4up on Kevin Corcoran 


6 Holes: John O'Sullivan 1up on Ian Dillon with Dayle Donohoe 2up on Ryan Towler over same distance. 


18 Holes: Frank Dineen 3up on Darren Fagan

12 Holes: Dylan Melia still 2up on Ian Farrelly 


6 Holes: Shaun Ryan 1up on Aoghus Coughlan with Ray Murphy 4up on Gary Healy 


18 Holes: John Walsh 4up on John Delaney with James Ryan 8up on Michael Kennedy.

12 Holes: Martin O'Neill 1up on Glenn Fortune with Damien Fleming 2up on Joe McGrath Jnr. 

6 Holes: Jason Meehan 2up on Patrick Noonan, Dylan Melia 2up on Ian Farrelly, James Cleary 2up on Kevin Corcoran with Stephen Shoer 3up on Mark Millar. 


12 Holes: Pat Martin 4up on Jimmy O'Neill with Darren Collins 2up on Michael Buckley


12 Holes: Andrew Lowe 3up on Thomas Hanley as Frank Dineen leads Darren Fagan by 4up. 

6 Holes: Both Martin O'Neill and Damien Fleming 2up on Glenn Fortune and Joe McGrath Jnr respectively. 


12 Holes: James Ryan is 7up on Michael Kennedy

6 Holes: Jimmy O'Neill and Pat Martin A/S with Michael Buckley 1up on Darren Collins. 


12 Holes: John Walsh is gone 1up on John Delaney


Final Ladies Result: Rose Kelly defeats Pauline Balfe by 8&7

Gents: Andy Lowe 1up on Thomas Hanley after 6 with Frank Dineen 2up on Darren Fagan. 


Mary Murray just emerges from a tight match with Ger Holland a 1up winner to complete the Ladies First Round encounters. 

Gents: John Walsh and John Delaney are A/S after 6 Holes with James Ryan 3up on Michael Kennedy over same distance. 


Result: Barbara Furlong defeats Margaret Keogh by 8&7


Ladies Result: Local favourite Breda White survives a massive challenge from Sarah Byrne to secure her place in the Second Round with a 1up win. 


Ladies Results: A 4&3 victory for Maree O'Toole over Marian Courtney as Eleanor Walsh was a 9&8 winner over Margaret O'Donovan 


30 Holes: Maree O'Toole remains 2up on Marian Courtney with 6 Holes left to play 

24 Holes: Rose Kelly is 9up on Pauline Balfe 


Result: Chrissie Byrne is a 13&12 winner over Ailish Sexton 

30 Holes: A/S between Mary Donnelly and Glenda Hoey with 6 to play

24 Holes: Eleanor Walsh is 7up on Margaret O'Donovan 


30 Holes: Mary Murray back in front of Ger Holland now at 2up. 


Result: Sheelagh Elmes defeats Mairead O'Toole 7&6 


24 Holes: Breda White is 2up on Sarah Byrne with Mary Donnelly and Glenda Hoey A/S over same distance 


Result: Margaret Conneely is a 5&4 winner over Lily O'Brien. 

24 Holes: Ger Holland remains 1up on Mary Murray 

18 Holes: Rose Kelly 8up on Pauline Balfe with Eleanor Walsh 3up on Margaret O'Donovan. 


30 Holes: Margaret Conneely closing in on victory over Lily O'Brien at 5up. 

24 Holes: Sheelagh Elmes 8up on Mairead O'Toole with Ger Holland 1up on Mary Murray. 

18 Holes: Chrissie Byrne 9up on Ailish Sexton, Mary Donnelly 1up on Glenda Hoey with Breda White leading Sarah Byrne by the same score. Maree O'Toole is 2up on Marian Courtney with Barbara Furlong 4up on Margaret Keogh. 



First Ladies Result of the day sees defending champion Ger Ward a 6&5 winner over Nicola Ahern. 


12 Holes: Rose Kelly now 6up on Pauline Balfe with Eleanor Walsh 4up on Margaret O'Donovan 


18 Holes: Sheelagh Elmes 4up on Mairead O'Toole turning with Ger Holland 1up on Mary Murray. 


12 Holes: Barabra Furlong has gone 2up on Margaret Keogh 


12 Holes: Chrissie Byrne 6up on Ailish Sexton with Marian Byrne still 1up on Maree O'Toole 


18 Holes: Ger Ward back A/S with Nicola Ahern 

12 Holes: Sarah Byrne now 2up on Breda White 

6 Holes: Marian Courtney 1up on Maree O'Toole, Margaret Keogh 1up on Barbara Furlong, Rose Kelly 3up on Pauline Balfe with Eleanor Walsh 2up on Maragaret O'Donovan. 


Glenda Hoey and Mary Donnelly A/S after 12 Holes 


12 Holes: Mary Murray 1up on Ger Holland now 


12 Holes: Margaret Conneely is 2up on Lily O'Brien while Sheelagh Elmes is 1up on Mairead O'Toole. 


Just to confirm that both Kathleen Shanley and Pauline Lucey withdrew meaning the winner of the Mairead O'Toole and Sheelagh Elmes will go straight into the Quarter-Finals. 

Martha O'Brien has received a walkover from Margaret Delahunty, Vernoica Anglim has received a walkover from Helen Greasbey while Tara Dillon has received a walkover from Siobhan Keely  and Patsy O'Donovan has also received a walkover from Lorraine Creed. 


Final Gents Result is a 3&2 victory for Brian O'Flynn over Willie Fitzgerald meaning he will play Conor Fahy in the Second Round. 

Ladies 12 Holes: Nicola Ahern remains 2up on Ger Ward

Ladies 6 Holes: Mary Murray 2up on Ger Holland, Breda White leads Sarah Byrne by same score, Chrissie Byrne is 3up on Ailish Sexton with Mary Donnelly and Glenda Hoey A/S. 



Result: Liam O'Donovan defeats Darren Keogh 5&3 to set up a meeting with club-mate Patsy Farrell in the Second Round. 

First Ladies Updates see Nicola Ahern 2up on Ger Ward after 6 holes while Margaret Conneely and Lily O'Brien are A/S 


Result: Conor Fahy defeats John McDonald 1up to advance to Second Round. 

30 Holes: Liam O'Donovan now 3up on Darren Keogh as one other other Gents match out on course now. 


Patsy Farrell is our latest winner defeating Tony Blake 7&6 while Danny Looney has just edged a tight encounter with Julian Kelly on the last 1up. 


Result: George Beardsley comes from behind to defeat George McGreal on the last hole 1up! 


30 Holes: Danny Looney 1up with 6 to play on Julian Kelly, Brian O'Flynn's lead over Willie Fitzgerald back to 2up. 


Result: A 5&3 victory for Anthony Culhane over Peter Reilly

30 Holes: John McDonald 1up on Conor Fahy approaching closing stages.  

24 Holes: Brian O'Flynn 3up on William Fitzgerald, Patsy Farrell 7up on Tony Blake with Liam O'Donovan and Darren Keogh back A/S 


30 Holes: Anthony Culhane 6up and on the brink of victory over Peter Reilly. 


Result: Keith Redmond defeats William O'Donovan 6&5. 


Results: JR Crangle defeats Paul Carey 11&10, Bryan Delaney defeats John Fitzgerald 5&4 while Dean Grannell defeats Chris Scannell 1up! 

30 Holes: George McGreal still leads George Beardsley 1up 

18 Holes: Liam O'Donovan 3up on Darren Keogh. 


Result: David Cahill is a 5&4 winner over Chris McCarthy 

24 Holes: John Ross Crangle now 11up on Paul Carey as Danny Looney goes 2up on Julian Kelly. 


Result: John Carroll is a 5&4 winner over Morty Ahern while Paul O'Brien is a 10&9 winner over Gerard Heelan. 

30 Holes: Bryan Delaney 5up on John Fitzgerald approaching the finish. 

24 Holes: Keith Redmond 4up on William O'Donovan while Anthony Culhane is 5up on Peter O'Reilly 

18 Holes: Brian O'Flynn leads William Fitzgerald 5up, John McDonald is gone 1up on Conor Fahy again while Patsy Farrell's advantage is now 6up on Tony Blake. 


30 Holes: Chris Scannell leads Dean Grannell by 1up approaching the closing stages. 

24 Holes: Paul O'Brien now 8up on Gerard Heelan while George McGreal continues to lead George Beardsley 2up. 


First result of the day sees defending champion Shane Murphy defeat Jason O'Regan 7&6 to advance to the Second Round while Sean Cummins has just beat Eamon Gibney 6&5 to set up a meeting with Murphy in our first match tomorrow morning. 

18 Holes: JR Crangle 7up on Paul Carey while Danny Looney has pulled Julian Kelly back to A/S after being 4down after 12 holes. 


30 Holes: Shane Murphy 6up on Jason O'Regan and on the brink of victory. Sean Cummins the same with Eamon Gibney at 6up. 

24 Holes: David Cahill 4up on Chris McCarthy while Bryan Delaney now 5up on John Fitzgerald. 



18 Holes: Anthony Culhane now 4up on Peter Reilly after the First Round. 


24 Holes: Chris Scannell and Dean Grannell are A/S once more while John Carroll's lead over Morty Ahern is back to 6up

18 Holes: Keith Remond's lead over William O'Donovan back to 1up 

12 Holes: Patsy Farrell is now 3up on Tony Blake while Liam O'Donovan has now gone ahead of Darren Keogh by 1up. 


18 Holes: George McGreal now 2up on George Beardsley

12 Holes: Brian O'Flynn 4up now on Willie Fitzgerald 


24 Holes: Shane Murphy's lead over Jason O'Regan is now 5up with Sean Cummins still holding a 4up lead over Eamon Gibney

18 Holes: Paul O'Brien turns 6up on Gerard Heelan. 


18 Holes: David Cahill back 2up on Chris McCarthy while Bryan Delaney is 2up on John Fitzgerald after the First Round. 

12 Holes: Julian Kelly now 4up on Danny Looney with Conor Fahy gone 1up on John McDonald now. 


18 Holes: John Carroll 7up on Morty Ahern 

12 Holes: Anthony Culhane goes 3up on Peter Reilly while JR Crangle is now 4up on Paul Carey.  

6 Holes: 2up leads for Brian O'Flynn, Patsy Farrell and Darren Keogh over Willie Fitzgerald, Conor Fahy and Liam O'Donovan respectively. 


18 Holes: Dean Grannell moves 2up on Chris Scannell

12 Holes: Keith Redmond remains 3up on William O'Donovan 


18 Holes: Sean Cummins 4up on Eamon Gibney 

12 Holes: George McGreal 1up on George Beardsley now. 

6 Holes: Julian Kelly 3up on Danny Looney while John McDonald is 1up on Conor Fahy. 


12 Holes: Paul O'Brien 6up on Gerard Heelan now. 


18 Holes: Commanding 6up lead for our defending champion Shane Murphy on Jason O'Regan after the First Round. 

12 Holes: Bryan Delaney and John Fitzgerald are A/S


12 Holes: David Cahill's lead on Chris McCarthy is now back to 1up from 3up. 

6 Holes: Both the Anthony Culhane & Peter Reilly and JR Crangle & Paul Carey are A/S


12 Holes: Chris Scannell and Dean Grannell are A/S while John Carroll is 5up on Morty Ahern. 

6 Holes: George Beardsley 1up on George McGreal while Keith Redmond is 3up on William O'Donovan. 


12 Holes: Sean Cummins is now 3up on Eamon Gibney 

6 Holes: A/S between John Fitzgerald and Bryan Delaney while Paul O'Brien is 2up on Gerard Heelan. 


12 Holes: Shane Murphy is now 3up on Jason O'Regan 


John Carroll and David Cahill are both 3up on Morty Ahern and Chris McCarthy after 6 Holes. 


Sean Cummins is 2up on Eamon Gibney after 6 Holes while Dean Grannell and Chris Scannell are A/S over same distance. 


Shane has recovered to take a 2up lead on Jason O'Regan after 6 Holes. 


Underway, positive start for Jason O'Regan as he wins the first hole against our defending champion. 


Sun is out here thankfully so far this morning with a slight breeze. Awaiting both our defending champions Shane Murphy and Jason O'Regan to get us underway in less than 10 minutes.