2017 National Gents Strokeplay Championship Day One

Douglas & Fermoy players claim the honours on Day One

2017 National Gents Strokeplay Championship Day One image

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2017 National Gents Strokeplay Latest

Intermediate Competition Winner: Conor Irwin Douglas -15 

Junior Competition Winner: Keith Power Fermoy -13


Pictured above are our National Intermediate and Junior Strokeplay Champions for 2017 Keith Power of Fermoy (Junior) and Douglas’ Conor Irwin with the Cups for 2017 along with our President Mervyn Cooney. We hope you enjoyed a long day in Hillview and hope you can join us again for the Senior event tomorrow. 


ALL OVER and Conor Irwin of Douglas has finished on 15 under par to be crowned National Intermediate Strokeplay Champion for 2017, two ahead of Fermoy's Jimmy Quinn on -13 as Deerpark's Michael Cronin has finished third on -12. Congratulations to Conor on his win, more to follow!


Mark Kelly finishes the tournament on 10 under par with Alan Hobbart two behind him on eight under par. 


Jimmy Quinn takes clubhouse lead on 13 under as Tralee's Eamon Sheehy is finished on 10 under par. Michael Ahern has finished on seven under par with Darren Quirke four under par. 


Robbie O'Donovan has finished the tournament on nine under par while John Minogue has finished on four under. 


Conor Fahy finishes the tournament on eight under par with Dom Scully finishing on one under. 


36 Hole Leader Conor Irwin is now gone to -12 with Michael Cronin -9 with 9 to play. 


Alan Hobbart has dropped back to seven under par with Mark Kelly of Rochfortbridge now on five under par. 


Michael Ahern has dropped back to six under par while Darren Quirke has also fallen back to three under par. 


Jimmy Quinn has moved to 10 under par after 9 holes of the Intermediate playy with Eamon Sheehy remaining on eight under. 


Robbie O'Donovan has dropped back to 7 under par while John Minogue has also dropped back to 6  under par. 


Conor Fahy has moved to seven under par after the first 9 holes of the playoff, Dom Scully remains 6 under. 


In the Intermediate five under par was the qualifying score as six shots seperate the 12 players involved. 


All over in the Junior and 36 hole leader Keith Power has just held on for a one stroke victory over Tipperary Hills' Kyle Kennedy who shot eight under for the final round to finish on 12 under par with level par for Keith just giving him the win on -13. Mark Jordan of Raffeen Creek has finished third on -10. Well done to the Fermoy player on his win. Intermediate playoff now getting underway!


Junior P/O: Michael Kirby finishes -5, George Goodman -2 with Paul O'Rourke Level Par. 


Junior P/O: Karl O'Keeffe finishes on -4, Jack Carroll Level Par with Gerard Heelan +1 for the tournament. 


Junior P/O 9 Holes: Leader Keith Power remains -13 while both Nicholas Brennan and Mark Jordan are on -7 now with nine to play. 


Junior P/O 9 Holes: Kyle Kennedy moves to -8, Keith Flynn is now on -5 with Peter Kearney remaining on -3. Final Three Ball next. 


Intermediate: New clubhouse leader as Conor Irwin posts -11 for his 36 holes to take a one shot lead. 

Junior P/O 9 Holes: Michael Kirby moves to -5, Conor Goodman remains -3 while Paul O'Rourke is -1. 


Junior P/O 9 Holes: Karl O'Keeffe remains one over par, Jack Carroll is now one over while Gerard Heelan is three over par. 


After the first session of the Intermediates Michael Cronin leads on -10 ahead by one stroke from Mark Kelly on -9 with four players on eight under par including Jimmy, Quinn, Robbie O'Donovan, Darren Quirke and Eamon Sheehy. Second Session in progress. 


Junior: Keith Power leads the Junior after 36 holes with -13, five ahead of Mark Jordan on -8 with Nicholas Brennan third on -5. Follow the scoresheet to keep track of Intermediate scores. 


36 Holes: Karl O'Keeffe Level Par, Eoin Collins +5 and Gerry Plunkett +12


36 Holes: Keith Power -13, Jack Carroll -1 and Colin Lettis +3 



36 Holes: Kyle Kennedy -4, Paul O'Rourke -2 and Shane Origan +7


36 Holes: Gerard Heelan -1, Derek O'Toole +2, Dominic Kavanagh +6, Willie Ayres +7 and Gerry Lee +10 


36 Holes: Johnny Gaynor +2, Michael O'Donoghue +10


36 Holes: Nicholas Brennan -5, Michael Kirby -2, Noel Power +5, Tom O'Sullivan +6, Peter Keaney -2 and Dermot Maher +8 


27 Holes: Gerard Heelan -1, Gerard Lee +5 and Willie Ayers +7. 


27 Holes: Dominic Kavanagh +2, Thomas Kennedy +3 and Derek O'Toole +4 


27 Holes: Michael Kirby -3, Noel Power +5 and Tom Sullivan +6. 


27 Holes: Nicholas Brennan -3, Peter Kearney Level Par and Johnny Gaynor +2. 


Mark Jordan -6, Killian O'Gorman and Stephen Needham both +10 


18 Holes: Karl O'Keeffe -7, Eoin Collins +4 and Gerry Plunkett +8. 


18 Holes: Keith Power -7, Colin Lettis and Seamus Gleeson both +5


18 Holes: Noel Power +5, Kyle Kennedy +1 and John Ward +6. 


18 Holes: Michael Kirby -2, Nicholas Brennan and Jack Carroll -1, Garrath Ward and Paul O'Rourke Level, Thomas Kennedy and Peter Kearney +1, Dominic Kavanagh +2, Derek O'Toole, Tom Sullivan and Johnny Gaynor +3, Dermot Maher +4, Michael O'Donoghue +5 and Kevin McCartin +8. 


Follow scoresheet for updates for time being. 


9 Holes: Cathal Dennehy +1, Shane Origan +4 and John Ward +6. 


9 Holes: Gerard Heelan -2, Paul O'Rourke -1, Jack Carroll +1, Jerry Lee and Kevin McCartin +3 and Willie Ayers +7. 


9 Holes: Garrath Ward -1 with Dermot Maher and Michael O'Donoghue both +3. 


9 Holes: Derek O'Toole amd Thomas Kennedy -1, Michael Kirby, Dominic Kavanagh and Tom O'Sullivan Level and Noel Power +3. 


Junior 9 Holes: Peter Kearmey -1, Nicholas Brennan +1 and Johnny Gaynor +3


Good morning from an overcast but dry Hillview as we get set for the opening day of play with both the Intermediate and Junior titles down for decision.