2016 National IC Championships: Day One

Day One Report from RGSC

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2016 National Inter-County Gents ‘A; Section Latest Score

2016 National Inter-County Gents ‘B’ Section Latest Score

2016 National Inter-County Ladies Latest Score



That's play concluded on a long forst day here in RGSC. 

Sunday's Order of Play is contained underneath. We hope you tune in again tomorrow for what we hope will be an exciting conclusion to our three events. 

Sunday’s Order of Play:

8am Gents B Foursomes

8am: Monaghan, Clare & Carlow

8.30am: Waterford & Longford


8.48am Ladies Singles

8.48am:  Offaly, Meath & Tipperary

9.33am: Louth & Cork

10.03am: Kildare & Dublin


10.30am Gents B Singles

10.33am: Monaghan, Clare & Carlow

11.18am: Waterford & Longford


11.55am Gents A Foursomes

11.55am: Offaly & Kerry

12.13pm: Down & Limerick

12.31pm: Kildare & Tipperary

12.49pm: Westmeath & Wexford

1.07pm: Meath & Cork

1.25pm: Louth & Dublin


1.42pm Gents A Singles

1.42pm: Offaly & Kerry

2.12pm: Down & Limerick

2.42pm: Kildare & Tipperary

3.12pm: Westmeath & Wexford

3.42pm: Meath & Cork

4.12pm: Louth & Dublin




Gents B: Carlow are the leaders after Day One with a total of -20, one ahead of Waterford on -19 with Carlow third on -7 and Clare ending the first day on -6. 


Gents B: Longford -20, Carlow -7 and Monaghan +31 after the days play. 


Ladies: Dublin will lead overnight by six shots from Kildare after finishing their Scotch Foursomes with a combined total of -27. Maree O'Toole & Sheelagh Elmes had -7 and Ger Ward & Ger Holland -6 as part of their total. 


Ladies: Cork will lie in third overnight after finishing on -7 for their Scotch Foursomes Rounds today. 


Ladies: Meath finish on +24 with Offaly finishing on +31. 


Ladies: A closing round of -4 for Tara Dillon & Rose Kelly sees Kildare take the lead in the clubhouse with a total of -21. 


Ladies: Louth finish the day on +14 with Tipperary finishing on +21. 


Ladies: Dublin move to -19 after the first 9 holes of their second Scotch Foursomes round. Kildare are in the clubhouse with -17 with one more card to be handed in. 


Gents B: After the first 18 Holes defending champions Waterford lead by four shots from Clare and Longford with 14 under par as a great 9 under par round from Eddie Hennessy & Daniel Sullivan has them in front


Gents B: Longford post -10 for their Scotch Foursomes Round, Carlow are Level Par with Monaghan +3 after their first 18. 


Ladies: All Scotch Foursomes cards in for First Round. Dublin finish with a -7 from Siobhan Keely & Glenda Hoey along with a -4 from Ger Ward & Ger Holland to lead by four from Kildare after the first 18. Cork finish with -2 for Eleanor Walsh & Una Brosnan along with +2 for Mary Murray & Sarah Byrne to lie third overall after the First Round. 


Ladies: Maree O'Toole & Sheelagh Elmes shoot -5 for Dublin with Siobhan Scannell & Paula Nolan +1 for Cork in their first card. 

Gents B: Clare's Ger Hanrahan & Declan Sheedy -3 with Brian Farrell & Sean Hennebry -2 after 9 Holes. 


Ladies: Both Offaly's Ger Ryan & Ann Minogue along with Meath's Noreen Myles & Carol O'Brien finish +8 for their first round. 

Gents B: Clare's Brian O'Flynn & Niall Seery are -3 with Waterford's Daniel O'Sullivan & Stephen Costello +1 after ( holes. 


Ladies: Offaly's opening scores comprise +4 for Denise Pyke & Eileen Guerin while Annie & Amy Galvin are +6. Meath meanwhile had Yvonne Carney & Theresa Fagan shoot both +4 with Ann Bird & Christine Morgan +7. 

Gents B: Longford -6, Carlow -4 and Monaghan Level Par for their first 9 holes of the Scotch Foursomes


18 Holes: Louth's Mary Agnew & Marlo Everitt finish on +5 with Mary Quinn & Margaret Forde of Tipperary finidhing on +7. Kildare's Rose Kelly & Tara Dillon finish on -5 meanwhile. 


18 Holes: Kildare's Chrissie Byrne & Betty Smith finish on -6 with Noeleen Bedford & Carol Martin of Louth shooting +1. 


18 Holes: First Ladies scores recorded see Kildare's Marian Courtney & Mairead O'Toole shoot -1 with Kathleen Shanley and Frances Ryan shoot +1 for Tipperary. 


The opening day's play has concluded in the Anchor Cup and hosts Dublin have retained the lead after the Singles Round this afternoon as they lead over with a combined total of 61 under par, four clear of Leinster Champions Louth in second -57.

Defending Champions Cork are third on -51 with Meath and Wexford joint fourth on -47. Other scores include Tipperary and Westmeath both on -40 with Kildare on -36. Limerick are -33, Kerry and Down both on -28 with Offaly on -20.

Ladies & Gents B updates to follow


Ladies Underway

18 Holes: Louth finish a total of -31 for their Singles Round thanks to an eight under par score from Sean Goggin, -7 for both Ian Donnelly and Owen Smith, -5 for George Beardsley and -4 for Padraic Sarsfield. Down finish on -13 for their Singles meanwhile courtesy of -6 for Colin Somers, -3 each for Liam McMahon & Niall Quigley, -1 for Kevin Thompson * Level Par for Martin Magee.  



18 Holes: Eamon Gibney finishes on -7, Niall Winters Jnr -6 and Anthony Gibney -3 for Meath as Michael Buckley shoots -6, Pat Malone -4 and Alan Hanlon -3 for Westmeath. 

9 Holes: Kieran Earls -4 and Liam O'Donovan Level Par for Limerick as Sean Minogue -1 and Mick Fennell Level Par. 


18 Holes: Robert Bissett and Niall Winters Jnr of Meath both finish on -6 with Stephen Lynch -5 as Westmeath's John Browne has -7 with Alan Hanlon -3 & Stephen Ruane -1. 

9 Holes: Limerick's Brian Webster -4, Thomas Hanly -2 with Pacelli Darcy -1 as Tipperary's Pat Martin -4, James Ryan -3 and DJ Lynch -1. 



18 Holes: Westmeath's John McDonald finishes on -4 with Meath's Michael Conneely shooting -3. 

9 Holes: Tipperary's Anthony Culhane Level Par with Martin Keohane of Limerick +2. 


18 Holes: Offaly's Lorcan Bracken & Darren O'Connell finish on -1 with Martin Hoctor finishing +7. Kildare's Joe Ronan finishes -4 with Christy Hannon & Ian Dillon both -1. 

9 Holes: Louth's Owen Smith -4 and Sean Goggin -3 with Down's Niall Quigley -1 and Liam McMahon Level Par. 


18 Holes: Singles Scores- Offaly's Joe McGrath Jnr -6, Jamie Hogan -5, Joseph Gorman +2. Kildare's Darren Keogh & Johnny Cullen both -3 with Anthony Ryan -1. 

9 Holes: Meath's Robert Bissett, Stephen Lynch & Niall Winters Jnr all -4 with Down's Mark Flynn -2, Kevin Thomson Level Par & Martin Magee +1. 


18 Holes: Dublin new leaders after Scotch Foursomes with a total of -31 for their Scotch Foursomes cards. Gary Healy & JR Crangle shoot -13, Junior Amith & Keith Redmond -10 as Stephen Murray & Tom O'Reilly shoot -8. Cork's Bryan Delaney & John Walsh finish on -7 to brinng the defending champions total to -22. 

9 Holes: Meath's Eamon Gibney -2 with Westmeath's Pat Malone -1. Down's Colin Somers -6 with Louth's George Beardsley -1. 


18 Holes: Cork's Ray Murphy & Eoin Walsh finish -10 with Frank Dineen and Shane Murphy shooting -5. 

9 Holes: Meath's Anthony Gibney -2 with Westmeath's Michael Buckley -1. 


9 Holes: Meath's Niall Winters -4 with Westmeath's Alan Hanlon -1. 


9 Holes: Both Westmeath's John Browne & Meath's Stephen Lynch are -4. 


18 Holes: Wexford's Graham Donohoe & John Hudson bring in -8 to make Model County new leaders in clubhouse as Kerry's Damien Fleming & Aidan O'Connor shoot -5. 

9 Holes: Meath's Robert Bissett -4 with Westmeath's Stephen Ruane -1. 


18 Holes: An advance on the best Scotch Foursomes card so far sees William Hudson & Dayle Donohoe of Wexford shoot -12 with team-mates Dean Grannell & Derek Ryan shooting -7 as Kerry's John McGrath & Jamie Blake bring in -5. 

9 Holes: Meath's Michael Conneely is -2 with Westmeath's John McDonald Level par. 


18 Holes: Kerry's Declan McCarron & Richard Bunyan finish on -3 

9 Holes: Offaly's Martin Hoctor -2 with Kildare's Ian Dillon -1. 


18 Holes: Tipperary's Sean Minogue & Mick Fennell finish -8 with Limerick's Liam O'Donovan & Kieran Earls shooting -4. 

9 Holes: Kildare's Chrity Hannon -2 with Offaly's Darren O'Connell +1. 


18 Holes: Limerick's Thomas Hanley & Brian Webster finish on -6. Tipperary's Anthony Culhane & Pat Martin finish -5 with DJ Lynch & James Ryan -7. 

9 Holes: Kildare's Anthony Ryan & Joe Ronan both -2 with Offaly's Lorcan Bracken -2 and Joseph Gorman +1. 


18 Holes: Limerick's Martin Keohane & Pacelli Darcy finish on -3 

9 Holes: Offaly's Jamie Hogan and Kildare's Johnny Cullen both -2. 


9 Holes: Kildare's Darren Keogh is -4 with Offaly's Joe McGrath Jnr -2 


18 Holes: Best Scotch Foursomes Card so far sees Louth's Sean Goggin & Owen Smith post -11 with Down's Liam McMahon & Niall Quigley -3. 

9 Holes: Dublin's JR Crangle & Gary Healy are -6 with Cork's Bryan Delaney & John Walsh -2. 


18 Holes: Louth's Ian Donnelly & Barry Thornton -8 with Down's Mark Flynn & Martin Magee -1. 

9 Holes: Cork's Ray Murphy & Eoin Walsh -6 with with Dublin's Keith Redmond & Junior Smith -4. 


18 Holes: Down's Colin Somers & Kevin Thompson post -9 with Louth's George Beardsley & Padraic Sarsfield -7. 


18 Holes: Westmeath's Michael Buckley & Pat Malone finish -8 with Meath's Anthony & Eamon Gibney both on -9. 

9 Holes: Kerry's Damien Fleming & Aidan O'Connor -4 with Wexford's Graham Donohoe & John Hudson same score. Dublin's Stephen Murray & Tom O'Reilly -4 with Cork's Shane Murphy & Frank Dineen -2. 


18 Holes: Westmeath's Alan Hanlon & John Browne finish -2 with Meath's Stephen Lynch & Niall Winters Jnr posting a score of -8. 


18 Holes: Westmeath's John McDonald & Stephen Ruane post -6 with Michael Conneely & Robert Bissett of Meath -3. 

9 Holes: Wexford's Dayle Donohoe & William Hudson -6 with Dean Grannell & Derek Ryan -4 as Kerry's John McGrath & Jamie Blake are -4 & Richard Bunyan & Declan McCarron -1.  


9 Holes: Tipperary's Sean Minogue & Mick Fennell -4 with Liam O'Donovan & Kieran Earls of Limerick -2. 


18 Holes: Kildare's Ian Dillon & Christy Hannon are -8 with Anthony Ryan & Joe Ronan -7. Ofally's Darren O'Connell & Martin Hoctor are -1 with Lorcan Bracken & Joseph Gorman +2. 

9 Holes: Both Limerick's Martin Keohane & Pacewlli Darcy along with Tipperary's Anthony Culhane are -1. Tipp's DJ Lynch & James are -4 with Brian Webster & Thomas Hanley -2. 


18 Holes: Offaly's Joe McGrath Jnr & Jamie Hogan finish -10 while Darren Keogh & Johnny Cullen of Kildare finish -8.

9 Holes: Down's Colin Somers & Kevin Thompson -3, Mark Flynn & Martin Magee along with Niall Quigley & Liam McMahon -1. Louth's Barry Thornton & Ian Donnelly -4 with both George Beardsley & Owen Smith -3 over same distance. 


The final Meath and Westmeath pairs of Anthony & Eamon Gibney and Michael Buckley & Pat Malone are -4 after 9 holes. 


Meath's Stephen Lynch & Niall Winters are -3 after 9 holes with Westmeath's John Browne & Alan Hanlon -1 over same distance. 


Westmeath's Stephen Ruane & John McDonald are -3 after 9 Holes with Meath's Michael Conneely & Robert Bissett -1 after 9. 


Kildare's Christy Hannon & Ian Dillon -2 after 9 holes, Offaly's Darren O'Connell & Martin Hoctor Level over same distance. 


Anthony Ryan & Joe Ronan are -3 after 9 holes with Joseph Gorman & Martin Hoctor +1 over same distance. 


Both Kildare's Darren Keogh & Johnny Cullen along with Offaly's Joe Mcgrath Jnr & Jamie Hogan are -4 after 9 holes. 



Pairings of Joe McGrath Jnr & Jamie Hogan from Offaly and Darren Keogh & Johnny Cullen from Kildare gets us underway!