2016 National Gents Strokeplay Day One Blog and Scoreboard

Titles go to Dayle Donohoe and Ashley Lowry

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2016 National Gents Strokeplay Senior Grade

2016 National Gents Strokeplay Inter Grade

2016 National Gents Strokeplay Junior Grade Latest


Pictured bove are our 2016 National Junior and Intermediate Strokeplay Champions Dayle Donohoe & Ashley Lowry's pictured with PPUI President Mervyn Cooney. We hope you all enjoyed our coverage today & look foward to seeing you all again tomorrow for the Seniors from 8.30am.


Dayle Donohoe pars the last hole to win the National Intermediate Strokeplay title with a score of -21, 141 by a stroke from Michael Vaughan to make up for his disappointment of losing the National Matchplay Final back in Seapoint.  His St Patricks club-mate Kevin Doyle gets third on countback with his final round of seven under par. Well done to Dayle on his win. Photos to follow


Michael Vaughan finishes -20 with Liam Huson -13. Dayle Donohoe is -21 playing the last hole with Jmaes Dignan -15. 


Patrick Murphy finishes on -15 with Albert Mithen's total -12. 


Looking good for Dayle Donohoe now as he is -21 with three to play. Michael Vaughan is now -20 with one to play. 


Both Frank O'Brien and Aidan O'Connor finish on -11. 


Michael Vaughan moves to -18 with six holes left to play. Dayle Donohoe answers in going to -19 with six to play! Kevin Doyle sets new clubhouse target on -15 after a round of 47 as Edward Walsh finishes on -13. James Dignan is -15 on course. 


36 Hole Leader Dayle Donohoe moves to -17, one clear of Michael Vaughan as James Dignan is -14 with nine to play. 


Michael Vaughan turns -16 as Liam Huson moves to -14 with Nine to play. 


Conor Irwin has finished on -13 for the clubhouse lead. Charlie Morrissey finishes on -11. Out on the course Patrick Murphy is now -13 with Albert Mithen still on -10 with Nine to play. 


In the Intermediate Playoff, Kevin Doyle and Conor Irwin have both moved to -13. Edward Walsh and Frank O'Brien are both on -10, Aidan O'Connor remains on -9 as Charlie Morrissey is on -8 with Nine to play. 


All over in the Junior and Ashley Lowry from the host club has held on for a big local success with a total of -11 151. He beats three other players including club-mate John Connolly, Stephen Harte of Collinstown and Glenn Fortune of St Patricks who all finished on -10. John and Glenn got second and third on countback. Well done to Ashley on his great closing round of -7 to win the Grade!


Junior Playoff: John Connolly finishes on -10, Anthony Burke -6 as we await the final pairings cards..


Junior Playoff: Ashley Lowry new leader on -11 as Padraig Hobbert is now second on -7. Martin Russell finishes tournament on level par. 


Junior Playoff: Mick Feehan joins Middleton on -4 as Anthony McDonnell Snr and Jason Cunningham both finish on -2. 


Junior Playoff: Damian Middleton finishes tournament on -4 with Gerald O'Brien falling back to -1 on the Back Nine. 


Inter P/O Qualifiers 

Dayle Donoghue -15

James Dignan -13

Michael Vaughan -12

Liam Huson -10

Albert Mithen -10

Patrick Murphy -9

Frank O'Brien -9

Aidan O'Connor -9

Edward Walsh -8

Kevin Doyle -8

Conor Irwin -8

Charlie Morrissey -7

P/O Underway 


Junior Playoff: Glenn Fortune has moved to -10 as Stephen Harte remains on-8 with Nine to Play. A two shot lead for the St Patricks player approaching the closing stages. 

Intermediate Playoff Qualifiers Immiment 


Junior Playoff Update: John Connolly moves to -8 with Anthony Burke on -6 with Nine Holes left to play. 


Junior Playoff Update: Martin Russell slips back to -1 with Padraig Hobbert still on -5 with Nine to play.


Junior Playoff Update: Ashley Lowry moves to -7, with Jason Cunningham on -5 with Nine to Play. 


Selected Inter Scores after 36: Dayle Donohoe -15, Albert Mithen -10, Frank O'Brien -9, Kevin Doyle and Edward Walsh -8. 

Junior Playoff Update: Gerard O'Brien moves to -6, Mick Feehan -5, Damian Middleton -4 as Anthony McDonnell Snr stays on -3. 



36 Holes: Tom McMorrow and Weeshie Murphy -7, Darren Duffy -5, Richard Burke -4 and Martin Freaney Level Par, Mark Donnelly +4 

27 Holes: Kevin Doyle and Frank O'Brien -7, Edward Walsh -5, Frank O'Brien -3, Charlie Egan and Willie Prendergast +2, 


36 Holes: Ruairi Fortune -3, Gavin Carroll -1 and John Scully +1. 

27 Holes: Albert Mithen -10, Declan Hogan -9 and Alan O'Keeffe +3


36 Holes: Conor Irwin -8, Owen Farrell, Creagh Courtney, Ger O'Sullivan and JP Mullally all -7, David Campbell -2

27 Holes: Patrick Murphy -6, Brian Doyle -5, Gerard Hogan -4, Paul Malone -2, Evan Sheehan -1 and Aidan O'Rourke Level 


36 Holes: Anthony Ryan Level, Paul Cooney +1 and olin Sheehan +4

27 Holes: Dayle Donohoe -12, Richard Bunyan -5 and Frank O'Neill Level 


Completed Inter Scores: Michael Vaughan -12, Aidan O'Connor -9, Jamie Hogan -5, David Cassidy -2 Sean Kearney +1, Stephen Keatinge +7 

27 Holes: Darren Duffy and Robert O'Donnell -7, Richard Burke -3, Martin Freaney -1, Martin Loran and Barry Neilus both +1. 


Completed Inter Scores: Kieran Egan -3, Billy Griffin +1 and Gerry Thompson +4. 

27 Holes: Tom McMorrow -6, Weeshie Murphy -4 and Mark Donnelly Level 


27 Holes: Ruairi Fortune -5, John Scully -2 and Gavin Carroll +2. 


27 Holes: Conor Irwin -7, Creagh Courtney -5 and David Campbell -1. 

18 Holes: James Dignan -6, Brian Cahill -3, Liam Huson & Charlie Morrissey both Level and Phillip Williams Fermoy +1. 

All Inters on Secound Round 


27 Holes: Ger O'Sullivan -6, John Paul Mullally and Owen Farrell both -5. 

18 Holes: Don McCormack -7, Derek Ryan -6, Paddy Kelly -4, Alan Bennis Level, Derek Healy -3 and Cian Morrisson -2. 


27 Holes: John Farrell -2, Jamie Hogan, Anthony Ryan and David Cassidy -1, Patrick Williams +1,  Pat McCarthy and Paul Cooney +2, Colin Sheehan +3  and Stephen Keatinge +6. 


27 Holes: Michael Vaughan -9, Aidan O'Connor -7, Kieran Egan -4, Sean Kearney -1, Billy Griffin Level and Gerry Thompson +4

18 Holes: Edward Walsh -1, Willie Prendergast Level and John Troy Jnr +1 


18 Holes: Kevin Doyle -5, Frank O'Brien -3 and Charlie Egan +4. 


18 Holes: Albert Mithen -6, Declan Hogan -5 and Alan O'Keeffe +5. 


Selection of Nine Hole Scores: Don McCormack and Derek Ryan -4, John Troy Jnr -3 and James Dignan and Brian Cahill both -2


18 Holes: Evan Sheehan -5, Patrick Murphy -2, Paul Malone -1, Brian Doyle Level, Gerard Hogan +2, Aidan O'Rourke +3


18 Holes: Dayle Donohoe -5, Richard Bunyan -2 and Frank O'Neill -1 


Inters after 18: Robert O'Donnell and Tom McMorrow -4, Richard Burke -3, Darren Duffy and Weeshie Murphy -2, Barry Neils and Martin Loran Level, Martin Freaney and Mark Donnelly +3. 


18 Holes: Ger O'Sullivan and Conor Irwin -6, Creagh Courtney, Owen Farrell and John Scully -1, Ruairi Fortune and JP Mulally Level, David Campbell +1 and Gavin Carroll +3. 


18 Holes: John Farrell -2, Pat McCarthy and David Cassidy -1, Anthony Ryan Level, Patrick Williams +2, Paul Cooney +3 and Colin Sheehan +4. 




Inter Scores after 18: Aidan O'Connor -4, Kieran Egan and Michael Vaughan -3, David Cassidy -1, Jamie Hogan and Billy Griffin Level, Gerry Thompson +1, Sean Kearney +3 and Stephen Keatinge +7 



Intermediates underway, Scoreboard to follow



Inter After Nine: Conor Irwin -3, Creagh Courtney -2, JP Mullally, Ger O'Sullivan, Owen Farrell and David Campbell all -1. 


Completed Junior Scores: Michael Molloy -1, Timmy Looney Jnr +5 and Colin Campbell +7. 

Inter after 9: John Farrell -1, Pat McCarthy Level and Patrick Williams +2 


Completed Junior Scores: Mick Feehan -3Jim Molloy and Ger Keohoe both -1

Inter after 9: Anthony Ryan -1, Colin Sheehan Level and Paul Cooney +2


Inter After Nine: Jamie Hogan and David Cassidy -1 and Stephen Keating +5. 


Intermediate Updates After Nine Holes: 

Michael Vaughan -3, Billy Griffin and Aidan O'Connor -2, Kieran Egan Level, Sean Kearney +1 and Gerry Thompson +2


36 Holes: Padraig Hobbert -5, Kevin Knox +2, Anthony Maher +5


Junior Completed Scores: Mark Kavanagh -1, Ryan Walsh +2 and Patrick Ryan +7 


36 Holes: John Connolly -7, Ross O'Reilly +2 and David Donoghue +3

27 Holes: Conor Fahy -1, Liam Farrell +1, John O'Brien +4, Emmet Doran +5 and Roger Guthrie +8 


36 Holes: Stephen Harte -8, Iain Edwards +1 and Michael Kenny +9. 

27 Holes: Michael Molloy -1, Colin Campbell +3 and Timmy Looney Jnr +7. 


36 Holes: Ashley Lowry -4, Damian Middleton -3, John Kennedy Level, Conor Walsh +3, Paddy Noonan +6 and Joseph O'Riordan +10

27 Holes: Mick Feehan -3, Ger Keogh Level Par and Jim Molloy +2. 


36 Holes: Glenn Fortune -7, Martin Russell -4, Jason Cunnigham & Anthony McDonnell Snr -3, Gerald O'Brien -1, Martin O'Sullivan and William Clear +1, Stephen Redmond +4, Tom Crowe +5, Eamon O'Rourke +6 Hugh O''Sullivan +9, William Hudson +11,  Aaron Winters +13 and PJ Ryan +16.

27 Holes: Padraig Hobbert -2, Kevin Knox +1 and Anthony Maher +4. 



27 Holes: Stephen Harte -9, John Connolly -8, Mark Kavanagh -1, Ian Edwards Level, Ryan Walsh +1, Ross O'Reilly & David Donoghue +3 and Michael Kenny +7. 


36 Holes: Richard Burke -5, Stephen Cavanagh Jnr +4 and Seamus Holleran +8



First 36 Holes Junior Scores:

Sean Miller +2, Matthew King +9 and Shane Lowry +10


27 Holes: Ashley Lowry -3, John Kennedy Level and Paddy Noonan +6


27 Holes: Damian Middleton -2, Conor Walsh Level Par and Joseph O'Riordan +9 

18 Holes: Liam Farrell Level Par and Emmet Doran +4


27 Holes: William Clear -2, Martin O'Sullivan Level Par and Jamie Leech +6. 

18 Holes: Conor Fahy -1, John O'Brien +7 and Roger Guthrie +9


27 Holes: Stephen Redmond +2, Eamonn O'Rourke +5 and William Hudson Snr +9

18 Holes: Michael Molloy -2, Colin Campbell +1 and Timmy Looney Jnr +2 


27 Holes: Anthony McDonnell Snr -4, Tom Crowe +1 and Aaron Winters +10. 

18 Holes: Mick Feehan -3 and Ger Keogh & Jim Molloy both +2. 


27 Holes: Jason Cunningham -2, Martin Russell -1 and Hugh O'Sullivan +8. 

18 Holes: Padraig Hobbert -1, Kevin Knox and Anthony Maher both +1. 


27 Holes: Glenn Fortune -3, Gerard O'Brien +1 and PJ Ryan +12 


27 Holes: Anthony Burke -4, Stephen Cavanagh Jnr +1 and Seamus Hollernan +5


27 Holes: Sean Miller Level, Shane Lowry +2 and Matthew King +6 

18 Holes: Ryan Walsh and Mark Kavanagh both Level and Patrick Ryan +4

9 Holes: Liam Farrell -1 and Emmet Doran +3 


18 Holes: John Connolly -6, Stephen Harte -3, Iain Edwards & Ross O'Reilly both +1 and Michael Kenny and David Donoghue both +4


9 Holes: Conor Fahy -1, John O'Brien +4 and Roger Guthrie +7. 


18 Holes: Ashley Lowry -4, Paddy Noonan and John Kennedy +1

9 Holes: Michael Molloy -1, Timmy Looney Level and Colin Campbell +1


18 Holes: Conor Walsh -3, Damian Middleton Level and Joseph O'Riordan +1

9 Holes: Mick Feehan Erry -1, Jim Molloy Level and Ger Keogh +1


18 Holes: William Clear Level, Martin O'Sullivan +1, Stephen Redmond +2 Eamon O'Rourke +3, Jamie Leech +5 and William Hudson +7. 

9 Holes: Padraig Hobbert -4, Kevin Knox and Anthony Maher both +1. 


18 Holes: Anthony McDonnell Snr -5, Tom Crowe Level and Aaron Winters +9 


18 Holes: Martin Russell and Jason Cunningham both Level, Hugh O'Sullivan +5.

9 Holes: Ryan Walsh and Mark Kavanagh both +2 and Patrick Ryan +3. 


18 Holes: Glenn Fortune +1, Gerard O'Brien +2 and PJ Ryan +10 


18 Holes: Anthony Burke -1, Stephen Cavanagh Jnr Level and Seamus Hollernan +6

9 Holes: John Connolly -3, David Donoghue Level and Ross O'Reilly +2 


9 Holes: Stephen Harte and Iain Edwards both -1 and Michael Kenny +3


18 Holes: Shane Lowry +2, Sean Miller +3 and Matthew King +4

9 Holes: Paddy Noonan -2, John Kennedy Level and Ashley Lowry +1 


9 Holes: Conor Walsh -3,  Damian Middleton -1 and Joseph O'Riordan +1. 


9 Holes: William Clear -2, Martin O'Sullivan +3 and Jamie Leech +5. 



9 Holes: Stephen Redmond +2 and William Hudson Snr and Eamon O'Rourke both +4. 


9 Holes: Anthony McDonnell Snr -4, Tom Crowe Level and Aaron Winters +4. 


9 Holes: Martin Russell and Jason Cunnigham both -2 and Hugh O'Sullivan +3. 


Updates every nine holes 


9 Holes: PJ Ryan -3, Glenn Fortune Level and Gerald O'Brien +1. 


9 Holes: Anthony Burke -3, Stephen Cavanagh Jnr -1, Sean Miller Level, Matthew King +2, Shane Lowry +3 and Seamus Hollernan +5. 


Stephen Cavanagh Jnr of Tipperary Hills officially gets us underway at the National Gents Strokeplay in tullamore