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Keep track by following the Booklet for Reports, Nominations, Motions and Recommendations and the Handicap Document for the vote on the Handicap System later. 


All Recomendations and Convention has formally ended for 2016. We wish our departing NEC Officers, Eamon Birchall, Padraig O'Shea, Mary Farrell and Liam Leahy well as they step down from the top table. We welcome Mervyn Cooney back for his second term as PPUI President along with Liam Sherry and both Ger O'Connor and Mark Keohane who will be taking office for the first time. Further details on this year's Convention will be available in the coming days and weeks but we conclude by wishing everyone a safe journey home from Abbeyleix after a long day. 


Recommendations now being taken. 


Motion 19 withdrawn. Motion 18 passed, National Matchplay Finalists will be invited to compete in following year's competition provided they enter and pay their entry fee accordingly. 


Motion 16 Withdrawn, Motion 17 also withdrawn. 


Motion 15 in relation to Postal Voting passed, no more postal votes allowed for future elections!


Myles McMorrow elected National Competition Co-Ordinator as Liam Leahy declares his intention to step down from the NEC. Ger O'Connor elected new Technical Officer and Mark Keohane elected new Munster/Connacht Co-Ordinator. All other Officers returned as per 2015. 


Motions 8 and 9 passed. Helen McMorrow returned as PPUI Registrar after a vote of 66-45 in her favour against Frank Dineen. 


Motions 5 and 6 withdrawn from Convention. 


Ballot underway now for PPUI Registrar, Frank Dineen runs against Helen McMorrow. 


Motions relating to Three Club Issue withdrawn on advice of Handicap Committee. Liam Sherry elected Vice-President after winning a ballot with Myles McMorrow by 63-60. 


Motion Three carried unanimously. Three Club Issue being discussed at present. 


Motion 2 carried unanimously as well. Motion 7 withdrawn in support. 


Vores being cast for Vice President between Myles McMorrow, Liam Sherry and Davy Reddin. In meantime the first of our Mtions has been passed almost unanimously with the new Online Handicap System approved by the Meeting. 


Mervyn Cooney elected PPUI President for second time after winning a ballot with Padraig O'Shea by 76-53. 


President proposes Standing Orders to be suspended and proceed straight to motions which is agreed by Meeting. 


We have made presentations also to our outgoing Officers President Eamon Birchall and Competition Co-Ordinator Mary Farrell in recognition of their time as National Executive Officers. 


We have just presented the award for the No 1 Ranked Players and while Ger Ward unfortunately couldn't be with us today, we were delighted to present John Walsh with his award for the second consecutive year. 


We continue with some of the uncontested positions while we await the result of the Presidential Election. Michael Murphy and Breda Brophy are both returned unopposed as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. 


In the meantime, we will proceed with the election of Patrons with John Coleman of Lakewood proposed to replace Mrs Catherine Bell in our list. Congratulations to John on this honour. 


Both Padraig O'Shea & Mervyn Cooney have indicated their wish to run for President, ballot underway. 


Back Underway at Convention, about to commencement the Election of Officers. 


Delighted to say its none other than Junior Ryan Of St Annes, congratulations to Junior on same. 


We are finished with reports and are now about to announce the 2016 Hall of Fame Recipient!


Technical Officers Report now completed , we move on to our final report now, the U-16 Officers Report. 


Communication and Press Officer's Report taken, we move on now to the Development Officer's Report which has also now been passed. 


Registrar's Report now complete. we move on now to the Communications & Press Officer's Report. 


Provincial Co-Ordinators Reports both taken, we move on now to the Registrar's Report 


National Competition Co-Ordinator's Report now discussed, move on now to the Provincial Co-Ordinator's Report. 


After both the Secretary and Treasurer's Report we are currently taking the National Competition Co-Ordinator's Report. 


We now continue with Officer Reports, after a vote it is proposed that they be taken as read. 


Minutes read and proposed and seconded by Michael Desmond and Lily Slattery respectively. 


After a well observed minutes silence in memory of those who have passed awayu in the past year we now have the Minutes of last year's Meeting read by Hon Secretary Michael Murphy. 


President Eamon Birchall formally gets proceedings underway.