2015 National Matchplay Championships Day One

Gents First Round First Session Complete, Ladies First Round Underway

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National Matchplay Latest Scores


And the Final Result of the day has just come in with Damien Fleming coming from behind to defeat Gerry Coyne 3&2. We hope you've enjoyed our updates and coverage of Day One. Join us again from 9am in the morning when we will commence with the Second Round of the Gents followed by the Second Round of the Ladies at 11.30am. Read below for how Day One unfolded but until tomorrow Slan! 


Joe McGrath Jnr has defeated his club-mate Sean Buckley 5&4. Willie Fitzgerald was a 2&1 victor over Donal Duggan meanwhile. Mortimer Galvin was victorious over Darren O'Reilly by the same scoreline. Kevin McCarthy beat Joe Ronan in another 2&1 match. 


Damien Fleming back to A/S with Gerry Coyne with six holes left. Ray Murphy has defeated Dom Scully 7&6. 


Eoin Walsh has held off Darren O'Connell's late charge to win by 1up. 


Mortimer Galvin now 1up on Darren O'Reilly with six to play, Kevin McCarthy 2up on Joe Ronan over same distance with Joe McGrath Jnr 3up on Sean Buckley. Jim Judge Jnr a 10&9 winner over Che Maher. 


Liam Myers an 11&10 victor over Ronan Loughnane. Better luck for Ronan's Lakeside club-mate Michael Fennell as he defeats Eamon Gibney 1up.


Jim Judge Jnr and Liam Myers now 9up over Che Maher and Ronan Loughnane respectively after 24 holes. Gerry Coyne's lead over Damien Fleming now 2up after 24. Ray Murphy 6up on Dom Scully after 24 with William Fitzgerald 2up on Donal Duggan with six to play. 


Eoin Walsh's lead over Darren O'Connell is now only 1up with six to play. 


Darren O'Reilly is gone back ahead of Mortimer Galvin 1up with 12 to play. Joe McGrath Jnr is 3up on Sean Buckley over same distance. 


Kieran Earls has defeated Jason O'Regan 5&4. while the matches involving Mick Fennell and Eamon Gibney along with Bryan Delaney and Aengus Coughlan are both A/S with six to play. Kevin McCarthy is 3up on Joe Ronan with 12 to play however. 


First Results of Gents Second Session sees Paul Tobin defeat reigning National Strokeplay Champion Liam O'Donovan 5&4. Paul O'Brien and Martin Carter were both 7&6 victors over Jason Meehan and Martin Keohane meanwhile. Ray Murphy is 6up on Dom Scully after 18 holes 


Gerry Coyne 3up on Damien Fleming after 18. 


Eoin Walsh now 3up on Darren O'Connell after 24 holes. Jim Judge Jnr and Liam Myers both 8up on Che Maher and Ronan Loughnane respectively after 18 holes. 


Eamon Gibney remains 1up on Michael Fennell after 24 holes. William Fitzgerald's lead over Donal Duggan is down to 3up over same distance with Darren O'Reilly and Mortimer Galvin A/S after 18 and Joe McGrath Jnr 2up on Sean Buckley in the battle of the Erry club-mates. 


Bryan Delaney now 2up on Aengus Coughlan through 24. Kevin McCarthy is 3up on Joe Ronan after 18 meanwhile. 


Paul Tobin still 3up on Liam O'Donovan through 24, Paul O'Brien 7up on Jason Meehan over same distance with Martin Carter and Kieran Earls both 5up in their matches with Martin Keohane and Jason O'Regan. 


Eoin Walsh 4up on Darren O'Connell after 18. 


William Fitzgerald is now 5up on Donal Duggan after 18. 


Eamon Gibney's lead over Michael Fennell is now 1up after 18. 


Aengus Coughlan leads Bryan Delaney 1up after 18. 


Paul O'Brien is 3up on Jason Meehan after 18 holes, Martin Carter leads Martin Keohane by the same score after 18.  Kieran Earls has maintained a 5up lead over Jason O'Regan. 


Gents Second Session: 18 hole scores- Paul Tobin leads Liam O'Donovan 3up, Paul Nolan received a walkover from Pat Norton meanwhile. 


Apologies for the absence. Completing the Ladies First Round Scores, Marian Byrne was a 7&6 winner over Mary Donnelly, Siobhan Keely beat Ann Bird 1up, Pauline Balfe was a 6&4 winner over Margaret Keogh, Paula Nolan beat Noreen Myles 6&5, Maree O'Toole beat Glenda Hoey by the same score with Ger Ward an 8&7 winner over Lily O'Brien. 


More Ladies Results see Chrissie Byrne advance by a 10&8 score over Helen Greagsbey, Tara Dillon is also through after a 7&6 win over Mairead O'Toole. 


Breda Lonergan's defence of the Ladies title continues as she held off local favourite Martha O'Brien by a 2&1 margin. Tracey McGrath was victorious over Linda Thomson by 9&8. Pauline Balfe is 5up on Margaret Keogh with 12 holes left. 


Mary Murray and Eleanor Walsh have both advanced to the Second Round after 10&9 victories prespectively over Margaret O'Donovan and Betty Cody. Tracey McGrath is 9up on Linda Thomson after 24 with Marian Byrne 3up on Mary Donnelly over same distance. Paula Nolan is 1up on Noreen Myles after 18 with Ger Ward 5up on Lily O'Brien. 


Ann Bird 2up on Siobhan Keely after 24. 



Tara Dillon 7up on Mairead O'Toole after 24 holes, Chrissie Byrne 6up on Helen Greagsbey with 12 to play. First two Ladies results sees Sheelagh Elmes win by 9&8 over Patricia Murphy, Margaret Hogan won 10&9 against Rose Kelly. Still no seperating either Martha O'Brien or Breda Lonergan with six to go! 



Geraldine Ward 1up on Lily O'Brien through 12. Tracey McGrath 7up on Linda Thomson, Marian Byrne 5up on Mary Donnelly, both after 18. Mary Murray 11up on Margaret O'Donovan with 12 left.


Maree O'Toole leads Glenda Hoey 1up after 12. Eleanor Walsh 9up on Betty Cody after 24. 


Paula Nolan 2up on Noreen Myles through 12. Chrissie Byrne leads Helen Greagsbey 5up after 18, Ann Bird 3up on Siobhan Keely after 18 as well. Sarah Byrne and Phil Condron level through 24. 


Pauline Balfe 3up on Margaret Keogh through 24. Margaret Hogan 9up on Rose Kelly through 24. 


Sheelagh Elmes 6up on Patricia Murphy through 24 holes. 


Marian Byrne 3up on Mary Donnelly after 12. Some 18 Hole Scores. Breda & Martha still A/S going onto 25th. Eleanor Walsh 7up on Betty Cody, Mary Murray 8up on Margaret O'Donovan and Tara Dillon 6up on Mairead O'Toole. 


Ger Ward 2up on Lily O'Brien after six. Tracey McGrath 5up on Linda Thomson after 12. 


Chrissie Byrne 5up on Helen Greagsbey after 12 holes. 


Paula Nolan is 2up on Noreen Myles after six holes. 


Marian Byrne 1up on Mary Donnelly after six. Pauline Balfe 1up on Margaret Keogh after six. Mary Murray 6up on Margaret O'Donovan after 12, Tara Dillon 4up on Mairead O'Toole after 12. 


Eleanor Walsh 6up on Betty Cody after 12. Ann Bird 1up on Siobhan Keely after six holes. 


Apologies for omitting the Sean Harkins vs. Cian Morrisson in the Gents. Sean was a 5&4 winner. Sarah Byrne still leads Phil Condron by 1up after 12. 


Chrissie Byrne is 4up on Helen Greagsbey after 6 holes


Margaret Hogan still 5up on Rose Kelly after 12 holes.


Sheelagh Elmes 2up on Patricia Murphy after 12. 


Eleanor Walsh 4up on Betty Cody after six, Mary Murray 3up on Margaret O'Donovan. JR Crangle defeats Dean Grannell 2&1, John Cahill victorious by same score over Darren Keogh and Charlie Morrissey beats Barry McQuillian at the 40th hole. Gents First Session now complete. Breda Lonergan and Martha O'Brien still A/S after 12. 


Charlie Morrissey and Barry McQuillian are gone to the fourth tie hole! 


Margaret Hogan 5up on Rose Kelly after 6 holes, Sarah Byrne 1up on Phil Condron over same distance. James Ryan defeats Padraic Sarsfield 5&4 in the Gents. Chris Gallagher defeats Anthony Culhane at the first playoff hole! 


A/S between Breda Lonergan and Martha O'Brien after six holes, Sheelagh Elemes is 1up on Patricia Murphy over same distance. Geraldine Edwards conceded a walkover to Siobhan McDonnell who advances to tomorrow's Second Round. 


Michael Buckley defeats Junior Smith at the first playoff hole. Barry McQuillian and Charlie Morrissey are gone to sudden death as well! 


John Cahill 3up on Darren Keogh with six to play, JR Crangle 1up on Dean Grannell with six to play. 


James Ryan is 5up on Padraic Sarsfield with six to play. 


Anthony Culhane and Chris Gallagher A/S with six to play. Patricia Murphy starts her encounter with Sheelagh Elemes in the Ladies with a Hole-in-One! 


Ian Farrelly defeats Brian Barry 6&5, Chris Scannell beats Thomas Hanly 6&5 with Ian Dillon a 5&4 winner over Stephen Murray. Barry McQuillian 1up on Charlie Morrissey with six to play. 


George McGreal has defeated Anthony Galvin 8&6. 


Jason Larkin defeats Ger Hanrahan 6&5, John O'Meara triumphs over Ian Leech by the same score. Junior Smith 1up on Michael Buckley with six to play. Ladies about to commence shortly. 


Chris Scannell 4up on Thomas Hanly with six to play. 


Shane Murphy is a 3&2 victor over Darren Reilly. 


Sean Harkins 4up with six to play, Ian Dillon 6up with six to play. 


First Result of the Day sees John Walsh record a 3&2 win over Richard Bunyan, James Ryan is 6up turning on Padraic Sarsfield while John Cahill is 5up after 18 against Darren Keogh. Dean Grannell 2up on JR Crangle after 18 while John O'Meara is 6up with six to play on Ian Leech. 


Anthony Culhane 1up on Chris Gallagher after 18 holes. Ian Farrelly 4up on Brian Barry with six to play. 


George McGreal and Barry McQuillan both 2up after 18 against Anthony Galvin and Charlie Morrissey respectively. Jason Larkin 5up on Ger Hanrahan with six to play. 


Dean Grannell 2up on JR Crangle after 12 holes, John Walsh 5up on Richard Bunyan after 30 holes. Ian Farrelly 2up on Brian Barry after 24 holes. 


John Cahill's lead over Darren Keogh is now 3up after 12 holes. Junior Smith and Michael Buckley are A/S after 18 holes. 


Ian Dillon 5up on Stephen Murray after 18, Chris Scannell 6up on Thomas Hanly over same distance. Jason Larkin 7up on Ger Hanrahan after 24 holes. Anthony Culhane and Chris Gallagher now A/S after 12 holes, James Ryan is now leading Padraic Sarsfield by 2up after 12 holes. 


John O'Meara 4up on Ian Leech after 18, Sean Karkins 5up on Cian Morrisson over same distance. Barry McQuillan now 2up on Charlie Morrissey after 12 holes. JR Crangle 1up on Dean Grannell after Seven Holes. 


Padraic Sarsfield and John Cahill both 2up on James Ryan and Darren Keogh respectively after Seven Holes. George McGreal's lead over Anthony Galvin down to 1up after 12 holes. John Walsh's lead over Richard Bunyan now 6up after 24 holes. 


Shane Murphy 4up on Darren Reilly after First Round, Ian Farrelly 1up on Brian Barry also over 18. Junior Smith's lead over Michael Buckley now down to 1up after 12. 


Ian Dillon 4up on Stephen Murray after 12 holes. Chris Scannell still leads Thomas Hanley 2up after 12 as well. 


John Walsh 4up on Richard Bunyan after First 18. Jason Larkin 5up on Ger Hanrahan after First Round. Anthony Culhane 2up on Chris Gallagher after Seven Holes courtesy of not one but two hole-in-one's! 


Barry McQuillian 1up on Charlie Morrissey after Seven Holes. 


George McGreal 3up after Seven Holes on Tullamore's Anthony Galvin. 


Chris Scannell 2up on Thomas Hanley after Seven Holes. Junior Smith 3up on Michael Buckley after Seven Holes. 


Ian Dillon 1up on Stephen Murray after Seven Holes. Final First Session match between JR Crangle and Dean Grannell about to tee-off. 


Sean Harkins is 4up on Cian Morrison after Seven Holes. Gerard Palmer has received a walkover from Shane Hoare and Gerard Palmer has officially advanced to tomorrow's Second Round. 


Ian Farrelly and Brian Barry is A/S after Seven Holes, the same story with Ian Leech and John O'Meara over same distance. 


Jason Larkin 2up on Ger Hanrahan after Seven Holes, Darren Reilly and Shane Murphy A/S over same distance. 


Richard Bunyan leads John Walsh 1up after 7 holes. 


Flags majestically raised to a wonderful rendition of Amhrain na bhFainn by local piper Dinny Kennedy. Defending Champion John Walsh about to get proceedings underway against Listowel's Richard Bunyan. 


We're about to raise the flags here at the course before we officially get underway.


We've a piper warming up the bagpipes here. A bit of a novel start to proceedings awaits... 


Players and Spectactors are slowly starting to gather here in Lakeside, the sun is shining even if the air is a little brisk. 


Welcome to Templemore, in just under 3 hours the National Matchplay gets underway.

We will keep you up to date with all the happenings throughout the weekend via this page and our other social media outlets.

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