Club: Tralee

Open to public? Yes

If yes, times public can pay green fee: From noon to dark everyday

Open to new memberships? Yes

New Membership Yearly fees: Adult-90 | Student/OAP-80 | Juvenile-40 | Family-140 | Adult & Child-100

How to apply to become a member: Form link

Club address: Killeen, Oakpark, Tralee, Co. Kerry

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Tralee AGM 2012


Hole Index Distance Sponsor Description
1 7 40 A straightforward 40 metre pitch onto the largest green on the course with the green sloping from right to left. The two huge Lime trees on either side of the fairway can intimidate the opening pitch.
2 11 50 At 50m, accurate pitching is required here with the terrain sloping toward the left.
3 15 47 A 47m uphill pitch to a raised green, chipping from behind the green is always difficult here but the green is fairly flat for putting.
4 13 48 A very picturesque hole pitching between an avenue of large Lime trees. This green, although fairly large falls away severely on both sides and behind. The green is notoriously quick for putting!
5 17 38 At 38m, one of the easier holes on the course. The green slopes from right to left and is a must birdie hole for those wishing to score.
6 2 63 The only non raised green on the course. At 63m it is the longest hole with it's length it's main difficulty.
7 9 48 A slightly uphill 48m pitch onto another raised green. Those who miss the green may find chipping difficult.
8 5 54 Another good pitch at 54m. However a fairly large green awaits and a good opportunity for accurate pitchers as kicks both left and right are common.
9 3 49 49m uphill. This raised green is always difficult for putting and putting from the wrong side of the hole can wreak havoc.
10 4 59 Another uphill pitch at 59m, the green slopes towards the front and is protected by two bunkers but despite these, not one of the more difficult holes.
11 10 51 Slightly downhill at 51m, a very large bunker awaits those who pitch short and a big pitch will leave a difficult chip.
12 8 38 Although only 38m, it is the smallest green on the course and imperative to be accurate off the tee to this two tier green. The top tier slopes from left to right and falls away on both sides and behind. This little gem has wrecked many a card.
13 12 46 A reasonably easy blind pitch uphill onto an elevated green. Another birdie opportunity here.
14 14 33 At 33m, the shortest hole on the course. Two bunkers guard the front and with the green sloping to the back and falling away sharply behind ensures this hole is not without its difficulty.
15 18 41 In theory the easiest hole on the course. Set into a bank with two bunkers guarding the approach and a bank which slopes down toward the green. A picturesque hole to be respected.
16 1 51 Pitching from an elevated tee to a raised green falling away on both sides and behind, with two bunkers adorning the front this hole demands accurate pitching. It is index 1 for a reason!
17 16 51 The second largest green on the course with a dip to the rear. Although a pot bunker guards the front, there's really no excuse for missing the green here!
18 6 42 42m over a fearsome bunker to a raised green sloping to the right. The accurate pitcher will be rewarded here. A tough but fair finishing hole.