Club: Shandon 

Open to public? Yes 

If yes, times public can pay green fee: Only as a guest of a club member 

Open to new memberships? Yes 

New Membership Yearly fees: Not stated | email [email protected] or message Facebook 

How to apply to become a member: Call in to clubhouse at the weekend between 11am and 3 pm Saturday, and between 10am and 3pm Sunday: email [email protected] or message Facebook 

Club address: 47 Shandon Park, Phibsborough, Dublin, D07 W524 

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Hole Index Distance Sponsor Description
1 18 28 Permanent T.S.B Marked as the easiest hole on the course but under estimate this hole to your cost. With a mound to the front and a three feet run off at the back and side of the green, any loose pitching will result in a scramble for a three rather than the expected two.
2 13 41 Shandon Bridge Club All the danger on this hole lies to the front of the green. With a bunker at front and the green sloping to left and also the back of the green. Ideal pitch is to stop your pitch at the back centre of the green for the best birdie opportunity.
3 3 41 Pat & Teresa McGlynn One of the toughest pitches on the course with a larger bunker at the front to capture any weak pitches. The green slopes from the front to back with a fall off of 2 feet. Any long pitches will roll off, leave a difficult chip for par.
4 11 42 Mills Family Big target area for a reasonable short hole. The bunker in front shouldn't come into play unless you pitch a very slack shot. There is a small fall off towards the back of the green but this remains a good chance of a two.
5 17 28 Remembering Tom Brogan With four holes played, this is a lot easier to hit than the first. Walking off without a two here feels like a dropped shot. Green runs from back to front, so being early generally means a certain two.
6 5 48 Friends of the late Paddy Moody The 6th focuses the mind because and loose pitching here will be captured by the large bunker guarding the hole. The green is wide target with a run off to the front right.
7 9 51 H.A. O'Neil Ltd. Unlike the 6th, the bunker should not come into play here with such a large green. Very good chance of another birdie here.
8 1 67 Mick Gibney & Mick Cooley The longest hole on the course. The green for such a long hole is fairly small and guarded by two mounds on either side of the front of the greens. Once on the green the putting is simple!
9 7 38 In memory of Bernie Martin Final hole on the front nine usually ends in a two or a four. Small green large bunker at front with run offs at both sides and back.
10 10 36 Mary Fitzpatrick Similar distance to the 9th with bunker at the front but usually more 2's than 3's here
11 2 55 Angela, Mary, Maura & Frances Personal favourite, with the tee box slightly facing off to the right here, most shots go to the right which will leave a handy chip up for your par and avoiding the front and back bunkers.
12 15 43 Doreen & Pat Feeney .
13 14 43 Old Comrades
14 4 41 Joe Leahy .
15 16 39 Ordnance Survey Ireland
16 8 56 Stacks Pharmacy .
17 6 57 Mary Fullam
18 12 65 Nancy Duff & Maura Ralph