Club: Kilbeggan

Open to public? Yes

If yes, times public can pay green fee: During daylight hours

Open to new memberships? Yes

New Membership Yearly fees: Adult-85 | Student-45 | Senior Citizen-55 | U16-20 | Couple-130

How to apply to become a member: Call to the course, or, Contact any Committee Member, or, Leave your name and phone number  at the clubhouse in the green fees box

Club address: Mullingar Road, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath. N91 WD85

Facebook page: Our Facebook Page - Click to Open!


Hole Index Distance Sponsor Description
1 9 38 A gentle opening pitch to a green raised at the back with a fall-off on both left and right sides. A bank guards the front. A pitch to the centre of the green leaves a relatively flat putt. A good chance to start with a dyke!
2 3 46 An uphill pitch from the bank of the river Brosna to a raised green with a bank at the front. The green falls away on the left, if you are off the green with your pitch be happy with a three.
3 11 40 A large bunker guards the front with a flower bed behind a green which slopes gently towards you. Short putts can be missed usually from over borrowing. The prominent bunker and flower bed to the rear can be intimidating, but there is more room than you think.
4 5 50 A strong pitch required over the front bunker to a green that slopes severely away from you. A short pitch can mean trouble whether you are in the bunker or leave yourself with a chip or putt down the green. Simple-do not be short.
5 13 45 A bank at the front gobbles up the short pitch. A pitch just over the bank can leave a chip from the small gully. Green slopes off on the front right.
6 18 31 One of the easiest pitches over a bank to a green that slopes towards you. Only danger is a downhill chip if you are big. A good chance of a two!
7 1 62 A big hit, particularly when you are pitching against a prevailing westerly wind. A large bunker guards the front. A large flat green with drop behind the green.
8 7 37 A shortish pitch to a raised green with severe drops to the front and left. Can be a card wrecker if you are chipping from the side.
9 15 39 A mound well short of the green can be deceiving and result in a short pitch to a green guarded by a bank at the front and a dyke back left. A quirky green with subtle breaks.
10 6 48 A solid pitch between the trees over a tall bank is required. The green, usually soft slopes severely from right to left. An uphill putt is ideal.
11 16 33 A pitch from the bank of the mill river to a small green that slopes towards you. The green also slopes off on the right side. A chip from ‘big of the green’ requires a delicate touch.
12 12 54 A down hill pitch from a raised tee-box between the trees. The bank set well back from the front of the green should not be an issue. The green slopes gently from left to right.
13 2 62 A long pitch with a tall bank at the front and a grass dyke to the back. Green slopes from back left corner to front right corner. Long and left is not the place to be.
14 8 42 Pitching from a raised tee to a green set below you. A small bank to the front of a green that slopes severely away from you. Not easy to get your 3 short of the green.
15 14 39 Uphill pitch to a green guarded at the front by a bank. The green slope severely from the back right towards the front left. A very high pitch can catch the overhanging branches.
16 17 30 Start of a benign finishing stretch with the shortest hole on the course. A mound at the front of the green should not be an issue on this short pitch. A relatively flat green that falls off on the left leaves a good chance for a two.
17 10 37 A hoggs back through the spine of the green can cause trouble if you are on the wrong side. The slope on the left is severe; a downhill putt on that side can be interesting!
18 4 50 Wind usually against on the finishing hole, a large green with out of bounds on the left and a bank to the front. Green slightly raised is difficult to putt on with subtle breaks, every putt looks flat but none are!