Club: Ballinlough

Open to public? No

If yes, times public can pay green fee: N/A

Open to new memberships? Yes

New Membership Yearly fees: Adult-100 | Student-50 | Senior Citizen-75 | Couple-170 | Family-250

How to apply to become a member: Form from club groundsman or club officer

Club address: churchyard lane, Ballinlough, Cork. 

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Hole Index Distance Sponsor Description
1 14 39 Your first shot of the round can be a daunting one with out of bounds on your left and the clubhouse on your right for the first 30m of the pitch. A bank in front and behind of the green to guard against long or short pitches also tends to focus the mind when standing on the tee box. A good pitch will give you an excellent opportunity to open up your round with a two
2 18 33 A large circular green awaits on No.2. Only a 33m pitch with a small bank placed in front this is one of the holes that will give up plenty of dykes. You will be very disappointed if you leave this hole without a two on the card.
3 9 47 No.3 hole is a 47m pitch to a two tiered green which is one the biggest greens on the course. A large hedge runs all the way alongside the fairway and green on your right hand side so the left hand side of the green is the safe play. Very easy to three putt but if on the right level then a great chance for a two
4 5 52 The first real tough challenge on the course the 4th sees you pitching slightly downhill onto a green you can't see from the tee box. Two bunkers protect it in front and left and if you go big you can easily leave yourself without a shot coming back. It's a large green so even a good pitch can leave you a ten to fifteen foot putt. A twos a real bonus here.
5 12 31 While it is only index 12 many players will try and convince you it should be much higher up the index list. A small sized raised green with a big gaping bunker in front you do not want to short here. Most pitches will bounce off the back which leaves a very tricky chip back up onto the green. Depending on the pin placement the prudent player has been known to pitch either side of the bunker to leave themselves plenty of green to work with to get up and down for their three and move on fast
6 1 62 The hardest hole on the course. Uphill, out of bounds tight on the left. The green is situated at the top of the course so the wind always comes into the equation. If it blows into you then you will really have to give it a hit for a chance to get it to the green. Majority of players would take their 3 and run.
7 4 46 Infamous for its unforgiving nature, the 7th sees you pitching downhill onto a green that slopes away from you. It has a yawning bunker placed in front of the green with two large mounds either side of it to protect from any short pitch shot trying to bounce onto it. Go long and you can leave yourself an extremely tough chip back onto a small landing area for your second shot. Height and accuracy are key here. Fives or sixes are not uncommon scores on this hole.
8 17 30 After 4 tough holes on the trot comes No.8. This is an excellent opportunity for a two. A short pitch to a circular green with only a bank in front to protect it. It slopes from back to front so it's a big advantage to be below the hole. Anything worse than a three and you"ll be kicking yourself.
9 11 43 Many players favourite shot, the 9th is a 43m uphill pitch to a three tier green which is semi circularly shaped. If the pin is on the second and largest tier than a terrific opportunity for a two. If its on the front tier than can be very tricky. A lovely hole to finish the front nine.
10 7 44 The start of the back nine sees you pitching back towards the clubhouse to an long but tricky green. Sloping away front to back and with fall off areas on both the right and left hand sides of the green. Accuracy is paramount but can easily go unrewarded as a tricky putt awaits no matter where you are on the green. Very easy to pick up a four here
11 15 39 The 11th holes requires all of your attention when standing on the tee box. A two tiered green with a large bank in front and a large fall on the right and back of the green are the big dangers here. A good pitch and you will be rewarded with a great chance of a two.
12 8 40 A raised circular green with a small valley in front between the green and a bank the 12th hole is no pushover. The further right on the green you pitch the better the chance of an easy three as even if you don't stop on the green it is not raised in this part of the hole. Go left and you are toying with trouble. A good opportunity of a two if anywhere on the green.
13 6 48 A small green surrounded by banks as well as a bunker in front of the green awaits you on the 13th. Accuracy and length are key here as a stray pitch shot left or right can easily kick off the bank and leave you a extremely difficult chip. There is a wall two feet from the back of the green so go long at your peril. 
14 3 51 A tough pitch awaits on the 14th. Out of bounds all the way to the green on your left hand side, a large bank surrounds the front and left hand side of the green. Over hit the pitch and you will end up near the 16th tee box . The green is small so an accurate pitch required for a genuine chance of a two
15 10 45 The 15th is a 45m pitch to a large rectangular green with a bank in front and behind . A low wall with hedging runs alongside on your right hand so it's extremely common to see players pulling their shot slightly left. Depending on the hole position the green can be very deceptive when reading the line of your putt. If you are pitching well you would expect to be close.
16 16 31 A generous sized green with only a short distance to pitch give players an chance to pick up a shot here. A bank in front of the green protects from the short pitch and a deep drop off area at the back can make difficult if you are long. Plenty of height on your pitch and will have a good chance of a two.
17 2 50 Pitching from a sheltered tee box it can be easy to over hit or under hit your tee shot by not compensating for the wind. A raised oval shaped green with a bank in front awaits. Has often wrecked many a good card. No worse than a 3 and you'll be happy every time 
18 13 41 To finish off your round you are faced with a 41m shot to a green protected by a large bunker in front and out of bounds all the way down to the green on your left. The clubhouse is about 5m behind the green so being big is trouble as well. Players also have the added pressure of being watched by the members milling around by the bench in front of the clubhouse. All that aside if you can get it on the green you have a terrific chance to finish off your round in style.